Rum Deal Quest

By Twilight Ray, additions by Data/Loggy

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Start Point: Talk to Pirate Pete in Port Phasmatys
Skill Requirements: Level 40 Farming, level 50 Fishing, level 47 Prayer, level 42 Crafting, level 42 Slayer.
Quest Requirements: Zogre Flesh Eaters Quest
Item Requirements: Rake, Bucket, Seed Dibber, Spade, Combat Gear, Food, Slayer Gloves (Bought from any Slayer Master)
Combat: Level 150 Evil Spirit

To start this quest, talk to Pirate Pete northeast of the Ectofuntus.

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He'll tells you he's a noble, whose evil brother has taken over his lands, and he needs his family sword returned to him so he can have proof of his rulership. However, his brother has an ally: The mighty, fearsome, tall, deadly, oaken, round demon Barrelor the Destroyer." When you agree to help, he'll tell you to "Pick up your diversion" and surely enough you'll turn the other way (you sucker) and get whacked by Pirate Pete. You'll next see a cutscene between Pirate Pete and a 'Captain Braindeath'. It appears that he and Pirate Pete do need your help, and they were looking for an adventurer.

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However, they didn't want compromise the location of the island. However, you still don't know the problem (because of course all that noble stuff was a pack of lies). When you wake back up, you'll have a chat with the good Captain Braindeath, who takes in an awesome piratey way, just as all pirates should. He tells you "Yer on Braindeath Island!", but its location is a secret. He tells you how he and his men, by use of the secret island, brew and sell rum (but of course). However, they were recently put into a siege by "Them!". The Captain won't say who they are, but simply points out a window to what appears to be Zombie Protestors, which you have to clerify with him just to be sure.

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Captain Braindeath tells you that he and his men came up witht he idea to get the zombie leader drunk, which will hopefully bring the protesting to a halt, allowing the crew to escape. He tells you that he needs someone to go out front and grow some Blindweed, which is an ingredient of their rum. However, the zombies destroyed all of the Blindweed patches, save for one. He gives you some seeds, and offers use of gardening equipment in the basement. Go down the stairs, then to the Southeast corner until you see a Blindweed patch amongst the Trashed patches. Watch out, the Zombie Swabs and Pirates will attack.

Rake the patch and plant the seed, then wait about 5 minutes or so, or until you see a "I wonder how my Blindweed is coming along?" message. Pick the Blindweed, then head back to Captain Braindeath. He tells you to take the Blindweed to the Intake Hopper. Go upstairs, and head to the northwest corner until you see a hopper.

Use the Blindweed on it, and head back to Captain Braindeath. He tells you that you now need to get Stagnant water, which is on a volcano to the North, all you have to do is get by their guard. Pick up a bucket here if you don't already have one.

Go down the stairs, then head Northwest until you see 50% Luke. Try to open the gate, and he'll tell you that he's the best lookout ever! Then you distract him and run by.

Head North and climb the Volcano until you see the Stagnant Lake, and use the bucket on the lake to get the water.

Head back to the Hopper, and use the water on it, then go talk to Captain Braindeath again. He tells you that you need to catch 5 Sluglings, which are related to the notorious mind-controlling Sea Slugs. He gives you some fishing equipment. Go down the stairs, and head to the Southeast corner of the island to find a fishing spot, fish until you have 5 sets of sluglings, and head back to the hopper, put them in the Pressure Barrel, then pull the lever.

You should see something start shaking downstairs. Go and talk to Captain Braindeath. He tells you that the Brewing Controls are possessed, and gives you a wrench to first get blessed, and then fix the Brewing Controls.

Head to the West room (with the beds in it) and talk to Davey. You'll need at least 47 Prayer Points for this part. He blesses your wrench, and hints that you'll need less prayer potions if it's in your inventory. Go back to the Brewing Controls and use the wrench on it.

When you do, beware, a level 150 Evil Spirit attacks you. Own it promptly, then head back to Captain Braindeath. He tells you that you need to get a diseased fever spider for the rum. Put on your Slayer Gloves and kill a Fever Spider.

Grab the body and head upstairs and stick it in the hopper. Go back and talk to Captain Braindeath. He tells you to get the "rum" and give it to the Captian Donnie. Go turn the Output tap, then head outside.

Go talk to Captian Donnie.

He lets slip that his boss is Rabid Jack. Head back to Captain Braindeath. After a bit of conversation, quest complete!

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Congratulations! Quest complete!

Rewards: 2 Quest Points, 7,000 Prayer, Farming & Fishing EXP, and the Holy Wrench

Holy Wrench: When in your inventory, prayers take up prayer points less quickly than normal