Regicide Quest

by FireballX301

Items Needed: Combat gear of choice, Food of choice, Bow + a few arrows, 2 Ropes, Spade, Multiple Coal, Swamp tar, Limestone, 4 Balls of Wool, Pestle and Mortar, a Pot, teleport runes / Amulet of Glory highly recommended.
Skills Needed: Weapons and amrmor to defeat a lvl 110 Tyras Guard, Level 56 Agility.
Quests Required: Completed Underground Pass Quest
Reward: 3 Quest Points, 15k GP, 13750 Agility exp, use of Arandar to get to Isafdar

Sometime after you complete Underground Pass, a courier will deliver you a summons from King Lathas. You'll begin the quest once he arrives. Note that the summons will come regardless of whether you have the skills required.

Take the summons with you to speak with King Lathas. The King will tell you that he has successfully opened the Well of Voyage to the westernlands, and the time is now to kill his brother, King Tyras. Your objectives are to rendevous with a group of elves at the westernlands, kill King Tyras, and find an easier trade route back to Ardougne.

Enter the Underground Pass with your gear, and proceed through the pass using the same method that you used in the Underground Pass quest. Cross the rockslides, cut the guide rope with a flame arrow from Koftik, pick up the plank, use the rope on the rock overhang, etc. Things should be much easier this time around. The smashed unicorn is still there, for some reason. Remember to use the plank to cross the flat rock traps.

After you pop open the door to the giant cavern, head to Iban's throne, crossing the cavern pitfalls. Remember the well you threw Iban's doll in? You'll want to head there. Thankfully, when you open the door to his throne, instead of a crazed idiot throwing magic tentacles at you, you find Koftik and a pair of wizards.

After you climb into the Well of Voyage, you'll exit into a rather serene room with an altar. Exit to the west from the cave into the westernlands. You'll encounter the elf Idris right after exiting the cave. She is then killed by a pair of other elves, Morvan and Essyllt. They'll tell you to speak with Lord Iorwerth to figure out a way to track Tyras.

Follow the obvious path and jump the leaf-pit spike trap when you come across it.

Continue down the path until you see a patch of blue mushrooms and the path deviates north. From here, there will be a stick trap with two trees. Cross it.

Follow the path here, crossing another leaf spike trap, and cross the log balance to enter the Elven Camp.

Speak to Lord Iorwerth and he'll reveal that none of his soldiers can help you kill Tyras, as they're hunting renegade elves. He will tell you to speak with one of his trackers to the southeast, at one of Tyra's abandoned camps.

Head southeast, jumping the leaf trap again and ignoring the stick trap to continue down. You'll find a large clearing, with an Elf tracker standing around. He won't trust your word, and you must prove yourself as not being one of Tyra's minions. Head back to Iorwerth, and he'll give you a crystal pendant. Return to the Tracker.

The Tracker will explain that after a battle a few days ago, Tyras moved from his old camp and his whereabouts are unknown. The Tracker will tell you to search the west side of the cabandoned camp. Examine the Dense forest on the west side to find out that the area has been disturbed. You'll find a set of tracks. Speak with the Tracker and you'll now be able to cross through dense wood. Before this, though, pick up some sulphur from the rim of the tarpit to the south.

Cross through the dense forest following the tracks. Once you enter the other side, you'll automatically engage a lvl 110 Tyras Guard. Kill it. After you do so, cross the tripwire to the northwest (it's really hard to see, but its between two mossy rocks). Don't worry if you're poisoned, it's a minor poison. Cut through the dense forest to the north and continue down the path.

You'll see a catapult and two guards. Speaking to the catapult guard will reveal that he's hungry for rabbit meat. Speak to the Tyras Guard (Don't attack!) and he'll tell you to speak to the King. Cross through the Dense Forest to enter Tyra's camp. Speak with General Hining.

He'll explain that the king will see no one. There's nothing you can do here except peruse the most excellent shop in the camp, which will sell Dragon Halberds for 325k and rune halberds for 83.2k (The dragon halberd won't be available until you finish the quest). Pick up a few barrels (you'll need them later). If you refer to your journal, it'll advise you to return to Lord Iorwerth. Do so, remembering to cross the traps properly. If you see a rabbit along the way, kill it and take the meat - you'll need it later. Before you bail out of the area, head to the tar pits south of the Elf Tracker, and use your barrels on the tar.

Speaking to Lord Iorwerth will result in him giving you 'Big Book o' Bangs', a book about building explosives. You'll have to speak to a Chemist about this one...yes, the chemist in Rimmington. After you're done, teleport.

After speaking to the chemist in Rimmington, he'll explain that you'll need 3 ingredients - Naphtha, Quicklime, and Brimstone.

To make Naphtha, you must distill tar by using the still in his house. You must regulate the pressure and tar flow, and keep heat up using coal. To make Quicklime, you must heat limestone until it 'glows like the sun', and converts. The chemist won't know how to make Brimstone.

Pull out some coal (8 pieces should do), and use your coal-tar barrel on the Fractional Distillator outside. The rules are, pressure cannot red-line, and heat must be in the green zone, with tar flowing, in order to distill the tar. From here, increase the pressure a bit, then increase tar flow. Place coal into the furnace until the heat meter registers green. You'll begin to distill. Whenever the meter dips below green, add one coal. Continue until you successfully distill a barrel of napthta.

Now, for Quicklime. Get yourself a Pot before you do anything here. There is a Limestone mine between Canifis and Varrock, on that secluded pathway. Take that Limestone and use it on a furnace. Use your pestle and mortar on the Quicklime before it kills you, and you'll automatically add it to the pot.

The Brimstone actually comes from the Sulphur you should have picked up along the way. Use it with a pestle and mortar for ground sulphur. Add it to your Barrel for a Barrel Bomb.

Examining the Barrel will reveal that it needs a Fuse. To get a fuse, buy some balls of wool, or buy shears and cut some sheep wool to pin them. You'll need 4 balls of wool for a proper fuse for your barrel bomb.

Remember the raw rabbit meat you should have gotten? Find somewhere to cook it. After you do so, you're going to have to go through the underground pass. Again. Take your combat gear, food, 2 ropes, a spade, bow and arrows, cooked rabbit, and your barrel bomb + 4 balls of wool. Also take a tinderbox, as you'll need it to light your fuse.

Head through the underground pass, and head to Lord Iorwerth's camp to find a Loom. Spin your balls of wool into a cloth, and use the cloth on the barrel to make a Fuse. You now have a fused Barrel Bomb.

Head to Tyra's camp, or rather, the catapult directly outside it. What you have to do here, is give the cooked rabbit to the guard to distract him.

From there, Use the barrel bomb with the catapult. You'll automatically cock, load, and fire the catapult. Enjoy the shot of your barrel blowing the crap out of Tyra's tent. Doesn't that feel all better now?

Head to Lord Iowerth, and he'll hand you a letter to King Lathas. He'll also give you access to the Arandar mountain pass, a shortcut past the Underground pass. To get to that mountain pass, head to the entrance to the Underground pass, and move through the dense forest northward. Or, simply teleport.

Head back to King Lathas. On the way, an elf will appear and open your message. It appears you killed the wrong King. In any case, speak to King Lathas to complete the quest.

You should now be able to buy the Dragon Halberd in King Tyra's camp for 325k. Never go near the Underground Pass, instead, use the Arandar pass now.