Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Quest

By: Tangerz

Start Point: Talk to Timfraku in Tai Bwo Wannai village, which is south of Brimhaven.

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Requirements: Must have completed Jungle Potion Quest, Level 30 Cooking, Level 15 Agility, Level 65 Fishing and the ability to defeat Level 53 Jogres and monkeys.
Items Required: A fishing net, knife, around 5000 GP, a spear equal to or better than iron, one pair of Jogre bones, seaweed, banana, Karamja rum, mortar and pestle, and two agility potions.

How to get Karambwanji and Karambwan

Go to Brimhaven, and you will see a little beach. There will be a crotchety old fisherman who hates young whippersnappers, whose name is Lubufu. You will have to keep questioning him about Karambwan. He will tell you the secret, and you will have to be his apprentice. He tells you to go fish for Karambwanji by small-netting them at the Holy Lake, located south of Tai Bwo Wannai.

You must fish 20 Karambwanji, and fish a couple extra for the rest of the quest. He will give you a Karambwan vessel. To catch Karambwan, you must use the raw Karambwanji with the vessel, and fish at the fishing spot nearby. Sometimes they will deftly steal your fish, so you must replace it with another. Keep fishing until you get a raw Karambwan. Karambwan is an octopus, when cooked correctly, will be free of all poison, shown by a white color. If you cook it incorrectly, you will end up with a poisoned Karambwan that is unsafe to eat, which is shown by its light green color. You can use this with a mortar and pestle for weapon poisoning on spears.

Finally, note that you can't do this until you begin this quest.

- Speak to Timfraku, located west of Trufitus. He tells you that he wants his three sons back to the village now that the gods have been communed with.

Tamayu - The First

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- Go Southeast to Tamayu, which is located near the mines related to Jungle Potion. He will tell you that he will not set foot in the village until he has slain the Shaikahan. Talk to him and ask to join him on the hunt, and he will tell you that you can, but there has to be no interference. After watching him fail in his hunting, you will have to give him an agility potion, then a spear poisoned with Karambwan poison(look up for more information), and another agility potion in that order. Ask to join him again on the hunt, and then watch him defeat the Shaikahan. He will tell you to find the other brothers and speak to the father.

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Tinsay - The Second

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- Go to Cairn Isle, which is Southwest of the quest start point, by going up some rocks and walking across the bridge. You will see an insane person named Tinsay. After talking with him about himself, he tells you to gather a few supplies starting with...
-Banana Karamja Rum! Get a banana, Karamja Rum (from the bar in Karamja) and a knife. Use the knife with the banana to get slices, and use the slices with the rum. Bring the rum to Tinsay and he will drink it and tell you to get...
-Seaweed Sandwich! To get this, gather seaweed and kill a monkey to get monkey corpse. Bring the monkey corpse to Tamayu for him to skin it. Use the monkey skin with seaweed to get a Seaweed Sandwich. Bring the sandwich to Tinsay. He then tells you to get...
-Marinated J’bones! Use Jogre Bones on a furnace to obtain Burnt Jogre Bones. Use raw Karambwanji with mortar and pestle to obtain a paste. Use that paste on the bones to obtain Pasty Jogre Bones. Use the bones on a range to marinate them. Take the bones back to Tinsay and then he will agree to return after you help his brothers and talk to the father.

Tiadeche - The Third

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- Go east across the river, and all the way up north to reach the ocean. You will see Tiadeche standing around with some birds flying around him. This is where you must talk to Lubufu beforehand (look up above). Use the Karambwan vessel (remember to put a raw Karambwanji in first) with Tiadeche for him to fish. After he has caught a Karambwan, he will give it to you as an offering and tell you to find his brothers and speak with his father, after saying that he will fish more. Go back to Lufubu and get another Karambwan vessel (any excuse works), and bring it to Tinsay for him to analyze it and make crafting instructions. Bring the instructions back to Tiadeche to finish this part.

- Finally, speak to Timfraku to complete the quest.

Rewards: Note that to claim your rewards, you must speak with each person. 2000 gold coins from Timfraku, 5k Fishing experience and the ability to buy raw Karambwan and Karambwan vessel from Tiadeche, 5k Cooking experience and the ability to cook Karambwan from Tinsay, and finally, 2.5k Attack and 2.5k Strength experience and a Rune Spear(kp) from Tamayu.