Recipe - Evil Dave

By: Tangerz

Items Required: Cat/Kitten (Cat recommended), 15-20 bowls of stew
Skills Required: Level 25 Cooking
Quests Required: Gertrude's Cat and Shadow of the Storm

To start the quest, inspect Evil Dave in the banquet hall and then the gypsy will tell you that you will have to make a specific stew. She will tell you that to get the correct recipe, you will have to talk to the Evil Dave in the outside world, and he lives in Edgeville (with his mother). Head there now, and go to the building West of the bank, then go down the trapdoor.

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Ask Evil Dave what he ate at the Secret Council meeting. He will get confused - tell him that magic requires it. Dave will tell you to go talk to his mother Doris, who is upstairs. Query her about the specific stew spices, and she’ll tell you that the Hellrats stole the stews. Here is where you get your cat or kitten, and tell it to catch the rats. When it kills a rat, there will be a drop of ashes and some random spice. There are Yellow, Red, Orange, and Brown spices, all with doses from (1) to (4).

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While you are killing rats, have some stew on you (15-20 will do). Since Evil Dave can't remember the correct spices for the stew he had, only the taste, you will have to test stews on him to get the correct amount. The correct stew that Evil Dave needs to be freed from the time bubble will have a certain amount of Red Spice, a certain amount of Brown Spice, a certain amount of Yellow Spice, and a certain amount of Orange Spice. The amount is completely random.

To find the correct amount of eachs pice, you will have to undergo some trail and error. For example, when you get some red spice, use it once with a bowl of stew, and use that spiced stew on Evil Dave. He will either say that the spices are all wrong, or that one spice is right. If he says that, then you need to remember how many spices you put in (in our case, 1 red spice). Then you will have to undergo the same process with the other three colored spices. Remember what amount of spices Evil Dave likes.

When you have discovered the right amount of spices to put in the stew for each color, go ahead and put the correct amount of all spices in one stew, and use it with Evil Dave. If it is indeed the correct spice combination, Dave will shout with joy, but you’ll warn him not to eat it all, because you still have to feed it to the Evil Dave in the Time Bubble.

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Teleport back to Lumbridge and use the stew with the frozen Evil Dave.

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Rewards: 1 QP, 7000 Cooking XP, Ability to make Spicy Stew, own a hell-cat, and more access to the Culinaromancer's Chest.

Culinaromancer's Chest

As you complete more and more subquests of the Recipe for Disaster quest, you will gain more and more access to the Culinaromancer's Chest, located in the basement below the Lumbridge Kitchen, in the Northeast corner. The chest has a variety of uses that are all available to you when you complete the quest. See the rewards section of The Final Fight for more info.

Note: You can convert your hell-cat back to your normal cat by feeding it a bucket of milk.

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