Mountain Daughter Quest

By: Seiferoth

Start Point: Talk to Chieftain Hamal, in the mountain camp east of Rellekka.
Requirements: Level 20 Agility and the ability to defeat a level 70 monster
Items Required: Rope, Plank, Pickaxe, Gloves/Gauntlets, and a Woodcutting Axe.


Head east of Rellekka, in the Fremennik Providence. Hug the mountains east and you'll see a guard, He's guarding some rocks, what an interesting job. Head North of the guard a smidge and take the path with a boulder.. Use the Rope with the boulder.


Take the path east and you'll come along a mountain camp. Find the Chieftan's tent and speak to Hamal. He'll tell you a long story about why they broke up from Rellekka and eventually tell you his daughter is missing, volunteer to help.

South of the Chieftan's tent there's some mud and roots, Dig-Below the roots to get some mud.

North of the Chieftan's tent there's a pole spawn in the yard of Jokul, the goat minder.

Follow the path northwest of Jokul and you'll come upon a tree and a man named Ragnar, Speak to Ragnar to find out that he's been waiting for the daughter to marry and mentions she hears her singing around the lake sometimes.


Use the mud on the Tall Tree, to make the bark less slippery, then climb the tree to cross to the next island.
Use the pole on Clump of Rocks to cross to the next island.
Use a plank on the Flat Stone to cross to the middle island.

Whilst you are on the middle island listen to the Shining pool. You will speak to the Spirit of Asleif's Voice. She asks you to make peace between Rellekka and the Mountain Camp Tribe and to find a new source of food for her people.

Relations with Rellekka:
Head back to the Chieftan's Tent and speak to Hamal. Ask him about relations with Rellekka. He'll inform you that he sent Svidi out a few days ago but he hasn't returned. You must go find him.


East of Rellekka, Svidi can be anywhere from near the Black Unicorn Foals to the Mining site, he wanders around so don't give up looking for him easily. Speak to him, and ask him if there's anyway you could persuade him to go in. He will, if you guarentee him a safe passage.


Head into Rellekka and speak to Brundt, the Chieftan. He tells you of an Ancient rock and that he wants it back before he speaks to Svidi.

Go back to the Mountain camp and enter the tent with the Ancient rock in it. Use your pickaxe on the rock to chip off a piece.
Then head back to Rellekka and speak to Brundt and give him the Ancient rock piece, and ask for the Safety Guarentee.
Go look for Svidi again and give him the safety guarentee.

Congratulations you've solved their relations with Rellekka!

Searching for a New Food Source:
Head back to the Chieftan's Tent and speak to Hamal. Ask him about food supplies and volunteer to help.

Afterwards, Speak to Jokul the Goat Minder. He'll speak of a white fruit that can even grow in snowy mountains, named White Pearl.

Go to White Wolf Mountain's Peak and pick the Thorny bush whilst you are wearing Gloves, Gauntlets or Vambraces. Eat the White Pearl and spit the seed out.

Head back to the Chieftan's Tent and speak to Hamal. Give him the seed and he accepts it.

Congratulations you've solved their food source problem!

Go back to the center of the lake where you last spoke to Asleif, she will tell you that you need to convince her father that she's dead, and that she was dragged off.

Head north of the lake and chop the trees to get into the cave. Enter the cave.


At the end of the cave you'll see The Kendal, speak to it - and eventually call it a man in a bearsuit and ask for the corpse, and he'll fight you, kill him and take his helmet and the corpse of Asleif.

Head back to the Chieftan's Tent and speak to Hamal. Show him the corpse, and explain the situation. He'll tell you, you need to bury her in the middle of the lake with a cairn made of five rocks and a possesion of her's from Ragnar.

Gather five rocks from around the camp, then speak to Ragnar, he'll give you a necklace of hers.

Go back to the center of the lake where you last spoke to Asleif, Bury her corpse and use the rock on her burial spot!


Congratulations!! Quest Complete!

Rewards: 2 Quest Points, 1000 Attack Experience, 2000 Prayer Experience.