Royal Trouble Quest

By: Twilight Ray

Start Point: Talk to Advisor Ghrim in Miscellania.
Items Needed: Combat gear to defeat a level 149 enemy, food and antipoison
Skills Needed: 40 Slayer, 40 Agility
Quests Needed: Throne of Miscellania Quest

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To start this quest, head up to Miscellania and talk to Advisor Ghrim. Ask him if there's anything new going on the Kingdom, and he'll tell you that the people are worried that war will break out again. Once you're done talking to him, go talk to either the prince or princess, whatever gender your character is.

You get a cutscene of yourself speaking with the prince and princess, and are asked to talk to both King Vargas and Queen Sigrid to try to work out the situation. Do this now.

Vargas tells you that some of the goods his people collected went missing, and wants you to investigate it. Sigrid also had some items missing, and she wants you to find out where it went.

In Etcetaria, talk to Matilda, she had her hat stolen by Miscellanian soldiers. For Miscellania, go out and talk to the people who collect goods for the Kingdom to find out that they also had goods stolen from the Etcetarians.

Talk to Vargas, and he'll tell you that Miscellania doesn't even have an army, and to talk to Advisor Ghrim about it. He tells you to talk to the Sailor. If you talk to Sigrid about it, she'll just ask you to take care of it. Go now to talk to the Sailor. He tells you that some kids from Rellekka came over awhile ago, and they went to the dungeons of Miscellania. Go talk to King Vargas, and he'll give you approval to enter the dungeon. Head there now, and go down the ladder on South wall.

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Once you get down there, head into the inn and talk with Donal. He'll tell you about the monster he saw. Once you talk with him, head to the Northwest corner of the cave. Take the pickaxe from the rock there, and use the mining prop with the crevice, then enter. Take a pulley from the box, and use it on the large scaffold. Get another pulley and add two beams, then use both beams on the pulley, then use it on the large scaffold. Take out another pulley and use it on the scaffold. Take a rope from the box under the manual, and use it on the scaffold. Take out another beam, and use it on the platform. Pick up the engine, use it on the engine platform, then mine the rocks until you have 5 coal. Use them on the engine. This is what you should see.

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Grab another rope, go up using the lift, grab the plank you see, and enter the tunnel. Head East to the small river thing, then use the rope with the rock overhead. From there, travel forward through the passage to the fire remains. Search it to find a burnt diary page. Go on through the cave, searching fires and avoiding obstacles until you reach a crevice. Enter it to watch a cutscene of the five teenagers speaking. After they're done, travel onward through the passage, passing sea snakes until you reach a crevice. Enter the crevice. When you enter, a giant sea snake will attack you. Fight it and kill it. Be sure to use your antipoison, for it's poison can easily do 9 damage. When it's dead, pick up the heavy box it drops.

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Once you leave the snakes nest, an Etcetarian will drop down a rope. Go up and talk to Queen Sigrid. She'll give you a letter and 20k. Take the letter to Vargas to complete the quest.

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Rewards: 20000 Coins, 1 QP, 5k Agility, Hitpoints, and Slayer exp, increased resources from your kingdom workers