Rune Mysteries Quest

By: ShadowIceman, images by Seiferoth

Start Point: Talk to Duke Horacio on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle
Requirements: None

To start this quest, talk to the Duke of Lumbridge (Horacio) on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle.

He'll tell you about a weird talisman he found, and he has no idea what it is or does. He asks you to take it to the Head Wizard of the Wizards Tower.

Head west from Lumbridge to Draynor Village. When you reach the town, head south across the bridge to the Wizards Tower. When you enter it, go downstairs to the basement and talk to Wizard Sedridor.

Tell him about your instructions and hand over the talisman. He'll get real excited, and he'll ask you to bring a package to Aubury, the runes store owner in Varrock while he studies the talisman.

From the tower, head north until you come to the Barbarian Village (with all the barbarians). From there, head east on the road until you come to Varrock. Keep heading east in Varrock till you come to the second bank, and from there head south into the backstreets, where you should be able to find Aubury's Shop. Talk to him and hand over the package.

Aubury will give you some notes that he wants you to take back to Wizard Sedridor, so head on back to the basement of the Wizards Tower. You'll have a talk, and you'll find out that the talisman is key to Runecrafting!

Congratulations! Quest complete!

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Rewards: 1 Quest Point, Air Talisman, and the ability to use the Runecrafting Skill (see the guide for more info)