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Magic is a skill in Runescape that can be very helpful in combat, and out. It can teleport you most places in the game; even generate food for you. Magic is a very important skill. When raising magic, you can also increase your combat. You can learn powerful spells to destroy your enemies, and give a great advantage when fighting against NPC's and even other players.

When using magic, the main things you need to remember are Runes. This is the only thing in the Magic Skill you MUST have. You need these to cast different spells; there are a total of 13 different runes. You can acquire these runes from stores, spawn points, quest and clue scroll rewards, and from monster drops. Check in the Mage Equipment Sections for a list of runes and for other equipment that can assist with your runes and spellcasting.


To use a magic spell, click on the spell book in the game on the menu bar, located in the top right corner of the screen. You will see many different spells to choose from. Hold your mouse over any of the spells to see what runes are required, down at the bottom of the magic menu. It will give you a small description of the spell and what it does, and it will have a picture of the runes required, with some numbers below them. The first number is the amount of that rune that you have, and the second is the amount needed. If those numbers are green, you can cast the spell. A spell that you can use will also be lit up on the spell menu.

Now select the spell you wish to cast, (if you have the required runes) and click on it. In the top left hand corner, it will say your spell name and use with/. If you are using a combat spell, click on the NPC you wish to cast it on. If you are using a spell on an item, click on the item.

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When using a combat spell and wielding a staff, you can open the combat style menu and choose the spell you wish to attack with by clicking on the little spell book and selecting your spell. Then choose your staff combat style and attack the NPC you wish to kill, and you will automatically cast that spell on it. Special combat spells, such as the god spells and Iban Blast will have to be used manually against an NPC, except in some special cases.


Besides the runes needed to cast spells, there is a lot of different magical equipment to be used in Runescape. These will heighten your magical power, and protect you when casting spells.

The chart below gives information on all the different types of runes in Runescape. Runes are dropped by many monsters, can be bought from other players, can be crafted (see the Runecrafting Guide) or bought in Rune Stores. The most popular Rune Stores are Aubury's Rune Store (south of Varrock's Easy Bank); the Rune Store in Port Sarim; and the large Rune Store in the Magic Guild.

Rune Chart
Rune Type
Basic Elemental Rune; used in all combat spells
Basic Elemental Rune
Basic Elemental Rune
Basic Elemental Rune
Combined Air and Water Rune
Combined Air and Earth Rune
Combined Earth and Water Rune
Combined Air and Fire Rune
Combined Water and Fire Rune
Combined Earth and Fire Rune
Used to cast stat-weakening spells
Used to cast all strike combat spells
Used to cast all bolt combat spells and Crumble Undead
Used to cast all blast combat spells and Iban Blast
Used to cast all wave combat spells, god spells, and most Ancient Magick Spells
Primary rune used in Lunar Spells
Used to cast alchemy and Binding Spells
Used to enchant jewelry
Used to cast Teleportation spells
Used to cast strong stat-weakening and Teleother Spells

Magical Equipment

Along with Runes, there are many more kinds of Magic Equipment to be acquired and used to your advantage in RuneScape, such as Robes, Weapons, and Armour.

Some of the pages below will also contain equipment that is not meant for magic. Decorative and trimmed items are not listed.

Basic Info
Contains information on the various magical robes and armour as well as some miscellenous items, like spellbooks
Contains information on the various magical weapons, such as staffs & wands
Contains information on the various types of god equipment
Contains information on the equipment of the Fremennik Province


In Runescape, you have a chance of using three different spellbooks, each containing their own unique spells, only one of which is freeplay. The information about each spellbook and the link to the respective page is listed below.

Basic Info
Basic combat spells and utility; available to all players
Powerful area of effect combat spells; members only
Support and utility; members only

Extra Magic Info

There are some other, extra things that you should know about while raising and casting magic:

Magic Guild

For the elite wizards only, in the far south town of Yanille (members only), lies The Magic Guild. To enter, you need 66 magic. When inside, you can purchase any runestone in the game (excluding cosmic and astral runes), go to the essence mines, and many other things. See the Magic Guild Guide for more info.

Magic Mini-Games

There are two mini-games that focus on Magic: The Mage Arena and the Mage Training Arena.

Deep in the wilderness lays the Mage Arena. In this side quest, you can start your training to achieve one of the strongest magical acheivements: the power to cast a god spell, a very powerful spell, anywhere in Runescape.

The Mage Training Arena lies north of the Duel Arena. There you can practice magic in many forms to earn powerful mage equipment.

Magic In Other Skills

In Falador, at the bar, you can purchase a Wizards Mind Bomb from the Bartender for 3gp. When you drink it, it temporarily increases your magic by 2. For members with 64-65 magic, you can use this to get into the magic guild.

Also, you can make your own magic potion, at 76 herblore. The Magic Potion will temporarily raise your magic level for a set amount of time by 4. You make it from Lantadyme and a Potato Cactus. For more information, see the Herblore Guide.

There are also two aspects of Magic in the Construction Skill: Magic Tablets and Crystal Balls, which are both made/used in the Study Room. Crystal Balls are used to modify staffs, along with certain runes; there are three kinds total. With a Crystal Ball, you can only change Elemental Staffs. With an Elemental Sphere, you can change both Elemental Staffs and Battlestaffs. However, with a Crystal Ball of Power, you can change Elemental Staffs, Battlestaffs, and Mystic Staffs.

Magic Tablets are also made in the Study, on the Lectern. You can use the Lectern to create a Magical Tablet of a any non-combat spell, providing you have a powerful enough lectern. You could, for instance, with a Demon Lectern, make a Magical Tablet that, when used, would cast the spell Varrock Teleport - however you would need soft clay and the runes required for Varrock Teleport to make it, as well as the required magic level. For more info, see the Construction Guide.

Cape of Accomplishment

The ultimate reward for getting level 99 Magic is not only the great ability you will have in the skill, but the Cape of Accomplishment that you will have the oppurtunity to purchase. For more information on Capes of Accomplishment, see the Skill Capes page.

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Magic EXP Rewards in Quests

The following quests give Magic EXP Rewards upon completion.

325 exp
875 exp
1000 exp
1000 exp
1500 exp
2150 exp
2500 exp
4662 exp
5000 exp
5000 exp
5000 exp
7000 exp
10000 exp
15000 exp
15250 exp
20000 exp