Legends Quest

by FireballX301

Items Needed: At least 5000 gp, Woodcutting axe, combat gear, 5 Charcoal, 5 Papyrus, Lockpick, Pickaxe, 1 Soul Rune, 1 Mind Rune, 1 Earth Rune, 2 Law Runes, 60 Water Runes, 6 Cosmic Runes 2 Gold Bars, Hammer, Uncharged Orb and Runes to Charge it (doesn't matter what element), 1 cut version each of Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Jade, Red Topaz, and Opal (The last 3 you can get by mining at Shilo), Rope, Adrigal, Snakeweed, Prayer potions HIGHLY recommended
Skills Needed: 107 minimum quest points. Levels: 56 Magic, 52 Mining, 50 Agility, 50 Crafting, 50 Smithing, 50 Strength, 50 Thieving, 50 Woodcutting, 45 Herblore, 42 Prayer, Kill a lvl 182 Nezikchened
Quests Required: Waterfall, Hero's Quest, Family Crest, Shilo Village, Underground Pass Quests

To begin this quest, speak with the Guards outside the Legends Guild. Ask about the quest, and you'll enter the gates. Speak with Radimus Erkle in his side building to begin the quest.

You have 2 things to do: Map the Kharazi Jungle using the Radimus Notes he gives you, Charcoal, and Papyrus. To enter the Jungle, you need an axe and machete. You also need to win the friendship of the natives, and take a trophy back to the Legends Guild.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE MAIN PART OF THIS QUEST: You'll be running around quite a bit to retrieve parts from the bank or to make things. Keep teleport runes on you at all times. The machete and axe will also come in handy, so keep those two items around at all times.


The gp, melee combat gear, charcoal, and papyrus will come in handy for this section.

Grab the machete out of the cupboard. Head to Shilo Village, and buy yourself 5 pieces of charcoal and papyrus from the General Store there. From there, exit the village and speak with the local Jungle Forester to get info on the Kharazi Jungle.

Slash through the bush with your machete to enter the jungle.

Run straight south past the lvl 90 Native Savages and lvl 64 Jungle Wolves to the beach. The beach is your friend in this stage - enemy concentration is small. 'Complete' the Radimus Notes to map the section of the Jungle you're in, which should be the middle part.

Head all the way to the West and East ends of the beach to map the west and east sections, respectively. Note that if your crafting level is low, you can bungle the map and waste a piece of papyrus, which is why I told you to buy 5 pieces. If you can't locate where to do your map, refer to the following image.

After you've completed the map, its time for the hard part. You must find and befriend a native, despite the fact that every native you've seen is a 'savage' hostile. Exit out of the jungle, and speak with the Forester again. Now, he/she mentions a special item that will attract the attention of natives. He/she will want something for it.

Use your completed map on the forester. He/she will give you the Bull Roarer in return for letting him/her copy the map.

Enter the Kharazi jungle again, and swing your Bull Roarer a few times. A native named Gujuo will walk up to you. Converse with him for a bit.

He'll reveal that the Totem of the Kharazi people was possessed by an evil spirit, and that you'll have to make a new pole by cutting a Sacred Yommi Tree. He then tells you that the only way to get a Yommi Tree is to plant the seeds, which are in the possession of a man named Ungadulu. Ungadulu himself is held captive in the northwest corner of the Jungle, in a cave concealed by rocks.


Toss the extra charcoal and papyrus, and pull out the lockpick, pickaxe, runes, and gem.

Head to the NW corner of Kharazi and search those aforementioned rocks, the larger Mossy Rock in particular. It'll prompt you into crawling through a crevice. Do so, and keep trying if you fail.

Search the nearby table and bed in the cave, then search the crate on the other side of the flame walls for another clue. Reading the 3 clues will reveal that Ungadulu is possessed by an 'ancient one'.

Investigate the wall of flames in the cavern. You'll speak with Ungadulu, who is obviously possessed. You can't do much.

We're making a deviation here - you won't be able to kill Ungadulu without an item that you'll get by going through a dungeon.

Search and enter the bookcase in the corner to find yourself in another cavern. Search the Ancient Gate and you'll find you need a lockpick. If you have one, keep attempting to pick the lock and you'll break in.

If you have a pickaxe, you'll be able to smash your way through the next batch of boulders. Finally, use your strength to break through the last door.

Run past the lvl 83 Death Wings and jump the jagged wall. Search the Marked Wall on the side to see a puzzle. Insert, IN THIS ORDER, 1 Soul Rune, 1 Mind Rune, 1 Earth Rune, and 2 Law runes to spell out 'SMELL'. Enter the door.

You'll find yourself in another part of the cavern, with many pools. Search the stalagmites to find a message. What you have to do is place a gem on each of those carved stalagmites. Each stalagmite will only take one type of gem, all the others will not react.

Once you've placed every gem, move to the indicated spot to pick up the Book of Binding.

NOTES ON BOOK OF BINDING: You can prepare vials of Holy Water by using the book to enchant empty vials, then filling those vials at the holy water. They will assist in the Yommi Tree section.


Pull out your combat equipment here, and food + potions.

Exit the cavern. Swing your Bull Roarer again to summon Gujuo. Ask him about the pure water, and he tells you to make a vessel from the 'Metal of the Sun', bless it, and fill it with the pure water. He'll hand you a sketch of what he's talking about.

