Underground Pass Quest

by FireballX301 and Joho

Items Needed: Food (enough to heal you 2 times over, at least), combat gear of choice, bow and some arrows, a rope, a spade
Skills Needed: Level 25 ranged, enough combat to beat 3 level 91 demons in succession, decent thieving and agility.
Quests Required: Completed Biohazard Quest
Reward: Iban Staff, 15 death runes, 30 fire runes, ability to cast Iban Blast (lvl 50 magic), opens up Regicide quest, 5000 Attack exp, 5000 Agility exp, 5 Quest Points.

To start this quest, speak with King Lathas, in the second floor of the East Ardougne castle.

He'll explain to you that the Well of Voyage, an ancient portal to the area west of Runescape, is infested with cultists of Iban. He'll tell you to speak to the tracker Koftik, in West Ardougne. You can enter West Ardougne through its front gate at this point, so do so and head west to find Koftik.

Koftik will explain to you that the only way across into the West is through the Underground Pass. Enter the cave. Once inside, you can proceed through the various agility obstacles here. Don't cross the swamp, but instead do the rockslides for the first room. Speak with Koftik, and ask for the book that he mentions. You'll read the Dairy of Randas. You'll also receive a wet cloth. Use the wet cloth on one of your arrows, and use that arrow on the nearby fire. Equip it, equip your range weapon, move to the room near the waterfall, and fire-at the ropes holding the bridge up. You may have to repeat this if you miss the ropes. You'll cross the bridge after striking it successfully.

You'll get odd messages by running around, but you can ignore them. Pick up the Plank in the Blessed Spider Nest, but don't hit the lever, as it will transport you back across the river. Continue down through the pass. When you come to another agility obstacle, use your rope on a rock formation to cross. Don't bother with the pipe, as it will be blocked. Continue down the pass.

You'll encounter Koftik again, near a large grid of trapdoors. He's gone off his rocker. What you have to do here, is navigate the grid such that you don't fall into the traps. Expect to burn much of your food here, in trial and error. My own successful path is in the picture - yours will probably vary.

From there, hit the lever that will raise the portcullis, near the south end of the gate. Continue down the path, and note the obstacle pipe that serves as an escape route.

Going down the corridor by walking will result in being knifed by the traps in the wall. You can either search and disarm the traps, or run. Either way, get past the first two and read the stone tablet. Continue down the hall carefully.

Pick up and read the old journal in front of the well and chaos altar to find more about Randas. You'll learn about Spheres of Light. The well will not let you through until you disable the holy force that opposes it.

- North path
Use your plank on the flat rocks and you won't get hurt by the traps, take the orb and walk back in the same way you got there.
- North-west path
Just fight your way trough and get the orb.
- West path
Here you do the same thing as in the first path.
South-west path
Walk to the orb, but dont pick it up, instead search the flatrock untill you automatically pick it up.

Head back through the trap corridor to the room with the pipe exit and zombies. See that furnace? Use the orbs on it to fry them. Head back to the well, and climb down.

Search the crates after you land to get some much-needed food supplies. Continue down the path. Take the rope spawn that you should see on your minimap, and enter the slave holding pens. You can pick the locks and enter the pens, but all of the slaves have gone insane.

In one of the pens will be a patch of mud. Use your spade on the mud to enter a hidden cave. Go through the cave, cross the ledge to the plateau, and then cross the bridge over the room filled with spikes. (Note here: If you have 50 thieving or above, there is a side corridor thats gated in. You can picklock the gates and avoid the spike maze.) Ignore the side paths on the bridge, and exit at the end of the bridge maze. Follow through and enter an obstacle pipe.

See the unicorn? Search the cage it's in for a loose railing. Head around to see a large boulder. Use the railing on the boulder to knock it down and smash the unicorn. Search the smashed cage for a unicorn horn. From there, enter the nearby tunnel.

Proceed through the cavern, ignoring the enemies. You'll run across a trio of paladins. Speak to Sir Jerro for some food and a few useful potions. Move ahead, using the plank on the flat rock, and continue through the cavern. If you search the well you come across, you'll find the following inscription.

