Treasure Trails - Coordinates

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Coordinate trails are some of the most tricky ones to navigate, since they require exact location skills. In order for one to start a coordinate trail, one must first know how to navigate. To do so, talk with the Professor in the house that leads up to the Observatory (must have completed Observatory Quest), Murphy at Port Khazard, and Brother Kojo in the Clocktower, south of Ardougne. They will give you a Chart, Sextant and Watch, respectfully. Another alternative to acquiring a sextant and watch is through the skill of Construction, see the corresponding page here.

Sextant Navigation

The only way to make note of your location in RuneScape is via the use of the Sextant. Coupled with the Watch and Chart, you can easily find your location. Coordinates do not travel over any major body of water, such as rivers, lakes and the larger seas.

To confirm your location:

1. Place the horizon in the center of the sextant's eye piece.
2. Place the sun in the center of the sextant's eye piece.

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3. Confirm that you have both horizon and sun in the center of the eyepiece. If you do, you will receive a little message outlining where you are.

In many places (such as the Wilderness, or Mort Myre swamps), you may not want to check your location right off the bat, because of the ever-present dangers. (I mean, who would want to check their location when they're behind the Axe Hut?) Therefore, this list is made as exact as it possibly can without pictures.

If you are doing a level 3 clue scroll, a Zamorak or Saradomin Mage may appear to confront you. Come prepared to fight! (If you believe that you are against a Saradomin Mage, bring an antipoison; he will use a poisoned Dragon Dagger.)

