Land of Goblins Quest

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Start Point: Talk to Grubfoot in the Cave Goblin mines
Quest Requirements: Must have completed the Another Slice of HAM & Fishing Contest Quests
Skill Requirements: Level 30 Prayer, level 36 Agility, level 36 Fishing, level 36 Thieving, level 37 Herblore
Item Requirements: Light Source (Bulls Eye Lantern recommended), Pestle & Mortar, Vial of Water, Empty Vial, Clean Toadflax (having an extra is helpful), Goblin Armour, 2 Yellow Dyes (2 Onions & 5 gp per dye), 2 Blue Dyes (2 Woad Leaves & 5 gp per dye), 2 Red Dyes (3 Redberries & 5 gp per dye), Fishing Rod, some Slimy Eels (caught with a Fishing Rod and bait in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves); extra Falador, Varrock, and Lumbridge Teleports (or related teleports) recommended
Fights: Must be able to defeat a level 75 foe

To start this quest, go down to the Lumbridge Palace Cellars, and enter the caves through the hole in the wall (make sure you have your light source), and tell the goblin there to take you to the mines. When you get there, talk to Grubfoot, the goblin that serves as General's Wartface and Bentnoze's servant. He wants to enter Dorgesh-Kaan to speak to the Chosen Commander.

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However, the goblin there tells you that they do not allow surface goblins to enter the city - they believe them to be too violent. Eventually, you can offer to take responsibility for Grubfoot, and he'll follow you. Enter Dorgesh-Kaan through the big double doors down the path.

Inside Dorgesh-Kaan, head to Oldak's House in the northwest corner of the bottom level and talk to Zanik, who will be waiting inside.

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You, Oldak, Zanik, and Grubfoot begin talking. You explain how Grubfoot wanted to speak to Zanik, who he believes to be the Chosen Commander of Goblins - the goblin will who lead the goblins to a new age. Grubfoot tells of how he had a dream of Zanik being Chosen Commander. Keep talking, and eventually a cutscene will show Grubfoot's latest dream of a peaceful land that he knows is Yu'biusk - the Land of the Goblins. He tells you he saw Zanik leading all of the goblins to this peaceful land and a new life.

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When asked about the location of this place, Grubfoot says he thinks the priests of a secret goblin temple that worships the Big High war God know where it is. After Zanik and Oldak promise not to tell anyone the location, Grubfoot asks you to promise, and do so. He tells you the location, and then heads back to the Goblin Village. Oldak quickly crafts a teleport sphere that teleports you and zanik to the location of this temple.

When you enter the area, you'll be in a small tunnel maze. Head straight ahead until you come to the entrance to the temple, flanked by two goblin guards. When you try to enter, the guards let Zanik in but not you, because you are a human.

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Thus, you need to be disguised as a goblin. Head to the Makeover Mage, just a little bit northeast of the Crafting Guild.

Speak with the Makeover Mage about turning yourself into a goblin. When he asks why you need to become a goblin, make sure you don't talk about the secret goblin temple at all. Eventually he tells you how to transmorgify yourself into a goblin via a potion. This potion requires Toadflax and some special berries that he will supply you with. Put Toadflax into a Vial of Water and then add the berries to get the goblin potion. If you run out, the Makeover Mage will give you more berries and with another Toadflax you can make another potion.

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When you have the potion, head back to the tunnel leading to the temple (theres an entrance to it next to the windmill north of ardougne), take off all your equipment and drink the potion near the guards. Make sure you don't attack anything or try to equip anything, as you'll turn back into a human. Enter the temple. Inside, you need to find Zanik. If you ask the High Priest in his chair, he tells you that when she started talking about leading the goblins to their homeland and peace, she was locked up by one of the six tribes that have rooms in the temple. The H-something Tribe of Black Goblin Armour in the room next to the High Priest has Zanik in their cell. Thus, you need Black Goblin Armour to get past the guard.

