Back To My Roots

By: Teh Evil, additions by Data/Loggy

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Start Point: Talk to Horacio outside Lord Handelmort's mansion in East Ardougne
Skill Requirements: Level 55 Agility, Level 53 Farming, Level 59 Slayer, Level 72 Woodcutting
Quest Requirements: Must have completed the A Fairy Tale Part 1, Hand In The Sand, One Small Favour, & Tribal Totem quests
Items Required: Soft clay, pot, plant pot (filled), rake, seed dibber, trowel, secateurs, spade, machete, woodcutting axe (any kind), some kind of teleport (Ardougne preferred) highly recommended
Fights: Must be able to defeat a level 167 Jade Vine

To start the quest, talk to Horacio in his garden outside Handelmort Mansion. Ask who he is and if he needs help with his gardening. Agree to help him, and he will say he needs some rare vines for his patches, however, he cannot get them. He wants you to go and talk to Wizard Cromperty.

Go and talk to the Wizard in his oddly shaped house north-west of Ardougne Square. His preservation device is missing a part (though he ordered one), and of course he makes you go get it for him. You then have to go to the R.P.D.T. Depot west of the docks and talk to a postal worker. They say that they could not read the label for Cromperty's package, and that's why they haven't delivered it. Inside you find a severed hand. Gross.

Go back to the Wizard Cromperty to find that he has gotten the device, but the postal workers broke the pot lid. Make the pot lid (there is a convenient pottery making house thing north of Ardougne Palace, use it and your soft clay). Go talk to Cromperty again when you have the lid, and he tells you to go and find a nice man called Garth about the Jade Vine, who tells you about the Jade Vine and says that it is locatd in a maze and you will need a machete, a spade, a plant pot, and some secateurs, if you don't already have them. Food will be useful along with Protection Prayers, and an Ardougne Teleport to get back out is highly recommended.

Go southeast of the Nature Altar to find the Jade Vine Maze. It's basically a huge path filled with monsters. To get the Jade Vine Root, follow these directions:

  • Climb-up vine

  • Go East, climb-up vine

  • Go East, South, East, climb-down vine

  • Go West, North , West, climb-down vine

  • Go South, cut and crawl through the vines

  • Go South, squeeze through the vines

  • Go South, West, climb-up vine

  • Go South, climb-up vine

  • Go South, climb-up vine

You should be on a large platform with a gigantic eagle at this point. If so, continue on.

  • Go East, climb down vine

  • Look somewhat northeast out into empty space for a 'Swing-on' vine dangling from above, towards the ground. Click to 'swing-on vine'

  • North, climb-down the vine

  • Go East (T-Junction), South, climb-down vine

  • Go South, cut and crawl through the vines

  • Go South, squeeze-through vines

  • Go South, climb-up vine

  • Go East, climb-up vine

  • Go East, cross the vine (bridge)

  • Go East, climb-down vine

  • Go North, East, South, climb-down vine

  • Go South, cut and crawl through the vines

  • Go East, climb-up vine

  • Go South, West, climb-up vine

  • Go West, climb-down vine

  • Go North, climb-up vine

  • Go West, cross the vine (bridge)

  • Go West, South, East, climb-down vine

  • Go East, South, West, climb-down vine

At this point cut at the piles of loose soil to reveal a root. Dig it up and put it in your plant pot. If it dies, keep cutting until you get one that lives. Put it in the pot and teleport out (if you can). Go back to Horacio, and he asks you to plant it. Grab a rake and a seed dibber, weed out the patch, and plant the Jade Vine. There is a sort of cutscene, and you then have to fight the level-167 Jade Vine.

BE PREPARED. It attacks hard, so bring some high level food & equipment, a prayer potion, and an antipoison. Once you have killed this wild vine, talk to Horacio again to finish the quest.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

Rewards: 24,000 Farming XP, 40,000 Woodcutting XP, 15,000 Agility XP, 23,000 Slayer XP, access to Jade Vine Farming Patch, Jade Vine Seed, acccess to the Jade Vine Mini-Game