Making History Quest

By: Geo1988

Start Point: Head west along the northern wall of West Ardougne until you reach the Outpost.
Skill Requirements: Level 20 Crafting, Level 40 Smithing, Level 7 Magic
Quest Requirements: Must have completed the Priest In Peril Quest and The Restless Ghost Quest
Items Required: Ghostspeak Amulet (from the priest in the swamps south of Lumbridge; obtained while doing The Restless Ghost quest), Spade, Strung Sapphire Amulet
Items Recommended: A few Ardougne Teleport Runes (2 Water, 2 Law Runes per Teleport), a Ring of Dueling, the Ectophial (from the Ghosts Ahoy quest), a few ecto-tokens if you have not done the Ghosts Ahoy quest, and an Enchanted Lyre (from The Fremennik Trials quest)

Speak to Jorral located inside the Outpost, he will begin to ramble on about this “great building” which you are standing in. Then he will tell you of the terrible news that King Lathas is attempting to tear down the outpost to make room for his alchemists’ lab.

He asks you to help in making the outpost a museum because of all the history that occurred there. He tells you that there are three people that may help vouch for the outpost’s historical significance. A small cut scene will occur throwing out brief facts about the Outpost.

Upon asking him about each one, he will explain to you where they are located and some historical background that they have with the outpost. The trader in Ardougne’s name is Erin. He is a silver trader located in East Ardougne. Jorral informs you that his grandfather used to reside in the outpost and he must know something important about it. The ghost in Port Phasmatys’ name is Droalak who moans about losing his life to the outpost. The warrior in Relleka’s name is Dron who is always on the lookout for new ways to improve his combat skills and techniques. He studies facts about wars and Jorral claims that the outpost has been involved some war. He mentions that Dron is not the easiest person to talk to and tells you to speak to his brother, Blanin, first.

Erin the trader

If you have 2 Water and 2 Law Runes, use them to teleport to Ardougne.

Erin is located next to the Silver Stall in East Ardougne. You will ask him his name and then tell him the news about what is going to happen to the outpost. He is outraged at the thought because his Grandfather lived and died there but does not know much about it. He gives you an Enchanted Key but he has no clue what it unlocks. The Enchanted Key becomes "warmer" the nearer you are to the area you're aiming to find, and "colder" when you go further away from it.

The area is just south of the Observatory. It is easier to teleport to the Castle Wars Arena and run North over the two bridges. When you arrive at the location, be sure to have the spade in your inventory. When you feel the key it will say that it is steaming and the object must be located just under your feet. When you dig, you will uncover a chest. Use the enchanted key on the chest and you will receive Drozal’s Journal. Read the journal and it turns out that Erin’s grandfather was a follower of Zamorak who will live in the outpost with eight others. They cause havoc in Ardougne and soon become wanted as criminals in Ardougne after everyone realizes what they have been doing to the townsfolk. The book ends with mentioning Ardougne’s army sending a letter to Drozal telling them that “Their days are numbered.”

Head back to Jorral and show him the journal.

He mentions that there were Zamorak followers that lived in the outpost at some point but were stopped by some force that he does not know of because the book does not detail the event.

Droalak the ghost

Empty your Ectophial (if you have it) and head to Port Phasmatys.

Once in the port, head to the southe-eastern corner, near the General Shop, and speak to Droalak. He will tell you that he died in the outpost. He left his wife to go live in the outpost and promised her that he would return. Unfortunately, he died and she still will not accept his apologies. He mentions that he has a scroll that describes the timeline of the outpost but first, you need to do a favor for him. He wants you to tie things up with him and his wife, Melina. He asks you to bring her a strung Sapphire Amulet because that is what he gave her the day he left.

Speak to Melina and she will at first, be reluctant to try and forgive Droalak. You will tell her that he asked you to bring her a Sapphire Amulet and she will mention that he remembered what he gave her the day he left. She asks you to tell him that she forgives him. After she tells you, she disappears, finally feeling complete.