The Metal of the Sun is Gold, so get yourself two Gold Bars and use on an anvil to make a gold vessel. Note that you can fail at smithing it, so more gold bars may be needed. (You'll probably end up having to leave the area, so return to Kharazi).

Swing the Bull Roarer once you're back in the Kharazi Jungle, and ask Gujuo to bless it. Each time you fail, you lose 5 prayer points, so Prayer Potions are recommended.

In any case, after you've blessed it, head to the holy pool. Use your machete to cut the nearby reed. Use the reed on the pool, and your bowl will fill with the pure water.

Pull out your magic combat gear, and head back into the cavern. Use your bowl on the flames to get through. Search the desk, and take the tome. It basically states that you'll have to kill Ungadulu with magic.

Equip your combat gear and use the Book of Binding on Ungadulu. Fight Nezikchened. Note that he drains your prayer, so take prayer potions.

Speak to Ungadulu after you've killed Nezikchened, and he'll give you three Yommi Tree seeds. Use your Yommi Seeds on your water-filled Gold Bowl. Walk through the flames (Ungadulu will protect you) and exit the cavern.


Restock your food and potions, and take your uncharged orb(s) and runes to charge them. Keep your lockpick and pickaxe handy. You'll need a rope and 3 vials for this section also.

First, head to the Holy Water. Note that the Holy water shrine has instead become a pit of ooze and decay. Since you need Holy Water to plant the Yommi Tree, swing the Bull Roarer to summon Gujuo. Speak to him, and he'll tell you to seek the source of the spring using a Bravery potion made from Ardigal and Snakeweed.

Refer to the Jungle Potion guide if you don't remember where they are. Go out and make the potion using Ardigal and Snakeweed on a water vial. Once you have your bravery potion, re-enter the dungeon that you were at before, and go all the way to that room where you found the Book of Binding.

Now, see the magic door at the end? Search it and read the riddle. The way to open it is to cast a charge orb spell, *on* the door. Do so.

You'll appear in a room with a large hole and a number of barrels. The barrels don't give anything useful. What you have to do is use your rope on the winch in the middle, and drink your Bravery Potion and climb down.

You'll land on a ledge. Try to pick up the wizard's hat to hear an explanation of the area by Viyeldi. What you have to do is get through the area and defeat the 3 warriors: Tojalon, Senay, and Devere.

WARNING HERE: You'll suffer major damage if you fall off this path. Keep your hp in tip-top shape.

Move through the path and climb past the rocky ledges. Either way, you'll make it down even if you fall. Confront San Tojalon, Irvig Senay, and Ranalph Devere. Kill them all (they are all lvl 100-ish melee fighters), and take their crystal pieces.

Head to the northeast corner and use your crystal pieces on the furnace to retrieve a heart piece. The heart piece will tell you to bring life to the dragon's eye.

The minimap will outline a dragon. Use your heart crystal at the eye to charge it. Use the heart piece on the recess near the southeast gate to open the magic portal. You'll enter the next stage of the cavern.

You'll see some lessers, ignore them. Run past, and push a boulder to initiate contact with Echned Zekin.

He'll tell you that, to get the source, you must kill Viyeldi, the guy you met earlier.

EASY WAY: Go back to Ungadulu and hand him the dagger. He'll give you a spell, Holy Force. Use the spell on the spirit to initiate combat immediately. Nezikchened won't drain your prayer and won't use his dark dagger attack.
Note: If you do it this way, you'll need another orb and runes to re-enter the door.

HARD WAY: Go back up and climb the pathway to the blue hat, and try to grab it. When Viyeldi comes up, stab him with the dark dagger.

You'll now have a glowy dark dagger. Head back to Echned.

Push the boulder and go through the conversation. Kill Nezikchened. Again. Same rules apply. Note that he can throw a dark dagger at you sometime during the battle, which will do mondo damage if you're hit.

After you've killed him, enchant your 3 vials using your Book of Binding, and push boulders out of the way to get at the sacred water underneath. You may as well take 3 vials of holy water. From here, teleport out of the cavern. I don't think you want to walk all the way back.


Take your Yommi Seeds, Golden Bowl, and the Holy Water with you on this one if you banked them. A hatchet is required also. Note that the Sacred Spring is flowing again.

Head back to some bank and restock with potions and food. From here, get back into the Kharazi jungle and fill your bowl with Sacred water. Plant a Yommi seed in a patch of fertile soil.

Use the sacred water on it to make it grow. From there, Use your axe on it to cut it down. Trim it quickly - if you leave it too long, it'll rot. Keep using the axe on it until you get a Totem.

You're going to have to replace the corrupted Totem pole with your own one. Use your totem on the corrupted totem, and you'll end up fighting Nezikchened again. Those holy waters you have can also deal major damage if you throw them at him.

IF YOU DID IT THE EASY WAY: You'll fight Nezikchened, same rules apply, rip him to pieces.

IF YOU DID IT THE HARD WAY: You'll actually fight those 3 warriors you fought earlier, *then* Nezikchened. Slightly harder. Prayer is key to outlasting your opponents. Nezik will drain your prayer, and is stronger than if you had done it the easy way.

After you kill him, replace the totem and Gujuo will hand you a gilded Totem.

Return to the Legends Guild and speak with Radimus Erkle. Open the Legend's Guild door and speak with Erkle inside to complete the quest.

Reward: Access to the Legends Guild , 4 Quest Points, 7650 exp in 4 skills excluding Runecrafting