Lost City Quest

By EliteBadger and FireballX301

Skill Requirements: 31 Crafting & 36 Woodcutting and able to defeat a level 101 without armor or weapons.
Item Requirements: Knife, Hatchet, Food
Reward: 3 Quest Points, access to the Lost City.
Start Point: West of Lumbridge there is a gathering of about 4 NPC's. A warrior, a mage, etc. So just walk sort of south-west from Lumbridge and you shoul see the 'Quest-Starts-Here' symbol.

Talk with the NPC's until they tell you that they are searching for Zanaris and that a leperchaun can give you more information. Have your hatchet ready for this part. Look around for a tree that says 'Chop Tree', not 'Chop Down Tree'.

When you attempt to chop it, Shamus the leprechaun will pop out. Question him, and he reveals that you need to enter the shed in the Lumbridge Swamp while wielding a Dramenwood Staff, cut from a Dramen Tree. He explains that Dramen trees are found on Entrana.

Of course, this is a problem. Entrana is a monk island with no weapons or armor allowed. To get around this, you can do one of the following:

-Fight barehanded with potions.
-Take wood and bowstring with you, and fletch yourself a bow.
-Take runes to throw magery.

Whatever you choose depends on your forte. I'd only recommend the first if you are extremely strong. Either way, you want to take food.

Once your there, travel east across the bridge. Then you should see a building with a monk in it. Go down the ladder.

Now that you went down the ladder, your prayer will be lowered, so that's no longer an option. Now you will near a few zombies. Kill them until you get a bronze hatchet, so you're able to cut the dramen tree.

Once you acquire the hatchet, run past the greaters into the room with a tree. Try to chop it and the tree spirit will pop out. Kill it with super potion sets, ranging, or maging. Or, be a man and fight it with your fists of fury. Either way. Once you kill the spirit, chop the tree to gather some dramen branches, 2 or 3 is fine.

After you kill it, axe off a few dramen branches and teleport out. Or you can waltz through the magic door and end up in lvl 32 wilderness. Your choice.

Use a knife with the branches so you have staffs. Now you may travel into the Lumbridge Swamp until you reach the tiny shack. Wield your dramen staff, and open the door. You will be instantly teleported into The Lost City of Zanaris.

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Congratualations! Quest Complete!

Rewards: 3 Quest Points. You may now purchase dragon daggers and longs in the Lost City Market, which requires an entrance fee of 1 cut diamond. The Dragon Dagger's price 30K, and the Dragon Longsword's price is 100K.