Tell Droalak that Melina forgives him and he will give you the Timeline of the Ardougne Outpost Scroll. He then asks you to come back and tell him if the scroll was of any use after you have shown Jorral. Read it and it explains what has happened in the past several hundred years at the outpost. Head back to the outpost and inform Jorral of the scroll.

When you give Jorral the scroll, he will read it and explain that there was a great battle at the outpost, one of the survivors became king, and the other started a market place.

Dron the warrior

If you have an Enchanted Lyre, it will be easier to teleport to Rellekka rather than going to Camelot. Make sure you speak to Dron’s brother Blanin first.

Blanin is located just east of the Relleka pub. When you speak with him, you will ask about his brother. He will tell you that he is a very secretive man and will only talk to you if you know him very well…and I mean very well. He says that you must be very firm and do not tell him that Blanin sent you. Here are some of the things you must remember in case he asks you:

- He wields an iron mace in battle
- Eats rats for breakfast, kittens for lunch and bunnies for tea
- His favourite drink is red spider blood
- He is 36 years, 8 months and 21 days old
- He studies famous battles of the Forth and Fifth ages
- He lives on the North East side of town
- He has a pet cat named Fluffy

Next, walk a little way north-west towards the helm shop.

When you speak to Dron, tell him that you after important answers. Then, when he asks you where you heard from him, tell him that he is the famous warrior Dron. He will then quiz you on everything that Blanin told you. Make sure you see the answers above. At the end he asked me a bogus question of what’s 5 plus 7. If you do not know what the answer is, you might have problems. He makes himself sound foolish by mentioning that it is 13.

After you have passed his test, he mentions that he remembers reading a story of two ex-friends that led their forces to the outpost that ended up with the two of them pitted at the top of the outpost as the only survivors due to their strength. He mentions that one had chosen the path of Saradomin, while the other chose the path of Zamorak. He mentions that they realized the wasted time they spent fighting and decided to both unite under Guthix.

Head back to Jorral and inform him of the news. He will finally understand the story and relate it to you:

He mentions that many years ago there were two friends that became bitter enemies over their difference of opinion in religion. One of them chose to dedicate his life to Zamorak and the other Saradomin. The Zamorak leader and his group of men moved into the outpost and took up refuge behind its walls to prepare to wreak havoc among the citizens of Ardougne.

The townsfolk called upon the Saradomin followers which happened to be led by the other friend who chose Saradomin. The battle took place at the outpost and ended up with the two men struggling on top of the roof. They realized that they were the only ones left that had survived the bloody battle. At once, the realized their mistakes and made peace with one another once more.

One of them decided to become King and spread the word of equality while the other started up a market where all could trade their wears equally and fairly. The one that decided to become the king is the Grandfather of King Lathas.

After he explains the story, he plans to write out the details you have provided him in a more digest manor, along with his plans for using the building as a museum. He will ask you to deliver a letter to King Lathas. If you do not know where King Lathas is (you should), he is located on the second floor of the castle on the west side of the river in Ardougne.

Saving the outpost

Give King Lathas the letter and he will be astonished the place had any value at all. He will ask you to take another letter back to Jorral with his response. Head back to Jorral and give him the letter.

In a fade-out, the old outpost becomes a museum. Take a look around at all the items. Also, make sure to read the books on the bookshelf because some of them have your name written in them telling your tale.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Rewards: 3 Quest Points, 1000 Prayer Experience, 1000 Crafting Experience, 750GP, ability to use the Enchanted Key all over RuneScape.

Enchanted Key: After you have completed the quest, you have a choice to search for the three mjolnirs. These are wooden staves with the symbol of their respective god on the top. To obtain these items, you must do the exact same thing that was done to locate Drozal’s Journal. Do not expect to get a mjolnir every time you dig. You will get other items such as ores, runes, and arrows. Once you get all three mjolnirs, your Enchanted Key will dissolve. These items are tradable.