Kill the 3 paladins you found earlier, and take the paladin badges that they should drop. Use them, and the unicorn horn, on the well. The door should now be open.

Enter to see a huge pit. Running around the pit reveals a huge maze filled with half-soulless people. Don't cross into the maze in the middle for now. Instead, head south along the rim see a somewhat hidden flight of stairs. Take the stairs down them to enter the dwarven camp. You can head north in this huge cavern to see soulless, if you want. When you do go down, you'll run into Koftik, who has been fully converted.

First, though, speak with each dwarf in the camp to stock up on food. Klank will give you a tinderbox, and Niloof will tell you to hunt down Iban's witch, who knows the only way to defeat Iban and restore the western portal. Important side note here - if you run low on food, speak with Kamen. You can either drink a dwarf brew and take damage (and lose a bit of agility), or pay up 75 gp. He'll then give you 3 items of food.

Head upstairs from the dwarven camp, and head east to find the Witch's house. It'll be on its own platform, but there's a nearby ramp. Don't open or knock at her door; instead, search her window. She's apparently looking for her cat.

Search the maze for her cat, and return it to her by using it on the door. She'll be distracted, so get in, pop open the chest in her house, and get out with the loot inside.

Reading the 'History of Iban' reveals how to defeat him - the four elements of resurrection: flesh, blood, shadow, and conscience. The most obvious clue is shadow - Kill the 3 demon guardians of Iban. Navigate the maze west and south to encounter and kill them. They're level 91, but you should be chock-full of food and potions at this point.

After killing them, take their amulets and open a nearby chest for the Shadow of Iban. Use it on your doll to complete the 'Shadow' portion of the resurrection. Head back to the dwarven colony to speak to Niloof about your discovery. Also, speak with Klank to get a pair of gauntlets impervious to soulless jaws - you're going to start searching their cages. While you're there, you'll need to pick up a bucket (spawns inside the base) and use it on a barrel in the small storage hut, to get a bucket of dwarven brew.

Note: Klank gauntlets are superior gloves. If you want more, you can drop your current pair and talk to Klank for another one. When you've finished the quest, Klank will only give you more for 5k each if you speak with him.

Head north from the dwarven colony to a spider nest. This will fulfill the 'blood' portion of the quest - kill the lvl 89 Kalrag. After you kill it, bail from the nest, as the spiders should all be attacking you.

This is what Kalrag looks like.
Yes - he's a pretty scarey so if you don't like spiders then HAHA.

Next part of the quest - Flesh. Best way to get it? The man himself. Iban's tomb is east of the dwarven camp. Head there.

First, douse the tomb with your bucket of dwarven brew. Light it on fire with the tinderbox that Klank should have given you. You'll receive ashes, which you should use on your doll.

Remember those soulless cages? What do they remind you of? That's right - bird cages. For the last part of this collection, go up and start searching cages, with Klank's gauntlet's equipped. Eventually, you'll find Iban's dove. Use it on the doll for Conscience.

You've completed the doll. Now, all you have to do is face Iban. You probably saw a bunch of idiots (Iban worshippers) in the maze. Head to their general vicinity and kill one, and wear his clothes. The doors to his throne will not open unless you have taken off everything except the zamorak robes.

Enter the room, turn on protection from magic, and use the doll on the well in the center of the building to kill Iban. Try to avoid the magic tentacles to get to the well. Attempt as many times as needed, and keep eating food.

When you finish, you'll wind up with the Iban Staff, 15 death runes, and 30 fire runes, in some random cavern. Move down the cavern to speak with Koftik, who is now sane. He will guide you outside the caverns.

Speak with King Lathas to finish this quest. He'll praise you, and say that once the well is restored, he'll ask you to lead a band of soldiers into the West.

The Iban Staff can cast Iban Blasts, but only 120 shots per charge. If you use it on players, it will consume 2 shots instead. The Staff must be then recharged at the well where you threw in those paladin badges and the unicorn horn. If you lose it, kill Iban disciples for a broken one. You can repair it for 200k at Luciens in Ardougne.