Troll Stronghold Quest

by FireballX301

Items Needed: Gp, Equipment, Food
Skills Needed: 15 Agility, Ability to kill a lvl 113 Troll General, 30 thieving optional
Quests Required: Completed Death Plateau Quest
Reward: 1 Quest Point, Law Talisman

You can start this quest by talking to Denulth, the soldier in Burthorpe.

He tells you that the attack on the Troll Stronghold was unsuccessful, and that Dunstan's son (who you enlisted in Death Plateau) has been captured. Pledge to rescue Godric, and head out.

You remember the Sherpa, right? Head back there, as the main path is still camped with Troll throwers. Buy some climbing boots for 12 gp from him, and head up the path behind the guy's house. Don't go through into the Death Plateau itself, climb over the rocks into the path. Taking the path left leads to a locked Secret door, so we'll ignore it for now. Head east, climbing over all the rocks, until you reach a small Arena.

Enter the arena and speak to the lvl 103 Dad. Accept his challenge, and attack him. Be very careful of one of his moves, it knocks you back. You're given the choice to kill him or not, but it doesn't make too much of a difference. Go through the arena exit, and enter the cave. Go through.

At the first opportunity, climb the rocks and run past all the thrower trolls. Turn on protection from missiles if you have to, they can do heavy damage (about 5 per hit, and there's 7 trolls to run past). Don't go up to the center of the area, but exit to the southwest, NOT the northwest exit to the ice plateau. Again, the SOUTHWEST path. Follow the path and enter the stronghold through the front entrance.

Take the side stairs down, and note the locked door. Head back up and enter the back room.

See those level 113 Troll Generals? Kill one of them. It'll drop a Prison key. Head back to the locked door and unlock it. Go through, and down a floor. See the two trolls?

Pickpocket them (or kill them if you don't have the thieving), and unlock the doors to the cages. Rescue Dunstan and Eadgar, and exit the troll stronghold by following one of them. Note that the Secret Door is now accessible.

Head back to Burthorpe and talk to Dunstan to complete the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

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Rewards:1 Quest Points, The abilty to create Law Runes (see below)

The Law Talisman he gives you allows you to Runecraft Law Runes, given that you have 54+ runecrafting. Also, you can now do Eadgar's Ruse.