Mourning's End Part 2 Quest

By Twilight Ray, revisions and the Light Maze walkthrough by Makoto
Start Point: Arianwyn in Lletya
Quest Requirements: Mourning's End Part 1 completed, high Agility is an advantage.
Skill Requirements: None
Items Required: Full Mourner's Gear (kill any mourner in Arandar to get one), Chisel, Rope, Combat Gear (Prayer robes/Initate armour highly favored here), 75-150 pieces of food and at least 30 prayer potions, Lletya Crystal and at least 12 Ardougne Teleports

Talk to Arianwyn in Lletya to start the quest

After talking to him, head to West Ardougne wearing Full Mourners, and go in the headquarters, down to the basement and talk to the Head Mourner.

He tells you that some of the dig teams are missing, and he believes it's some sort of "Dark Beast" that can't be damaged. He gives you a New Key, which gives access to the new cave.

This is the new Dark Beast Slayer Monster.

Northwest in the cave is a new Runite Rock

Then, go West and a little South past the Dark Beasts until you see a bunch of dead slaves on the ground, you'll get a cutscene, and Shadows will begin to attack you. Search the guard sitting up to receive a Colour Wheel and a Journal.

Read the Journal of Nissyen Edern to find out quite a few things that you yourself have done (Attack with pigeons, reopened the well of Voyage) and hints at a prophecy. Go back to Arianwyn with the Journal.

You tell him about what you saw, and he tells you that you need to restore the safeguards on the Temple of Light. He also tells you that somewhere in the temple there will be a huge crystal in the ground, that should be somewhat darkened, and you need to bring back a sample of the crystal. Head back to the Excavation Site.

Once you get in, keep going West into the Temple of Light.

Go upstairs, and search the Pillar to the East. Take the Hand Mirror. Go along the south wall until you see a ladder to climb up.

Go up them, then head Northwest until you see a set of stairs. Go down them, then north up those stairs, then East until you see the Darkened Crystal. Use a chisel with it to cut off a piece.

Go back to Arianwyn and talk to him. You show him the crystal and he summons Eluned to replace the old broken shard. Use the shard with Eluned to give it to her, and wait a minute. She gives you a newly formed crystal. Talk to Arianwyn again to find out what to do with it.

He tells you to take the new crystal to the end of the temple and place it on the old altar. Go back into the temple, go the the second floor, pull the lever on the crystal collecter (Just East of stairs to second floor) and then collect from it to receive more mirrors and a yellow crystal.

The Light Maze

This is without a doubt one of the hardest puzzles youíll ever have to undertake in the game to date. If you wish to solve this puzzle on your own read no further; however if you want to use the guide then do so at your own risk.

Please Note: The beginning of the maze is near the Crystal Collector, if you pull this lever then the ENTIRE maze will reset, returning all items that you have placed in the maze back to you. This is also a good place to stand if you need to recharge energy, because Shadows won't attack you there.

The Blue Light Door

1. Starting at the source, redirect the light to the north.
2. Redirect the light to the west at the next pillar.
3. Redirect the light to the south at the next pillar.
4. Head south, place the Yellow Crystal that you have in the next pillar.
5. Redirect the yellow light to the East.
6. Cross the handholds to open the Blue door. WARNING: You can fail at any point on the handholds.

Open the chest and you will receive two mirrors and a Cyan crystal.

The Magenta Light Door

1. Starting at the source, redirect your light to the North.
2. Redirect your light to the west.
3. Place the Yellow Crystal where you had placed the mirror previously.
4. At the next pillar, redirect your light to the north.
5. Redirect your light to the east.
6. Put the Cyan Crystal in the next pillar.

Open and search the chest to receive two mirrors.

The Yellow Light Door

1. Starting at the source, redirect your light north.
2. Redirect your light to the west.
3. Place the Cyan crystal where you did the Yellow crystal previously.
4. Redirect your light to the north.
5. Redirect your light East.
6. Redirect your light to the 3rd floor (the coloured beam should appear to go up).
7. Go up the nearest ladder, and redirect that light to the west.
8. Go back down, then go South to the other ladder and go back to the third floor. Head to the Northwest corner and redirect the light downwards. (This is done by turning the larger end of the mirror reflector towards the light source).
9. Go to the 1st floor and walk through the Yellow door.

