Zogre Flesh Eaters Quest

By: Seiferoth, with additions by Data/Loggy

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Start Point: Speak to Grish, south of Castle Wars
Requirements: Must have completed Jungle Potion and Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quests
Items Required: Knife, Hammer, Vial of Water, Rogues Purse & Snake-Weed (see map further down in guide for help), Wolf Bones, Achey Logs (tree can be near at quest starting point), Feathers, Bronze (or anything through Rune) Bars, Bowstring
Recommendations: Level 8 Herblore, Level 30 Ranged, Level 4 Smithing, Level 20 Strength, and Level 30 Fletching
Combat: Must be able to defeat a level 111 foe

To start this quest, head south of Castle Wars until you find a bunch of Ogres.

Speak to Grish, and ask about Zogres. He won't make much sense, but when you keep asking stuff, he'll ask you to find and get rid of the Zogres (Zombie Ogres) because they invaded the ceremonial dance area. He'll warn you that you'll need food and drinks because the ogres 'wif da sickies' are dangerous, so he'll give you 3 cooked chompy and 2 3-dose Super Restore Potions.

Head east and speak to the Ogre Guard. Tell him Grish sent you and he'll break the barricade for you. Climb over the crushed-barricade.

Head east and down the stairs, then head to the northwest corner of the undeground area, and search the Broken Lecturn. A sequence will start, which will hint at an explosion.

Search the Broken Lecturn again and you'll find a torn page of a necromantic book. Search the Skeleton to make a level-39 Zombie appear. Kill it and pick up the ruined backpack. You'll notice it had the name "B.Vahn" on it, and from inside the backpack you'll receive a knife, rotten food and a Dragon Inn Tankard. Next, search the Ogre Coffin with a hole in it near the Lecturn and Skeleton.

Use your knife on the Ogre Coffin and you'll recieve a Black Prism. Exit through the stairs and head back to Grish. Use the page, tankard and prism on him to get clues about each. Head to Yanille's Dragon Inn and use the tankard on the bartender. He'll tell you it was Brentle Vahn's tankard, who's a regular customer and he saw him talking with a wizard the other day. Head east to the Magic Guild and ring the bell outside.

Speak to Zavistic Rarve and show him the prism and page. He'll mention that the Dark Arts are allowed to be studied but not practiced, and that Sithik Ints might have more information and is in lodging in the house to the north.

Talk to Sithik Ints and ask him about the Undead Ogres, then ask if you can search his room. He'll disapprove of you searching through his items, but do it anyway. Search his Wardrobe, Drawers and Cupboard. You'll find charcoal, papyrus, books of H.A.M., Necromancy and Portraiture. Use the three books on him and he'll make up various excuses for each. Use the papyrus on Sithik Ints and draw his portrait. Go back to the Magic Guild and Speak to Zavistic Rarve again and show him all your items, and while he'll agree with you on some points, he still stick sup for Sithik Ints and tell you the evidence is inconclusive.

Head back to the Dragon Inn and use the portrait of Sithik on the bartender. He'll tell you that's the guy who Brentle was seen with. Ask him to sign the portrait as proof that Sithik was speaking to Brentle the other day. He'll gladly do so to bring the criminal to justice. Go back to the Magic Guild and speak to Zavistic and show him all the new evidence. Zavistic will give you a strange potion and tell you that it's effects won't revert until Sithik has told the truth.

Head back to Sithik's room and use the strange potion on his tea.
Go down the ladder and come back up to give it time to take effect. Head back up the ladder and speak to the Ogre-like Sithik, and ask him each available question. He'll tell you that you can't remove the effects of the spell from the Jiggig area, and will also teach you how to make Brutal Arrows, which are more effective against Zogres. He'll also hint at which herbs will cure the disease: Snake-weed and Rogues purse.

Where To find Rogue's Purse & Snake-Weed

To make Disease Cure (Relicym's Balm), use Rogues Purse on a Vial of Water, then use Snake-Weed on the unfinished potion. This will give you the needed end result and 40 Herblore experience.

To make an Ogre Composite Bow, chop Achey Trees for Achey Logs, which can be found near Rantz and Grish. Wolf Bones are dropped by wolves, located near Rantz, on White Wolf Mountain, or various other places. Use a knife on the Achey Logs while Wolf Bones are in your inventory, then use a bowstring on the Unstrung Composite Bow. To make Brutal Arrows, grab some more Achey Logs as well as some feathers (4 feathers per ogre shaft). Use a knife on the Achey Logs to get Flighted Ogre Shafts; you can then use whatever nails you want on these shafts with a hammer in your inventory to get Brutal Arrows.

When you've geared up with these things, head back to Grish and speak to him to tell him he has to move the site of the Jiggig. He'll give you an Ogre Gate Key and ask you to retrieve some stuff from the tomb. Climb over the crushed-barricade by the Guard again, and head back down the stairs into the underground area. Head west until you find an Ogre Stone Door.

Use the gate key on the stone doors and go through the second set of doors. Head down the stairs in the room, then head to the northeast corner of the bigger room. You'll see a stand. Stand one spot east of it, as shown below:

Next up, you'll have to battle a giant zombie ogre boss. This NPC is extremely easy as long as you use the ogre composite bow, brutal arrows, and have Relicym's Balm. Search the stand and Slash Bash will appear.

Hide behind the stand, causing Slash Bash to only be able to shoot disease at you, which doesn't damage you at all. Drinking 3 doses of Relicym's Balm will completely heal you from its effects. When Slash Bash is dead, pick up the artifact for Grish (his bones also give heaping amounts of Prayer experience compared to other bones). Head back to Grish and give him the artifact to complete the quest!

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Rewards: 1 Quest Points, 2,000 Ranged, Fletching, & Herblore XP, ability to make Brutal Arrows, Ogre Composite Bows, and Cure Disease Potions

Uglug's Store: If you use a Relicym's Balm on Uglug, near Grish, he'll open his store for you. The store sells Relicym's Balms, Achey Tree Logs, Bowstrings, Chompy Meat, and various Brutal Arrows and the Composite Bow.

Black Prism: If you kept it, you can use it on Zavistic Rarve and he'll pay you 2000 coins for it. If you've done the Shilo Village Quest, he'll offer you to take it to Yanni Salika who will purchase it off you for 5000 coins instead.