Shilo Village Quest

by FireballX301

Items Needed: 500 gp, Spade, Torch, Rope, Tinderbox, Lots of Food, Combat gear, Hammer, Chisel
Skills Needed: Lvl 20 Crafting, Lvl 32 Agility, Can Kill a lvl 93 Nazastarool, Can survive mauling by multiple lvl 65-ish Undead Ones
Quests Required: Jungle Potion Quest
Reward: 2 Quest Points, 3875 Crafting exp, Shilo Village Access, and the Gem rocks within.

To start this quest, head south on Karamja and cross the bridge on the southwest. Head east around the village to find a few gates with zombies in them, and Mosol Rei.

Ask him why you need to run, and ask who Rashiliyia is. He'll explain that Rashiliyia is the Queen of the Dead and has attacked Shilo Village with an undead army. He'll ask you to deliver an Wampum belt to Trufitus, Shaman of Tai Bwo Wannai village, and mentions a 'Legend' surrounding Rashiliyia.

Use the Wampum belt on Trufitus (You remember him from Jungle Potion), and inquire about the 'Legend' that Mosol Rei should have mentioned. He will talk about the temple of Ah Za Rhoon, built by the priest Zadimus (apparently Rashiliyia's lover?), supposedly located between two great bodies of water. Say that you're going to find it, and he'll take your wampum belt and tell you to stock on supplies. Pick up a Torch, Rope, and a Tinderbox from the local general store, and make sure you have your spade.

From Tae Bwo Wannai, head east and cross the wooden log. From there, head south until you see a small, dark outcropping on the minimap. This is the mound of earth. Use your spade on it to clear the dirt. Use a tinderbox on your unlit torch to light it, and use the torch on the fissure. From there, use your rope on the fissure to secure it. Climb down into the temple cavern.

You will be in an underground cavern filled with Undead Ones, levels 61 and 68. Advance down the tunnel. Follow the western wall until you see a 'Cave-in'. Search it and go through it.

You'll find yourself in another part of the cavern. At the first turn, you should see a wall section with 'loose rocks'. Search it for the scroll about Bervirius. Read it, and you'll learn that Bervirius was the son of Rashiliyia, and became zombified by Zamorak after Rashiliyia asked him to bring back her son.

Go through it until you see a small room jutting out from the main pathway. Go into it and search the old sacks for the scroll about Rashiliyia. Read it, and you'll find out that Rashiliyia went into a blind fury after the death of her son.

Continue down the pathway until you see a set of old gallows at the dead end. Search them, and pull out the corpse of Zadimus. Head back out of the small area through the cave-in.

To get out of this area, either craft the smashed table into a raft (Wouldn't work on mine for some reason), or run the gauntlet of undead ones to the end of the path to check the waterfall rocks. The second is manlier. Either way, get out of the cavern.

You'll show up south of the mound of dirt entrance, so head back to Trufitus. Use the corpse on him.

He tells you to bury Zadimus in the center of the village. Do so. You'll wind up with the words 'I am the key, but only kin may approach her.', and a Bone Shard. Head back to Trufitus and present the two scrolls and bone shard to him. He'll mention the tomb of Bervirius, which is your next objective.

"Direction of the setting sun, level to and surrounded by the sea". Head southwest to Cairn Isle, and climb up the rocks to cross the rope bridge. If you fall, keep trying. Ignore the priest and investigate the rocks on the north part of the isle.

Search and enter yet another dark crawlway.

Inspect the dolmen at the end of this small cave, and take the crystal, sword pommel, and scroll. Read the scroll parts if you want, then climb out and return to Trufitus. Use the 3 items on him, and he'll tell you where the tomb of Rashiliyia is and how to make a necessary Bronze Necklace. Buy a bronze bar and hammer from the general store, and smith bronze wire. Use a chisel on the pommel for the beads, and use it with the wire for your necklace. Wear the beads, and look for Rashiliyia's tomb.

Head east from the village, across the log, and north. If you activate the crystal on the way, it will shine in pretty colors. Look for a patch of stupidly bright trees. Search them to reveal a set of carved doors. Examine then, and chisel the bone shard into a key. Again, WEAR YOUR BEADS if you haven't already. Use your bone key on them, and enter.

Try to open the tomb exit if you want to see something amusing. From here, climb down the rocks and try to get to an area where you'll only fight one undead one at a time. Kill a few skeletons and pick up a total of 3 bones (Zombie undead ones don't drop bones, but poison gas clouds). Find the Tomb doors, and use the bones on them (quickly, you'll probably be under attack by a bunch of undead ones). Open the doors and walk through, and prepare for a big fight. Look at the tomb dolmen to begin.

The enemy is Nazastarool, and his first incarnation is a zombie, lvl 91. Next, as a lvl 68 Skeleton. Finally, a lvl 93 Ghost.

When you've killed all 3, take the corpse that appears on the dolmen. Come out the way you came, using the bone key.

Head back to Trufitus (He doesn't do squat, does he) and show him the corpse of Rashiliyia. He'll tell you to examine your clues. The clue of Bervirius will tell you to lay the witch in Bervirius's tomb to cleanse Rahiliyia's spirit, upon interpretation. Head to his tomb on Cairn Isle.

Use the corpse on the dolmen to complete this sick, sick quest.

You gain access to everything Shilo Village has to offer at this point, including new quests and rocks that will yield only gems. There's an antiques dealer that will buy quest items in the village, also. You also gain access to the Shilo Glider.