Recipe - Goblins

By: Twilight Ray

Items Required: Charcoal, Spice, Orange, Bread, Water, Fishing Bait (only 1 is needed), Purple Dye, and a Knife
Quests Required: Goblin Diplomacy
Skills Required: None

Inspect either of the goblins to find out you need to go to the Goblin Village North of Falador to find out what food they'll need. Head there now and go down the ladder in the East house, then talk to the Goblin Cook.

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He tells you that he needs some Charcoal. Go get some, and when you have it, use it on the Goblin Chef to get a cutscene of his cauldron exploding. Talk to him again to find out that Bentnoze wants fruit in the dish, but Wartface only likes sliced oranges. However, Bentnoze doesn't like the colour orange. Wartface also wanted some maggots. But Bentnoze says maggots are too bland, and will only eat themm if they're spicier. Bentnoze also asked for some bread in the mix, but Wartface thinks bread is too crunchy, so you need to find some bread that isn't crunchy.

To do this, you need to get some bread, then use some water with it. Get some fishing bait, then use spice with it, and finally get some orange slices, then use purple dye with them.

Once you have the items, take them to Mudknuckles. He hands you some Slop of Compromise. Take it back to Lumbridge to complete this subquest.

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Reward:1 QP, 1k Cooking, Crafting, and Farming exp, increased access to the Culinaromancer's Chest

Culinaromancer's Chest

As you complete more and more subquests of the Recipe for Disaster quest, you will gain more and more access to the Culinaromancer's Chest, located in the basement below the Lumbridge Kitchen, in the Northeast corner. The chest has a variety of uses that are all available to you when you complete the quest. See the rewards section of The Final Fight for more info.

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