A talk with Aggie the Witch in Draynor Village reveals you can make black dye by grinding black mushrooms found in caves. You can find these mushrooms in the caves outside the temple. Pick a mushroom, and with an empty vial in your inventory, grind up the mushroom. Get some Goblin Armour by killing one of the goblins, then go back into the temple as a goblin, dye your armour black, wear it, and enter the Black tribe's room. You can talk with Zanik in her cell, and she says she can escape with a Teleport Sphere hidden in one of the crates. If the sphere isn't in the crate in that room, search the crates in the outside caves for it.

When you have it, talk with Zanik. She says it's up to you to find out about Yu'biusk, and teleports out. Go back into the temple and talk to the High Priest. Before he'll tell you anything important, you need to pass his test on goblin religion. The first question is true because the Big High War God commands it. The second question is false because goblins weren't mighty warriors before the Big High War God found them. The third question is False because it's one of the commandments. The answer to the fourth and final question is that the Chosen Commander will lead goblins to war against all, in which they will be the victor.

Then you can ask the High Priest about anything. He doesn't know about the Land of the Goblins, but says his predecessor might - buried in the tomb past the big door near the high priest. Yes, goblins can talk to their dead high priests. But you need to get in that door, and that can only be done by collecting the six keys, one from each tribe, held by each tribes priest in their tribal room. First, go back into the tribal room that held Zanik, and pickpocket the priest to get the key. That leaves five keys, and yes, you'll need to dye your armour five more times. There's still a Purple Tribe, a Yellow Tribe, a Blue Tribe, an Orange Tribe, and a White Tribe.

Talk with Aggie. Red Dye costs 3 Redberries and 5 gp; Blue Dye costs 2 Woad Leaves and 5 gp; and Yellow Dye costs 2 onions and 5 gp. Purple Dye can be made by using Red Dye with Blue Dye, and Orange Dye can be made by using Yellow Dye with Red Dye. Thus, you will need 2 dyes of each color in total. To create White Armour, Aggie needs to drain the color from any colored Goblin Armour. To do this, she needs a Hemenster White Fish, caught in the Fishing Contest area with a Fishing Road and Slimy Eel as bait (caught in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves). It's best to collect all the dyes, then give Aggie the fish and 5 gp to turn your Goblin Armour white, then first enter the White Tribe, and then dye the armour accordingly. When you have the six keys, open the door.

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Go to each grave in turn and select to 'say name', and you'll say the name of the former High Priest that you were told. Eventually, a grave will react, and that High Priest will rise up, level 35. Kill him, and you can ask about whatever.

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Ask about the Goblin Land, and then ask the name of his predecessor. Thus, go to each remaining grave and say the name you just learned till one reacts, kill the priest, and ask the same thing each time. Keep doing this until there is just one grave left, containing an early High Priest called Strongbones. He poses the most challenge yet at level 75, and will call forth these weird minions to help him, but all in all the fight is easy.

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When you ask about Yu'biusk, he tells you it is on a plane separate from the one of Runescape, and there is a barrier betwix them. He believes that if this barrier was overcome, then goblin blood would attract Yu'biusk.

Head back to Dorgesh-Kaan, and speak with Zanik in Oldak's house. They come up with this crazy scheme about connecting to Yu'biusk, but it's not important. Go to the second floor of Dorgesh-Kaan, and go south till you exit the city. Go down the ladder and walk through the cave path until you find Zanik and Oldak, who tells you to regulate the machine's power. The outer circle needs set to 9; the middle circle needs set to 4; and the inner circle needs set to 1. When it works, the three of you will be teleported to Yu'biusk.

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The land is not as Grubfoot described, thanks to the Big High War God. You and Zanik decide to explore a bit, and you eventually come to this strange box. You open it, and Zanik is sucked in! Oh no. At this point you and Oldak must teleport back. Oldak works on trying to get back to that realm, but for now, you both know Zanik is on her own.

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Congratulations! Quest complete!

Rewards: 1 Quest Point, 3000 Agility XP, 3000 Herblore XP, 3000 Thieving XP, 3000 Fishing XP, 3000 Strength XP, and 2000 Prayer XP

You can now also complete the Goblin Burial Mini-Quest.