Runeweb IRC

The RuneWeb IRC allows you to chat to other users of the site and community in real-time. You can either connect using the link below, or use a standalone IRC client such as mIRC or XChat.

Connect to Java IRC


If you use a standalone IRC client, use the following information:

Server: (Random Server)

All servers use port 6667 by default for connecting. The channel name is #runeweb.

Change Name/Nick
/nick firenimmo
Private Message User (2-way chat)
/msg or /query
/msg Catatifish hello
Notice user (1-way chat)
/notice Seiferoth What's your combat level?
/me hops around like a bunny
Register your nickname (registers your nickname to you)
/msg nickserv register
/msg nickserv register cheese
Identify (required if you are using a registered nickname)
/msg nickserv identify
/msg nickserv identify cheese

IRC Rules

A short list of rules can be found here. Anything not listed is at the operator's discretion.