Recipe - Sir Amik Varze

By: Geo1988 and Zjewelz, additions by Data/Loggy

Items Required: 2 Buckets, 1 Pot, 1 Sweetcorn, Axe, Machete, Dramen Staff, 1 Raw Chicken, Anti dragonbreath shield, Pestle and Mortar, Ice Gloves; Combat Gear, high level food and some Prayer Potions highly recommended
Quests Required: The Lost City, must have completed the Legends Quest enough to have access to the Kharazi Jungle
Skills Required: Must be able to defeat a level 227 Black Dragon and the level 159 Evil Chicken

To start this subquest, inspect Sir Amik Varze in the time bubbled banquet room of Lumbridge Castle. The Gypsy isn't much help, so go speak to the cook in the kitchen and ask him more about how you helped aid Sir Amik Varze. He tells you that you mixed some milk and cream, and then added cornflour to the mixture. Then he tells you that you found a rare vanilla stick in the Kharazi Jungle and added that to the mixture. Then you killed the fearsome Evil Chicken to get one of his eggs, which you mixed with the other ingredients. Finally, you made some cinnamon by grinding the branch of a Dramen Tree and sprinkled it on top of the crème brulee. Then he tells you that you cooked the crème brulee with the breath of dragon fire.

With that knowledge, head to Ardougne with two buckets, a pot, and a raw sweetcorn. Go out the northern exit of the city and head northeast to the farming patch. When you reach the patch, head south to the cow pasture and obtain two buckets of milk. Head to the farming store you passed by which is west of the cow pasture. Use your bucket of milk on the churn and make a pot of cream. From the Ardougne farming store, head north up the road to the mill. Use your raw sweetcorn with the hopper on the top floor, operate the hopper, and collect the cornflour at the flour bin. Add your bucket of milk to the pot off cream, then use your pot of cornflour on the milky mixture to produce a cornflour mixture.

Once you have made your Cornflour mixture, grab a machete and a woodcutting axe and head to the Shilo Village. Hack your way into the Kharazi Jungle. Head down to the southern coast of the jungle and locate the Vanilla Plants. The Vanilla Plants are located in the mid-costal portion of the jungle. Use your Vanilla Pod with you Cornflour mixture to yield a Brulee.

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Once you have created your basic Brulee, head to Draynor Village and speak to the Wise Old Man, located just north of the bank. Say you want to ask him something, then ask him about strange beasts and then ask him about The Evil Chicken. He explains to you that it was a bad attempt to summon a demon and a few other tales. After listening to the bogus tales, he will tell you that the Evil Chicken resides in the city of Zanaris.

Thus, you need to head down to The Lost City or ‘Zanaris.’ Before you go down, kill a chicken and take the meat. Make sure you bring your Dramen Sraff with you, as well as combat gear to fight a black dragon and the evil chicken. High level food and Prayer Potions are also a must, and don't forget your anti-dragonbreath shield. Equip whatever gear you have for fighting a black dragon and head to the Lost City. Use your raw chicken on the statue directly north of where you enter Zanaris. You will be teleported to a lair with Black Dragons all around you. Attack one of the Level-227 Black Dragons and after you kill it, pick up the Dragon Token that it drops.

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Run directly north and you will see a level-159 Evil Chicken. Prepare yourself to fight it, then attack it and kill it. The fight is actually easier then the black dragon one - just remember to keep your protect from magic on. The Evil Chicken will drop an Evil Chicken Egg - use it with your Brulee.

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Next, head to the nearest bank and get rid of all your weapons and armour, but bring runes for any teleport that brings you near a bank. Head to Port Sarim and talk to the Monk’s of Entrana and go to the island. Head to the northwestern part of the island and go down the ladder into the dungeon.

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Head a ways into the cavern and attack zombies until you get a bronze axe. Head to the southeastern part of the tunnels and cut a branch from the tree, then teleport out. Get your ice gloves out of your bank, along with the brulee, dragon token, and a pestle and mortar if you don't already have them out. Use the branch with your pestle and mortar and grind it into cinnamon. Use the cinnamon with your Brulee and now all you need is to cook it. Equip your pair of Ice Gloves and rub the Dragon Token in your inventory and you will be teleported to an entire black area.

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When you reach the area, you will make small talk with the dragon K’klik. Eventually he asks you if he can do you a favor, ask him the flambé your crème brulee. Once he fires up your Brulee, you will receive a Brulee supreme. Teleport to Lumbridge and use the Brulee supreme on Sir Amik Varze.

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Reward: 1 QP, 4k Cooking, Hitpoints exp, increased access to the Culinaromancer's Chest

Culinaromancer's Chest

As you complete more and more subquests of the Recipe for Disaster quest, you will gain more and more access to the Culinaromancer's Chest, located in the basement below the Lumbridge Kitchen, in the Northeast corner. The chest has a variety of uses that are all available to you when you complete the quest. See the rewards section of The Final Fight for more info.

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