The pillar already has a mirror in it, point it South. Go through the door, into the cavern and East, open the chest to receive 2 mirrors and a fractured crystal.

The Cyan Light Door

1. Before beginning, go to the second floor through the South ladder, and go a little bit Northwest to the Southern Low Wall and climb over it. Place a rope on the rock. Then, head back to the start of the light maze.
2. Redirect your light north.
3. Redirect your light west.
4. Place the Yellow crystal in the pillar where youíve placed the Cyan crystal previously.
5. Redirect your light north.
6. Redirect your light east.
7. Redirect your light to the 3rd level.
8. Climb up the nearest ladder, and redirect your light west.
9. Take the shortest route to the 3rd level, Northwest corner. Redirect that light south.
10. Follow the path of light all the way south. Redirect that light to the 1st floor.
11. Head back to the Southern Low Wall on the 2nd floor, and climb down.
12. Walk through the Cyan door.

Go through, and open the chest to receive a Blue Crystal.

The Magenta and Yellow Light Doors

1. Re-open the Blue door, and place the Blue crystal within the pillar. (This may take time)
2. Go back and manually retrieve the mirrors from the pillars, do not pull the lever, else you'll have to do the agility handholds again.
3. Starting at the source, direct the light to the north.
4. Direct your light to the west.
5. Direct your light to the 3rd level.
6. Find your beam of light on the 3rd level and direct it south.
7. Place the Fractured Crystal within the pillar the light directly hits.
8. Place a mirror to the west of where the light splits and point it down.
9. Still on the 3rd floor, redirect the southern light beam to the east.
10. Head to the east and redirect the light to the 1st floor.
11. Head to the 1st floor by the most efficient means necessary (failing the handhelds is practical).
12. Head to where you believe the Green light should hit the bottom floor, redirect it to the south. If it does not hit then fiddle around with the mirror on the top floor to angle it properly.
13. After youíve accomplished a green light, redirect it to the east.
14. Use the mirror with the pillar inside the Magenta door and redirect the light to the Yellow door.

Open the chest to receive another fractured crystal and three more mirrors.

The Final Pillar Sequence

Before I carry on, letís make sure you have everything: 13 mirrors, 2 fractured crystals, blue, yellow and cyan crystals. If youíre missing something then pull the lever, if you're still missing it, go back through these instructions and double-check.

1. Starting at the source, direct your light north.
2. Direct your light to the 1st floor.
3. Down on the 1st floor, direct your light west.
4. Place a fractured crystal in-between the source and the wall. If you do not get four different beams then try the other crystal.
5. Head to the north and redirect that light to the 3rd floor, passing through the yellow crystal.
6. Place the next fractured crystal IMMEDIATELY south of the first one.
7. Place a mirror to the east and west, directing them both to the 3rd level.
8. Head to the 3rd floor using the nearest sets of stairs.
9. Directly south of the stairs that lead to the inner sanctum should be where the green light is coming from. Place a mirror in that pillar to direct it west.
10. Two pillars over to the east, light from the 1st floor should emerge. Place a mirror to direct it west, and then place a mirror in the adjacent one to direct the light north.
11. Find the white light beam that youíve shot north and direct it to the west. In the adjacent pillar place the Blue crystal.
12. Go to the second floor, to the North wall where light should be going up. Put the Yellow Crystal in the pillar, and go to the third floor.
13. Direct the light west.
14. Go back downstairs, and get to the other ladder. Go up to the 3rd floor in the Northwest corner, and direct that red light to the south.
15. In the centre of the beam trail, there is yet another pillar. Place a mirror to direct the light to the east.
16. At this point, the door to the Final Pillar is now opened.

Warning: If you require more supplies, teleport out at this time.

