Construction Guide

By: Geo1998, Bowtini, Data/Loggy, Bluez, additions by Tangerz and Moe23Sports

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Getting Started
The Rooms
Extra Construction Info
Construction EXP Quest Rewards

Construction is quite possibly one of the most expensive skills in RuneScape. While it offers you benefits in Prayer, Crafting, transportation, and other various necessities, it may burn a hole in your pocket if you are not careful. Constructing your very own house (POH), is both fun and entertaining. You are able to host parties in your house, fight your friends in a combat ring, or kill a Steel Dragon to unlock the treasure chest it is guarding. This guide will open all the doors of constructing your very own house, starting with a shanty, and moving to a mansion.

Getting Started

To start Construction, you must first buy a plot of land for your house. You can purchase your house from the Real Estate Agent either in Varrock - north of Horvick's Armour store and just west of the church, Camelot - east of the Seers Village Bank, Ardougne - northwest of the southern bank, and Falador - southeast of the furnace room.

Estate Agents

You can buy your house from the Real Estate Agent for 1,000 gp.
As your Construction level increases, the Real Estate Agent can also do various other things for your house, including moving it and redecorating. See the NPC section for more info.

Your first house, by default, will be located in Rimmington. You can get there by either teleporting using the House Teleport (level 40 magic, one law, earth, and air rune), or simply walk to Rimmington and go up to the portal.

When you choose to enter the portal, you are given three house options - as shown in the picture.

  • The first option allows you to enter your house and interact with all of its features. You must also be in your house in this mode for your friends to enter your house as well.

  • The second option allows you to enter your house in building mode so you can build. More on this option found below.

  • The third option allows you to enter a friends house. You must enter the exact name of your friend, and he must be in the house and accepting visitors for this option to work.

Furthermore, when you are in your house, you can right click your portal and choose to lock or unlock it. When the portal is locked, no one may enter your house. When it is unlocked, people may enter your house - though there is another aspect of this. If your portal is unlocked and your private chat is set to 'On', anyone can enter your house. If your portal is unlocked and your private chat set to 'Friends Only', then only friends may enter your house. Setting your private chat to 'Off' is the same as locking your portal.


To begin building, you must enter your house in building mode, or be in the house and switch to building mode from the House Options Menu in the Player Controls Menu.

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When you are in your house in building mode, you will see many transparent items in whatever room you're in. These are called hotspots. Hotspots are where you can build various items for each room.

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When you first enter your new house, the only room you will see will be the Garden, with only a portal in it. If you are in building mode, you can right-click any hotspot in a room to see what you can build in that hotspot, or how you can upgrade it.

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The building menu will show you what level you need, as well as materials to build that peice of furniture. As well as showing what items you will need for that specific peice of furniture, you will always need a saw (see the Sawmill Operator) and a hammer.

You can also choose a room to build by right-clicking on doorways. With varying Construction Levels, money, and materials, you can build various rooms, put in all kinds of furniture, and turn your house into a mansion. Information on all the rooms and furniture can be found below.

The Rooms

A big part of Construction is of course room building. There is a maximum amount of rooms you may have at once in your house, and this amount changes by level.

Construction Level
Maximum Number of Rooms

There are 19 different rooms that you can construct in your house (counting the two you can make in the Dungeon Chambers), as well as many different kinds of furniture. Links to various pages containing information on each room and all of its furniture and components can be found in the table, as well as the cost (in gold peices) to build that room and the Construction Level required, as well as a small summary of that room.

Please note: All pieces of furniture require a hammer and a saw (see Sawmill Operator) as well as specific items to be built.

Room Link
Room Summary
Mostly decorative, contains the exit portal of your house
This is the first room you can construct, where three people can sit around a fire
Room for preparing food and other cooking needs; there's even a space for your cat
Eight people can sit around the table you build where your servant can serve food
Room to train Construction without adding to your house (you can build furniture to sell to other players), as well as a place to train Crafting and Smithing
Some items in this room can be used to alter your character's appearance; you will also need two bedrooms if you wish to have a servant
Room where you can show off your skill achievments; also used primarily for connecting other rooms
Various games can be built here for you and your friends to play and train
You can challenge your friends to a duel in your own ring in this room
Room where you can show off your quest achievments; also used primarily for connecting other rooms
This room may interest mages - you can save a spell onto tablets and change the element of a staff
Content Image
This room is used to store various clothes
This room can be changed to worship any of Runescape's major gods; you can also offer bones to your altar
You can build various portals to teleport you anywhere around Runescape
You can decorate this room with various plants and ornaments
This room is a great place for you to be with all your friends when you're visiting; also contains the PvP mode lever
If built below the Throne Room, you can drop people from the Throne Room into this room in which they'll have to face whatever horrors you've prepared
This room can be changed into your very own underground maze filled with monsters and traps
You can put a prize in this room for your friends that have gotten past the Dungeon


You will find that, as you build your house, you will need various items. All Construction-related items, along with how to obtain them, are listed below.

How to obtain
Purchased from the Sawmill Operator
Purchased from any General Store
Limestone Brick
Purchased from the Stonemason
Marble Block
Purchased from the Stonemason
Gold Leaf
Purchased from the Stonemason
Magic Stone
Purchased from the Stonemason
Oak Plank
Teak Plank
Mahogany Plank
Bagged Plant (specific plant varies)
Purchased from The Gardener
Watering Can
Can be purchased from any farming store
Bought from the Sawmill Operator
Nails (any metal works)
Smithed or purchased from the Sawmill Operator
Crafted on a 'Crafting Table 2' (see the Workshop)
Crystal Saw *
Reward of the Eyes of Glouphrie Quest

*Note: The Crystal Saw, when in your inventory, gives your Construction a 3 level boost. For example, if you are level 10 Construction and have the saw in your inventory, you can build items that require level 13 Construction. In addition, you could drink the special tea you can get from The Kitchen which gives a +3 Construction boost and get the Crystal Saw for a +6 Construction Boost. Furthermore, if you mix yourself the correct Evil Stew of Doom (see the Evil Dave Subquest of the Recipe For Disaster Quest) and get a +3 bonus from the stew, the tea, and the saw for a whopping +9 Construction bonus.


When working with Construction, you will find you may have to interact with various NPC's for help and materials. Information on all of these NPC's can be found on the Construction NPC's Page.


As your house becomes bigger and bigger, you may want to consider hiring a servant. Servants can be very helpful - they can serve food and run errands for you, among other things. All the info you need to know on the servants can be found on the Servant Page.

Extra Construction Info

There are some other, extra things that you should know about while raising construction:

Long Bones

Should you obtain a 'long bone' as a drop (usually from Trolls), you can use it to your advantage. If you have access to Dorgesh-Kaan, you can bring it to a goblin named Barlak, who is in a room directly east of the 'General Store' icon on the mini-map of the bottom floor.

If you use the long bone with him he'll pay you 1000 coins, as well as grant you 1500 Construction experience. You might as well take this option, as the bone barely gives any Prayer experience when you bury it. Please note that you cannot be given the Construction experience if you have under level 30 Construction.

Cape of Accomplishment

The ultimate reward for getting level 99 Construction is not only the great ability you will have in the skill, but the Cape of Accomplishment that you will have the oppurtunity to purchase. For more information on Capes of Accomplishment, see the Skill Capes page.

Construction EXP Rewards in Quests

The following quests give Construction EXP Rewards upon completion.

250 exp
1000 exp
1500 exp
2000 exp
5000 exp
15000 exp