Recipe - Awowogei

By: Twilight Ray

Items Required: Large Gorilla Greegree, Ninja Monkey Greegree, Zombie Monkey Greegree, M'speak Amulet, Rope, Knife, Pestle and Mortar
Skills Required: Level 48 Agility, Level 70 Cooking
Quests Required: Monkey Madness

To start this subquest, inspect Awowogei in the dining hall. The Gypsy tells you to go ask his real self on Ape Atoll. Grab your Greegrees and M'speak amulet and head to Ape Atoll. Once you get there, head to the East side of the island where Awowogei is.

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Ask him for his favourite dish, but he says he won't tell you, and neither will the three monkeys, he made sure of that. So, head to the monkey temple North of his house and look for the three monkeys in the Northwest corner. It turns out, they're the three "Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil" monkeys.

Ask for the King's favourite dish, and you'll tell them you're planning a secret birthday party for the King, and you need to know. Apparently, the King has a real soft spot for Roasted Giant Snake stuffed with sliced banana and monkey nut paste.

First off, you have to get the banana and nuts, so buy them from the Food Stall West of the Monkey Temple. For the Giant Snake, head back to Crash Island, and go to the center of it. Enter the snake pit, and kill a snake. Warning, it's multi-combat, and there are 5 level 84 Big Snakes.

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Take them all back to the three monkeys, and the "Speak no evil" monkey will attempt to attract your attention. You find out that you actually need a red banana. The monkey says that the red bananas are in a tree to the West.

If you do not have a Large Gorilla Greegree, a Ninja Greegree, or a Zombie Greegree (you will need them later) either buy a Talisman from the Magic Shop for 1K for each greegree, or tell the Monkey child you lost his toy, and need another one. He'll start crying, so just wait a few minutes for him to calm down, then ask him again and he'll give you another. Kill a Gorilla in the East temple, one of the Monkey Archers or Ninjas (I recommend luring the monkey ninja guarding the statue to the outskirts and killing him there), and one of the Zombies along the way to Zooknock. Take all the monkey bones and talismans down to Zooknock for him to make you a talisman.

Note: You may want to get more than the required amount of each item - grab some extra in case you burn the final stuffed snake.

When you have obtained the greegrees you need, head to the far West side of the island, right beside the coast. You have to be holding the Large Gorilla greegree.

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Use a rope with the tree as a Gorilla to get a Banana, but drop it and do it again to get a second banana, then pick up the first one again. Head back to the three monkeys and talk to them. They'll eat one banana, but since you have two, just talk to them again.

However, those also aren't the right kind of monkey nuts. You need Tchiki monkey nuts, which are in the hills Southwest of them. Go South of the mage shop and find the bridge to the small island on the Atoll. You need to be in Ninja Monkey form to get access though, so wear your Ninja Greegrees and head to the Monkey Agility Arena.

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Go through the course, but after you swing on the rope, go down the hole in the small building. You'll see a bush, pick the nuts from it, but once again, drop the nuts and pick another set, then head back to the three monkeys.

They will tell you that to cook the snake, you need to go downstairs. Before you do this, cut the banana with a knife, and ground the nuts with your Pestle and Mortar. Head down the trapdoor on the East side of the temple. Once down the trap door, walk down the stairs and look for a crevice (marked as an exit in the game) on the East wall.

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Enter it, become a Zombie Monkey (wield the zombie greegree), and walk over the hot coals to the long, hot rock. Use the ground nut paste or sliced red banana with the raw snake, then use the snake on the rock to cook it.

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Finally, head back to Lumbridge, put your M'speak Amulet, and use the snake with Awowogei to complete this subquest.

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Rewards: 1 QP, 10K Cooking and Agility exp, Ability to use Ape Atoll teleport

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