Recipe - Dwarf

By: Twilight Ray

Items Needed: About 300 gp, Milk, Flour, Egg, Bowl of Water, some type of gloves (Ice gloves recommended)
Skills Needed: None
Quests Needed: Fishing Contest

To start off this quest, first inspect the dwarf in the banquet room to find out he likes Rock Cakes, and that you should talk to his father in the tunnel under White Wolf Mountain. Head there now, and talk to the old dwarf that turns out to be Rohak, the dwarves father.

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He tells you he wouldn't give you his Rock Cake recipe for all the nectar from the Rising Sun. But it probably wouldn't hurt to go get some nectar from the Rising Sun. Head to the bar in Falador and talk to Kaylee or Emily.

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Ask her about Dwarves and Ale, and offer 200 gold for the secret. She tells you to drop a gold coin into some Asgarnian ale, and that makes Dwarves crazy. Go ahead and buy four Asgarnian ales, then use a coins on them to get Asgarnian ales (g). Take one back to Rohak. He rather enjoys it.

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However, he seems to want another, so give it to him. He starts to get drunk, so give him another. One more will do the trick. He tells you he'll give it to you, but it'll cost 100 gp, and you'll have to bring him milk, flour, an egg, and a bowl of water. Note: it has to be a bowl, not a bucket.

Get the items, then talk to him again. He'll make you the cake, and put it on the table, but it'll still be too hot. Make sure you have on gloves, and then pick it up. If you have Ice Gloves on, take it to Lumbridge Castle. If you have any other kind of gloves on, go to the top of the Ice Mountain and kill an Icefiend and it will cool the cake. Take it back to Lumbridge castle to complete this portion of the quest.

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Reward: 1 QP, 1k Cooking and Slayer exp, increased access to the Culinaromancer's Chest

Culinaromancer's Chest

As you complete more and more subquests of the Recipe for Disaster quest, you will gain more and more access to the Culinaromancer's Chest, located in the basement below the Lumbridge Kitchen, in the Northeast corner. The chest has a variety of uses that are all available to you when you complete the quest. See the rewards section of The Final Fight for more info.

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