Now, to complete the puzzle and lock the temple, rotate the pillar so it's pointing west. If you need to get out, MAKE SURE you have rotated this pillar back so you can get back in.

Head West through the Light Doors to see a dwarf named Thorgel.

He asks you how you got there, so you tell him, and then he tells you that he got in...Through a hole in the back. He tells you that his people have a outpost set up in a cave full of traps and riddles. You realize he's one of Klank's companions in the Underground Pass he and he realizes that you are the hero who defeated Iban. He tells you since you did that, he'd trade you his Death Talisman for a "few" items. He then gives you his Grocery List to go running through Runescape to find all his stuff. ROTATE THE PILLAR BEFORE TELEING OUT

The horribly massive list is:

Archery ticket or Agility ticket or Castle Wars ticket
or or
Ranged Guild minigame or Brimhaven Agility arena or Castle Wars.
Prifddinas' history or Battered Book or Crumbling Tome
or or
Lletya bookshelves or Seers, at Elemental Workshop startpoint, or Talk to the Mysterious Man at the Barrows
Door key or Jail key or Dusty Key
or or
Look under the Potted Plant by Witches' house in Taverly or get from Jailer in Taverly Dungeon by the Black Knights or get from the man in prison in Taverly Dungeon by the Black Knights.
Buy from Ned in Draynor.
Draynor mansion
Iron pickaxe
Dwarven pickaxe shop in Dwarven mines.
Iron axe
Bob's axes in Lumbridge.
By Lumbridge castle
Barbarian Outpost
Pie dish
Dwarven mines
Buy a sack from a farming store and then pick 10 potatoes and put them in.
Pot of flour
Pick grain and put it through the windmill, pick it up with pot.
Bucket of milk
Use bucket with a Dairy Cow.
Ball of Wool
Shear a sheep, then use the wool on a Spinning wheel.
Oak logs
Cut down an Oak tree.
Buy from Crafting shop in Al Kharid.
Buy from Crafting shop in Al Kharid.
Buy from Crafting shop in Al Kharid.
Buy from Crafting shop in Al Kharid.
Cooked meat
Killa cow and cook the meat.
Iron nails
Smith them.
Unicorn horn dust
Kill a unicorn, and use Pestle and mortar with the horn.
Bronze bar
Use a tin and copper ore with a furnace.
White berries
Red dragon isle in wildy, or scattered around Isafdar.
Buy from a general store.
Potato cactus
Kalphite lair
Wilderness, by Dark wizards.
Babydragon bones
Kill a Baby blue dragon in Taverly dungeon.
Buy from slayer master.
Rune essence
Mine from essence mine.
Lobster pot
Buy from Catherby fishing shop.
Fishing rod
Buy from Catherby fishing shop.
Buy from general store.
Buy from Rogue's Den.
Bronze med helm
Buy from Barbarian village.
White apron
Buy from Varrock clothes shop.
Jug of wine
Buy from Karamja liquor store.
Buy from Al Kharid.
Leather boots
Buy from Varrock clothes shop.
Swamp paste
Buy from Port Khazard.
South of Varrock.
Witch's house in Draynor.
Vial of water
Buy vial from Taverly herblaw shop and use it with a fountain.
Pick from Lletya.
Gold ring
Buy from Port Sarim.
Get from a chicken coop.
Leather gloves
Buy from Varrock clothes shop.
Cake tin
Buy from Arhein in Catherby South of bank.
Necklace mould
Buy from Crafting shop in Al Kharid.
Rotten tomato
Get from dueling arena.

Now, once you travel around RuneScape finding all these random items, (what does a dwarf need with fishing supplies underground anyway?) you get the quite potent Death Talisman.

Use it on the Ruins to teleport to the altar, then use the Newly Made Crystal on it.

The crystal begins to glow, then take it back to the Darkened crystals and use it on them.

Finally, tele back to Lletya and talk to Arianwyn for the most beautiful sight since starting this quest.

Reward: Ability to make Death Runes, 20k Agility exp, a Crystal Trinket, and the ability to get more Death Talismans from Thorgel by bringing him more items.