The Achievement Diary Index

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Runescape is home to a vast amount of pixelated wonder. From the penguins ruling their icebergs to the monkey empire of Ape Atoll; from the King Black Dragon's lair deep under the Wilderness to the mysterious elves in Isfadar. The Achievement Diary is a fun way of learning about the various areas of Runescape and how the people in them live.

You can look at your Achievement Diary by clicking the small green star in the corner of the Quest List interface. This will show what area diaries are available. Click any of the options to bring up a list of the tasks for that area. Each area 'diary' has three sets of tasks to complete - easy, medium, and hard. You will receive a reward for completing each set. See the links below to see the guide on Runescapes Achievement Diaries.

Karamja Diary
Varrock Diary