00'13" S
13'58'' E
Karamja, west of the general store, directly on the fern above the south pond.
00'18" S
09'28'' E
Directly below the entrance to the Brimhaven dungeon
00'20" S
23'13'' E
South of the water altar in the Lumbridge Swamp, near the jungle plant.
00'30" S
24'16'' E
Lumbridge Swamp. North east of the entrance to the Lost City directly on the 'soil'.
00'31" S
17'43'' E
Three steps west from the south-west corner of the Port Sarim jail.
00'52" N
00'58'' E
North-west corner of the south hedge below Elkoy at the start of the Tree Gnome Village Maze.
00'54" N
00'07'' E
South of the ladder in the Observatory house, north of Castlewars.
01'18" S
14'15'' E
North-west of the Karmaja Shipyard. The most north-west point of the island.
01'24" N
08'05'' W
West Isafdar, above a lake. You must pass a spike trap to reach this place.
01'26" N
08'01'' E
On the Moss Giant Island, far west of the Brimhaven fruit Tree Patch. Dig east of the southern most jungle plant.
01'33" N
04'15'' E
North of the range above the Fight Arena. Three steps west of the stump.
01'35" S
07'28'' E
Green spider island, west of Yanille. Dig south of smallest boulder in the north-east part of the island.
02'46" N
29'11'' E
In the obstacle duel arena. Dig in the corner of largest 'L' shaped obstacle.
02'48" N
22'30'' E
West of the entrance to the HAM base, next to the tree.
02'50" N
06'20'' E
South of the Ardougne south bank. Follow the shore until it curves eastward. Dig next to the daisies.
03'35" S
13'35'' E
In the heart of Karamja.
03'45" S
22'45'' E
North of the pond in the Bedabin Camp next to the tree.
04'00" S
12'46'' E
Center of the Karamja Jungle mining site.
04'00" S
12'48'' E
Center of the Karamja Jungle mining site.
04'03" S
03'11'' E
Ogre City, south of Yanille. Follow the bridges to the end and dig in the middle.
04'05" S
04'24'' E
On the island east of Ogre City, dig between the spear wall and dead tree. To get onto the island, walk south beside the island until you can walk west. Go far west until you reach the water. Enter the last cave you see.
04'13" N
12'13'' E
North side of Crandor Island. Dig on the west side of the Mithril rock.
04'13" N
12'45'' E
Crandor Island, east of the mining site. Dig a little north of the three trees next to the scorpions.
04'16" S
16'16'' E
Karamja shipyard. Dig just outside the east part of the house.
04'18" N
12'45'' E
Crandor Island, east of the mining site. Dig a little north-west of the three trees.
04'41" N
03'09'' W
In the Arandar passage, south of the path to Prifddinas. Dig by the red spiders, three steps above the pair of rocks.
05'20" S
04'28'' E
Dig between the two rockslides in the Feldip Hills near the most northern mining area, west of the start point to the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest.
05'37" N
31'15'' E
South in the Mort Myre Swamp. Dig just above the grotto on the small island just before the path to Mort'ton.
05'50" S
10'05'' E
Dig in the little hut on Cairn Isle, west of Shilo Village.
05'55" S
10'05'' E
Dig just under the hut on Cairn Isle, west of Shilo Village.
06'00" S
21'48'' E
West of the Bandit Camp on the end of the little peninsula area. Dig three steps west of the large cactus.
06'11" S
15'07'' E
Karamja Junle, far south of the Ship Yard where the Jogres are. Dig in the middle of dark circle of ground.
06'31" N
01'46'' W
North of the entrance to the Arandar passage, by the three ponds. Dig between the two eastern ponds west of the plant.
07'05" N
30'56'' E
In the Mort Myre Swamp a little south-west of the fairy ring teleport. Dig four steps south of the small bush, between the two ponds.
07'33" N
15'00'' E
South-west of Taverly in the Peninsula area by the Lady of the Lake. Dig by the willow trees on the south-east portion of the peninsula.
07'43" S
12'26'' E
Directly under the water pool in the Kharazi Jungle.
08'03" N
31'16'' E
Four steps north of the small bush by the fishing spot south of the gate to the Mort Myre Swamp.
08'05" S
15'56'' E
Directly above the totem pole in the eastern part of the Kharazi Jungle.
08'26" S
10'28'' E
Two steps north of the corpse in the peninsula in the south-west corner of the Kharazi Jungle.
08'33" N
01'39'' W
In the south-west corner of the Tree Gnome Stronghold where the Terrorbirds are. Go through the north-east gate and dig west of the willow tree next to the river.
09'33" N
02'15'' E
On the second island on the way into the Baxtorian Waterfall. Dig next to the dead tree.
09'48" N
17'39'' E
Dig between the two dead trees in the center of Ice Mountain.
10'22" N
08'58'' E
Seers bank, Dig one step north-west of the ladder.
11'03" N
31'20'' E
Dig under the roots a little east of the gate under the Slayer Tower.
11'05" N
00'45'' W
Dig in the middle of the bullrushes in the Tree Gnome Stronghold swamp.
11'07" N
12'24'' E
Dig next to the rock slide on White Wolf Mountain, north-west of the glider.
11'41" N
14'58'' E
Dig north of the southern picnic table east of the Burthorpe Pub.
13'46" N
21'01'' E
North of Edgeville, east of the bears and bronze arrow spawn in lvl.11 wilderness. Dig in the middle of the four mushrooms.
14'54" N
09'13'' E
Three steps east of the swaying tree, east of of Rellekka.
15'30" N
24'16'' E
South-east of the black unicorns in level 18 wilderness. Dig east of the big rock pile.
16'03" N
14'07'' E
Directly above the entrance to Mad Eadgar's cave on the Trollheim mountain. Dig between the rocks.
16'07" N
22'45'' E
Dig north of the dead tree in northern part of the Graveyard of Shadows in level 20 wilderness.
16'31" N
12'54'' E
Dig next to the rocks west of Mushroom the troll in the camp at the bottom of Trollheim mountain.
16'35" N
27'01'' E
North of the black salamander hunting area in level 22 wilderness. Dig a little south-east of the western lava hole.
16'43" N
19'13'' E
In the Bandit Camp in level 23 wilderness. Dig in the north-east corner of the wall under the pond.
17'50" N
08'30'' E
North of the rock crabs to the north-east of Rellekka. Dig on the piece of seaweed to the east of the travel boat.
18'22'' N
16'33" E'
Dig directly under the broken gravestone to the south-east of the building in The Forgotten Cemetary.
18'50" N
20'26'' E
In the north-east part of the hob goblin mine on top of the hill, north of the coal rocks.
19'00" N
27'13'' E
In the little walled in area to the north-east of the Bone Yard. Dig next to the sacks.
19'43" N
25'07'' E
Level 35 wilderness at the chaos dwarves to the south-east of the Red Dragon Isle. Dig four steps to south of the fire.
20'05" N
21'52'' E
Dig a little north of the pond at the moss giants in level 36 wilderness, north of the Ruins.
20'33" N
15'48'' E
Outside of the the altar in level 48 wilderness, south of the Frozen Waste Plateau. Dig outside of the building on the west side
21'24" N
17'54'' E
In the cage with four lessers, north-east of the altar in the level 48 wilderness. Dig four steps to the west of the ladder.
22'30" N
03'01'' E
Middle of Miscellania, just above maples.
22'35" N
19'18'' E
One step to the west of the rune rocks in level 46 wilderness.
22'45" N
26'33'' E
Dig on the most northern pentagram inside of the Demonic Ruins in level 47 wilderness.
24'24" N
26'24'' E
Dig right above the Rogues' Castle, east of the Scorpion Pit.
24'56" N
22'28'' E
Dig eight steps north of web in level 55 wilderness, west of the axe hut.
24'58" N
18'43'' E
North of the Pirates' Hut in deep Wilderness.
25'03" N
23'24'' E
One step to the west of the back door of the Axe Hut in level 54 Wilderness*
25'03" N
17'05'' E
Northwest of the Agility Course in deep Wilderness.
26'24" N
24'24'' E
Rogues Castle, in deep Wilderness.

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