Nature Spirit Quest

By: Acayhar

Start Point: Talk to Drezel below the Temple of Saradomin
Requirements: Must have completed The Restless Ghost and Priest in Peril
Items Required: Silver sickle, Ghostspeak amulet

If you don't know how to get the items required for this quest, read on. Otherwise, you can skip to the start of the quest guide.

Silver Sickle
To make one yourself, you will need level 20 Mining, smithing and 18 crafting. You will need a Silver bar and a Sickle mould.

To aquire a Silver bar, you have to mine a Silver ore from one of the Silver rocks of the Scorpion mine. Then you have to use it with a furnace (circled in red) to smelt it into a Silver bar.
To aquire a Sickle mould, you have to go to the crafting shop of Al Kharid (circled in grey) and buy one for about 10gp.
To make a Silver sickle, use your Silver bar with the furnace while having a Sickle mould in your inventory and choose to make a Silver sickle.
If you cannot make one for yourself, you can ask other players to help you make one or buy one from them.

Ghostspeak amulet
To aquire a Ghostspeak amulet, you need to complete The Restless Ghost. If you've lost or dropped your amulet, you can get it again by talking to Father Urhney. He can be found in a hut located in the Lumbridge Swamp.

Simply talk to him and he will give you another Ghostspeak amulet.

When you have gotten everything, head back to Drezel below the temple and talk to him. He will ask you to find a druid called Filliman Tarlock. He will mention about a swamp called Mort Myre and the Ghasts roaming in it.

After you finished talking with Drezel, he will give you six apple pies and send you on your merry way. If you have any cheap food in your bank, you can withdraw them from the village of Canifis and let the Ghasts take them instead. ^_^

When you've finished packing, go back to the path leading to the Temple of Saradomin but instead of heading west, go south and you will reach a gate with someone called Ulizius guarding it. Talk to him and he will allow you to go into the swamp. Go through the gate.

Keep running south until you see an island. Go round it and jump over the bridge (you may fail and take damage) to reach the island. Try to enter the the Grotto tree and Filliman Tarlock will appear. Try to talk to him and he will reply with mumble jumble. Wear your Ghostspeak amulet and talk to him again. However, he doesn't believe you when you tell him he's a ghost.

Go to the bench to the west and take the Washing bowl sitting there. You will find a mirror underneath it. Use it with Filliman.

Since he did not turn into a Ghast, he assume it's a sign. Now he needs to find his journal. Search the Grotto tree (right click on the tree) and you will find his journal. Use it with him and he will ask you to help him become a nature spirit to watch over the forest. However, he needs three things and they are ‘something with faith’, ‘something with nature’ and ‘something of the spirit-to-become freely given’.

He will give you a Druidic spell that will enable you to get ‘something from nature’. However, you must be blessed by someone at the Temple of Saradomin in order to use it. Go back to Drezel and talk to him and he will bless you. (go back and recharge your prayer points, you’ll need them later) Go back to Mort Myre and cast the spell while you’re near a rotting log. A fungi will grow on it. This is ‘something from nature’.

Examine your used spell, does it not say ‘A used druidic spell given to you freely by the spirit of Filliman Tarlock?’ Now, if you go back and question him, you would realize that he is referring himself as the ‘spirit-to-become’. So the second item is your used druidic spell.
Now for the last item. Do you remember the time when Drezel blessed you? Did he not say something about you having faith? Well, you’re the ‘something with faith’.

Now you realize you have everything, head back to Filliman’s camp. You should see three stones surrounding Filliman. Use your Mort myre fungi with the brown stone. Use your ‘used’ spell with the grey stone. Finally, step onto the stone yourself and talk to Filliman.

Enter the Grotto. There will be a Grotto in front of you. Search it and the spirit of Filliman will appear. He will transform himself into a nature spirit. He will tell you how to kill Ghasts. He will need to bless a Silver Sickle though. Since you should have it, talk to Filliman again and he will bless your sickle.

Now you need to kill three Ghasts. Go outside and cast bloom (right click to select bloom) to make things grow. You can use these to fill your Druid pouch. A Mort myre fungi (Rotting log) gives you 1 point. A Mort myre stem (Rotting branch) gives you 2 points. A Mort myre pear (A small bush) gives you 3 points. Once you have three nature harvests (of any kind), go outside and let a Ghast to attack you. You will lose one point from your Druid pouch but the Ghast is visible and attackable now. Kill three of them.

Once you’ve finished killing three Ghasts, return to Filliman and he will reward you.

Rewards: 2 quest points, 2000 defence xp, 2000 hits xp, 3000 crafting xp, ability to pray at the Altar of nature (+2 to prayer points if prayed with full prayer points), ability to bless Silver sickles through Altar of nature.