Swan Song

By: Tangerz & Twilight Ray, additions by Loggy/Data

Items Required: (Please note that all required items except the runes and coins can be obtained in the area that they are needed) at least 50gp or a Ring of Charos(u), 5 Blood Runes, 10 Lava Runes, 10 Mist Runes, 5 Iron Bars, 1 log, a pot lid and pot, 7 bones; combat gear and food as well as Watchtower/Ardougne teleports recommended
Skills Required: Level 66 Magic, Level 62 Cooking, Level 62 Fishing, Level 45 Smithing, Level 42 Firemaking, Level 40 Crafting, ability to defeat a level 170 Sea Queen
Quests Required: One Small Favour, Garden of Tranquillity, at least 100 Quest Points
Start Point: Talk to Herman Caranos outside of the Fishing Colony

To start this quest, you must talk a fellow named Herman Caranos. To reach him, go west of the Gnome Stronghold, and go north until you meet two people. Talk to Devin Mendelberg who will tell you that the Fishery is closing. He will tell you to talk to Kathy Corkat if you want a ride up there. She will say that it is too dangerous, but if you pay her with 50 gp or charm her with the Ring of Charos(u), she'll take you.

After you've taken the boat trip, you will see Herman standing next to a tunnel. Talk to him and he talks about how there's a legendary adventurer who turns out to be... The Wise Old Man in Draynor! Here, the game offers you the choice of watching the cutscene.

After you're done with the cutscene or skipped it, teleport to Draynor to talk to the Wise Old Man. He will agree to help the colony, and says that this quest will be his Swan Song - his final quest before retiring. He asks for 5 Blood Runes, 10 Lava Runes, and 10 Mist Runes. Either Runecraft these runes or earn them at the Mage Training Arena. When you have the runes, talk to the Wise Old Man and he'll tell you to meet him outside the Fishing Colony.

When you're back at the colony, the Wise Old Man will ask if you are ready for the battle, say yes if you have your combat gear ready (equipment and some food). You will go under the tunnel with the Wise Old Man in tow. You will engage in battle with some Sea trolls. The Wise Old Man will start casting Saradomin Strikes, but when he runs out, he starts chucking rocks.

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After you're done with the battle, go inside the doors to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Speak to Herman Caranos, who is located inside the house on the east side. He'll tell you to go help Franklin and Arnold while the Wise Old Man and Herman are planning out what to do with the colony.

Franklin, located where you came in, will tell you that there is a broken wall on the west side that needs patching up with iron sheets. He'll give you a tinderbox. You should have some Logs and 5 Iron Bars at this point - however, if you don't, then you can take the axe and the pickaxe (it's a good idea to keep this for later) near Franklin, and go just outside of the colony to mine iron from some rocks and chop down a dead tree. When you have the required items, use the logs with the firebox and use your tinderbox with it to light it up, and then use your Iron Bars with the Metal Press to make the sheets. Go back to Franklin and he'll give you his hammer. Go to the west section of the colony and you will see the wall has red sections. Those are the broken parts. Use your iron sheets with the walls to fix it.

Now that you're done with Franklin's job, go on to Arnold, located in the bank/general store. He'll ask you to fish 5 fresh monkfish and cook them. He hands you a net. Go to the northwest part of the colony, north of the walls you just fixed, and fish 5 fresh monkfish. While you fish you may notice that progressively higher level trolls will start attacking. After you've fished and cooked 5 monkfishes, give them to Arnold and he'll thank you.

Go back and talk to Franklin, then go back and talk to Herman. Herman will tell you that you need to get an army together. The Wise Old Man will tell you to go to Wizard Frumscone in the Magic Guild in Yanille. Get there and go downstairs to the basement and talk to Frumscone. He'll tell you that he can't create an army for you otherwise people will tell him to make armies for them. He tells you to go to Malignius Mortifer who is the Necromancer between Falador and Port Sarim.

Talk to Malignius Mortifer who tells you to get 7 Normal Bones. If you didn't get any, I suggest walking south to the goblins, and killing 7. After you get 7 bones and give them to you, he’ll tell you that he needs a container to store the bone seeds, and that you should ask someone in the Crafting Guild about it (he will give you a brown apron). Go to the Guild and talk to the Master Crafter with the short gray hair. He’ll tell you to get a pot and a pot lid. If you don't have those two items, you can make those two items right there in the Crafting Guild. If you don't still have your picaxe, go grab one in Rimmington or get your own from your bank. Mine yourself two clay from the quarry in the crafting guild, then grab a jug, fill it up twice, and use it on both lumps of clay to get soft clay. Then you can use the two lumps of clay on the Potter's Wheels to make a pot and pot lid, which can then be fired in the oven.

When you have the pot and pot lid, go back and speak to Malignius Mortifer. He will put the Bone Seeds into the Pot and seal it. He will then teleport you back to the Fishing Colony. Talk to Herman and there will be a prompt asking you if you are ready to fight. If you don't have combat gear (melee recommended) and food with you, it's suggested you go get some now. When you are ready, go back and speak to Herman again, and say you're ready to fight. There will be a cutscene of you releasing the Skeletal Mages.

Next there will be a scene where the Wise Old Man dominates a Sea Troll General, and then it will lead to him being trapped. This is where you fight the level 170 Sea Queen. She will drain your prayer if you are far away, and cast Water Waves. If you ever get within melee range, she will cast Water Waves AND melee you as well. However, it's a better idea to melee her - if you have decent food, good equipment and watch your health, you can easily defeat her.

When you beat her, go talk to Herman, and he’ll reward you after some funny dialogue between you and the Wise Old Man.

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Congratulations! Quest Completed.

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Rewards: 2 Quest Points, 15k Magic EXP, 10k Prayer and Fishing EXP, 25k gp, and access to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony