Watchtower Quest

by FireballX301

Items Needed: 2 Ropes, Combat Equipment, Pickaxe, Dragon Bones, 1 Death Rune, Lit Candle, Gold Bar, Anti-dragon shield, Bat Bones, Water Vial, Guam Leaf, 20 GP, Pestle and mortar
Skills Needed: Lvl 14 Magic, lvl 40 Mining, lvl 14 herblaw, lvl 15 thieving, lvl 25 agility, Kill a lvl 68 Gorad
Reward: Watchtower Teleport, 15k Magic exp, 4 Quest Points

You can start this quest by speaking to the wizards at the Yanille Watchtower. To get there, follow outside the Yanille wall west until you see a large tower. Go around the side, and climb up the handholds.

Talk to the wizards on the third floor of the Watchtower. They'll explain to you that the Watchtower was infused with an ogre repellant spell, and that they were powered with 4 power crystals. Those 4 power crystals were stolen. He asks you to help him search for clues in the area. Note that now you can go up the ladder from the first floor. Make sure you pick up a lit candle from the table on the first floor.

Just outside the watchtower, there are bushes scattered. Search them. You'll find an old robe, unusual armor, a damaged dagger, a tattered eyepatch, and some fingernails if you search them all, but only the fingernails are important, so you can discard the rest. Report to the wizards once you find them.

The wizard explains that the fingernails came from a Skavid, a servant race to the Ogres, and that they live in the caves of the Mendip Hills. He'll tell you to enter Gu'Tanoth, the ogre city, and find out how to navigate the caves. To do so, he tells you to check the various ogre settlements lying around.

Go through Yanille and exit through the western gate. From here, you're in ogre territory. Head a bit north until you see a dilapidated building with ogres standing around. Talk to Og, and seek entrance to the city. He says he'll help you if you get his gold back to him from Toban, and he gives you a key.

To get to the next settlement, you'll need a rope. Kill a mugger somewhere for one, if you don't already have one. Use it on the tree branch (not the tree) and swing over. Pick up some Jangerberries, you'll need them later. Talk to Grew, and he'll tell you to beat up Gorad in the Southeast settlement. Head there, and you'll find that the bridge is out. Circle all the way around until you're south of the city, and enter a small cave.

You're now on the 3rd settlement. Open the chest using the Toban key to take the gold. Talk to Toban, and he'll want dragon bones. If you have them, give them to him, or otherwise find and kill a dragon for its bones. He'll give you a part of the Ogre Relic. Attack and kill Gorad for one of this teeth.

From here, head back to the first settlement, and talk to Og. He'll give you another part of the Ogre Relic. Head to the second settlement and use a rope to talk to Grew for the last part of the Relic and a yellow Power Crystal.

Head back to the wizard's tower and give the relic parts to the wizards. They'll put it together and give you the completed Ogre Relic. Head to a gate of the ogre city, and speak with the guards in the Northwest gate. They'll let you in if you have the relic.

Continuing straight down the path leads to a pair of guards, who want something from the market before they'll let you past. Go down the side path into the small pit, and steal a rock cake from the stall in the southwest part of the pit.

Give it to the guards to continue. Ignore this area and the nearby chest, and jump the bridge, paying the nearby ogre 20 gp to do so.

Ignore the other chest, and speak with the city guard, asking him for access to the Skavid caves. He gives you a riddle.

The answer:
1. In days but not years: D
2. In evil and in tears: E
3. In all but not none: A or L
4. In hot but not sun: T, O, H
5. In heaven and in hate: H, A, E
6. In fearing but not fate: R, I, N, G
7. In plush but not place: U, S, H
8. In nine but not eight: N
9. In earth and in great: E, A, R, T
The whole is a destructive item. You can read the answer from the first letters of the choices.

In any case, use a death rune on him, and he'll give you a Skavid map. So exit Gu'Tanoth and enter the cave just outside the eastern gate of the city. Speak with the scared skavid, and don't hurt him. He'll tell you that the city skavids have it. He teaches you basic skavid words also.

Enter each cave and practice speaking with the skavids. Basically, you randomly choose the answers. Get yourself a gold bar, and go through the eastern gate of the city. From here you can enter the 'mad skavid' caves. The skavids there will give you a purple power crystal upon you guessing the right answer. Pick up two nightshade (BUT DON'T EAT IT), and enter the hole to get back to Yanille.

From here, go back to the small pit where you stole those rock cakes. Use (Not Eat) the nightshade on the enclave guard, and you'll enter a small cavern. Try to talk or attack the Ogre Shaman, and you'll find that you can't touch him, and he hurts you really badly. Teleport or exit out the rear quickly, as there are dragons and other nasty stuff in there. Go back to the watchtower and speak with the wizard to learn the formula for the Ogre potion.

Mix a guam with a water vial. Add in the jangerberries you should have picked up, and ground bat bones, which you can get from the entrance to the agility dungeon just south of the Yanille bank (kill the giant bats) if you don't already have them. Speak with the wizard again for the potion, and head back to the Enclave, killing the guard again.

Use the magic potion on six Ogre Shamans to kill them all. You automatically get a teal Power Crystal from killing them.

From here, examine the rock in the center of the room. Mine it for the final, white Power crystal.

Return to the Watchtower Wizards and speak to them. Throw the lever on the side of the wall to complete the quest.

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The watchtower teleport costs 2 earth runes and 2 law runes, and requires level 58 magic ability.