Priest in Peril Quest

By: Acayhar

Start Point: Talk to King Roald in Varrock Palace
Requirements: Must have completed Rune Mysteries Quest, able to defeat a level 30 enemy
Items Required: Bucket, 50 Rune essence (unnoted)

King Roald can be found pacing in one of the rooms of the palace.

The way to the temple is shown below. You don't have to follow the exact path I've drawn. Keep going after passing the gate.

Once you've reached the temple, you will find the doors are locked. Knock on the door and you will have a conversation between two mysterious people. After a while 'Drezel' will ask you to kill the dog below the temple. Climb down the trapdoor in the north and you will see the Temple guardian. Attack and kill it. The monks seems a little over enthusiastic about you killing the dog.

Well, report back to King Roald. Oops, looks like you've killed the wrong dog...

So let's go back to the temple and find out what happened. This time, you can simply enter straight into the temple. Monks of Zamorak? Doesn't sound like a good omen to me. Climb the staircase to the east of the temple and climb up the ladder to the South-West.

You will find the real Drezel locked up (THE Drezel, not 'Drezel') in a cell. Talk through the cell door. You will need to find the key to open the prison door. Go back down the trapdoor and through the gate to the south. You should then be in a room full of monuments.

Study the monuments and you will find the one nearest to the gate (circled in yellow) has a key. However, this key isn't golden like the others. If you attempt to take it, you will suffer damage. You need to exchange it with something else. Kill a level 30 Monk of Zamorak. He is hooded, unlike others. He should drop a Golden key. Use it with the monument and you will get an Iron key. Before leaving the underground, use your bucket with the well (circled in blue).

Go back to Drezel and free him with your Iron key. Then ask him to bless your water from the river Salve. Use it on the coffin and talk to Drezel again. He will tell you to meet him underground. Go down the trapdoor once again and go through the gate to the North-East of the room of monuments. Drezel will require 50 unnoted Rune essence to clear the evil from river Salve. You have to make at least one trip back to the bank as you can only carry 28 items at a time.

Once you've given all 50 Rune essence to Drezel, you have completed the quest!

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Rewards: 1 Quest Point, Wolfbane Dagger (Prevents People in the town of Canifis from changing into Werewolves), 1406 Prayer Experience, a route to Canifis