Shades of Mort'ton Quest

By: Rathofdoom

Start Point: Mort'ton, in Morytania
Requirements: Ability to kill level 40 Shades, 15 Herblore, and 20 Crafting (easier with higher crafting)
Items Required: Tinderbox, about 3 unfinished Tarromin potions, hatchet, and about 10,000 gold

Note: This quest must be done with a fairly large group. If you do not have your own group when you are ready to build, go on the first members world (currently World 2) and join the crowd of people currently doing the quest.

When in Mort Myre in Morytania, go south through the swamps. Just after you pass the Nature Spirit hut, you will find a little bridge. Cross it and you will arrive in what looks like a little maze. Follow this maze to the east and you will find another bridge. It will have the blue star which signifies the place of a quest start point.

Enter the city and go to the building with the shattered table. Search it and you will find some herbs. Keep these. Some will be extra Tarromin. In the same building, a shelf can also be found. When searching it, you will find a diary. Read and skim through it.

Cut down a tree and light the logs on fire. Wait for the fire to burn out and take the ashes. Use the ashes with one of your unfinished Tarromin potions to mix up a batch of Serum 207. Go to the north building and use the Serum on Razmine. Ask him if there is anything you can do. He will tell you to kill five shades. Go northeast and tou will find an island with temple remains. Fight one of the shadows and it will turn into a shade. Kill five and take all of their remains.

Go back to Razmire and talk to him again. He will tell you to show some of the remains to Ulsquire and will give you access to his stores. He can be found in the east building with the sink. Use some Serum on him and show him the remains. He will say that the remains need to be disposed of with a sacred cremation.

Go back to Razmire and buy two vials of olive oil and a *normal* hammer from his general store. Also buy several of each type of building supply from the building store. Go back to the island with the temple remains. This is when you will need a large group. Have some people begin to repair the temple walls. Have others fight the shades that will appear. If you don't fight the shades, they will knock over the walls of the temple. When the repair state is at 100% and your sanctity is at 10% you can light a fire in the middle. Use your vials of olive oil on the fire to make them sacred.

At this time you can also the your Serum on the fire to make it permanent if you have sanctity at 20%. This is not required, but comes in handy. Both Rasmire and Ulsquire give you 200 gold for using the permanent Serum on them.

Note that using the sacred fire reduces your sanctity level.

Cut down another tree and use the sacred oil on the logs to get pyre logs. Place these logs into one of the funeral pyres located south of the city. Also place some of the loar remains in the same pyre. Use your tinderbox to light it on fire. The spirit will leave and a key will appear on the nearby stone stand. Take the key.

Go back to Ulsquire and talk to him. He will reward you. You have now completed the quest.

Reward: Herblore Xp, Crafting Xp. Give the diary to the Apothecary in Varrock for additional minor Herblore Xp.

The key you find in the quest can be used to open the doors to the Mort'ton Dungeons north of the city. In these dungeons there are higher level shades to cremate for higher level keys. These keys grant you access to more areas of the dungeons. In the different rooms, there are chests. Using different color keys will open the different chests. Chests contain different prizes.

Note that once you burn a specific type of shade, you wont need to burn that shade again - the keys are always the same, and permanent.

Also note that you can keep making Serums - they give the same exp as a normal Tarromin potion, and you can use them on the random villagers to get small rewards (usually 3 tarromin, or some coins).