Troll Romance Quest

By: Seiferoth

Start point: Speak to Ug in the Troll Stronghold.
Requirements: Must have completed Death Plateau and Troll Stronghold, Level 28 Agility and the ability to defeat a level 113 Troll
Items Required: Climbing boots, 1 Yew or Maple Log, Iron Bar, Rope, Cake Tin, Swamp Tar, Bucket of Wax, Teleport means
How to acquire wax: In the town of Catherby, North of the bank there is Insect Repellent, and south of the bank Arhein sells buckets and cake tins, buy both. Head West to the Beehives. Use Insect Repellent on a Hive, and "Click here to continue" to make sure the bees leave the hive, then "Take-From" the Beehive to get a Bucket of Wax.

Speak to Ug, You'll find him crying somewhere inside the Troll Stronghold. He'll tell you he loves Aga(because she smells like rotting dead ice wolf), but she's with someone STRONGER than him named Arrg. Tell Ug you'll see what you can do. Now you need to head north into Arrg and Aga's room-thing.

Speak to Aga, She is unsure of Arrg's love for her and said that Arrg needs to bring her the rare Trollweiss Flowers to prove it... Now to find Tenzing, since he knows a lot about the mountains. He's the sherpa at the bottom of the mountain, outside of Burthorpe, if you forgot.

Ask Tenzing where to find Trollweiss. He'll lecture you and eventually tell you of a plateau and that you need a sled to get to it.
Ask him how to make a sled, and he'll redirect you to Dunstan, The Burthorpe Smith, You'll find him in the Northeast Area of Burthorpe.

Speak to Dunstan, he'll tell you you need Yew or Maple Logs, an Iron Bar and Rope. You should have these, if not get them from the bank, and use games necklace to get back quickly, if you have.

Speak to him again and he'll make you a sled and say you need to wax, swamp tar, and a cake tin to wax it properly. Use your swamp tar, on the bucket of wax whilst the cake tin is in your inventory, Then use the Sled wax on the sled.

North of the Trollheim teleport, East of the Stronghold, You'll see a path that leads north, head north up the path until it starts snowing, head north and off the path a bit to the west of a rockslide you'll see a cave, enter it.
Go through the cave and exit through the Crevasse.

Head south and ride your slide down the slope.. You'll have a fun little movie squence here, once you're down here, You'll find a sled spawn and rare flower spawn. Get some flowers.

You can now teleport out now or head south more and slide down another slope and enter the tunnel and you'll exit East of Rellekka in the Fremennik Providence.

Teleport to Trollheim or walk back to the Troll Stronghold and give the Trollweiss to Ug, and he'll ask you to dispose of Arrg..

Battle Time:

Talk to Arrg and challenge him. He's quite easy but hits high with melee and decent with ranged and uses melee more often, so use protect from melee and use food if he happens to hit you with any of his rocks.

Head back to Ug for the reward...

Rewards: 2 Quest Points, 4 Uncut Emeralds, 2 Uncut Rubies and 1 Uncut Diamond. 4000 Strength experience and 8000 Agility Experience