Recipe - Pirate Pete

By: Twilight Ray

Items Required: Fishbowl (use a glassblowing pipe with molten glass), Pestle and mortar, Bread, Knife, Raw Cod, Needle, 3 Bronze Wire
Skills Required: 31 Cooking
Quests Required: None

In the dining hall, examine Pirate Pete to find out he needs Fishcakes. The Gypsy tells you to go ask the Lumbridge Cook how to make them. Exit through the South door and ask him. He tells you for fishcakes, you need Ground Cod, Ground Giant Crab Meat, Ground Kelp, and Breadcrumbs. Be sure to find out specifically how to make each item, or else you won't be able to make them.

For the breadcrumbs, use a knife on bread. For the Ground Cod, use a Raw Cod with Pestle and mortar.

For the other two, you're going to need to talk to Murphy, the guy with the Trawler boat. Head Northeast of Yanille and talk to him now.

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Ask him about Recipe of Disaster, and he tells you he used to catch Giant Crabs near Rimmington. He tells you that if you have a fishbowl, he can make an underwater breathing apparatus. Give him the fishbowl, and he'll set up your gear.

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Put it on, then talk to him again to go diving, but if you weigh more than 27kg, you'll have to bank some equipment until you weigh 27kg or under. When you're all set, talk to him again, and you'll go diving off his ship into a reef bed thing, with fish and Mogres swimming around.

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Once you're underwater, head North until you see a Mogre named Nung. Talk to him and ask for Crab Meat, and he asks for 5 big skippy skins. He points you to a cave entrance in the Northwest corner of the area, but you need to weigh yourself down some first. Pick up 5 rocks around the entrance, then go in.

Kill 5 Mudskippers and grab the hides, then take them back to Nung. He tells you that he needs a needle and 3 bronze wires, so give them to him, and you get access to the Giant Crab cage, but once again you need 5 rocks to enter. Grab the rocks then enter. Kill a crab to get the meat, then go and pick some Kelp from outside, there's a good spot in the Northeast corner, they're the tall green plants.

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Head back to the southern part of the area to the anchor, and climb up it to leave.

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Use the Pestle and mortar with the Kelp and Crab Meat, and get to Lumbridge. Talk to the Cook to find out you just need to use the ingredients on each other. Do so now, then cook the raw fishcake on the range in the kitchen.

Now, take the cake and use it with Pirate Pete to complete this subquest.

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Reward: 1 QP, 1k Cooking, Fishing, Smithing, and Crafting exp, access to the Mogre camp

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