King's Ransom

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Start Point: Speak to the Gossip outside of Sinclair Mansion
Skill Requirements: Level 45 Magic, Level 65 Defence
Quest Requirements: Must have completed the Black Knights' Fortress, Merlin's Crystal, Holy Grail, Murder Mystery, and One Small Favour Quests
Items Needed: Black Full Helm (obtained during quest), Black Platebody, Black Legs, Bronze Medium Helm, Iron Chainbody, piece of Granite, & Telekinetic Grab Runes (can be obtained during quest)

Talk to the gossip outside of the Sinclair Mansion to start. Then, talk to the guard for some more information. The guard will ask you to break into the house and gather evidence. Smash the window near the dog handler to get in the mansion.

Pick up the scrap paper on the ground floor, and the address form on the second floor. In that same room (as the address form), search the bookcase to find the Full Black Helm.

After presenting the evidence to the guard by selecting each option, he will ask you to learn about the family history. Talk to the Gossip, and select each option.

Next, go to the Seers Village Courthouse - directly south of the Sinclair Mansion - and talk to Anna, in her cell. She will ask you to be her defense lawyer and tell you to gather some testimonies from the servants. Go back to the Mansion and talk to the butler, maid, and dog handler about everything. When you think you've gathered enough evidence, go back to the courthouse to represent Anna's case by selecting to go downstairs.

In court, follow these helpful legal tips to win the case:

- Call the maid as a witness and ask about the thread and the murder.
- Call the dog handler as a witness and ask about the poison.
- Call the butler and ask about the dagger

The jury will plead not guilty.

Exit through the gate and talk to Anna. She will inform you of a statue with a secret handle at Camelot - it is on the east side of the castle's boundaries. Head to it and use it to get inside.

When you get into Camelot, you will notice that Anna has set up a scheme with Morgan Le Faye to screw you over. She will hit you with her staff and you will almost DIE but end up in jail really - with Merlin and the gang for company!

Oh we're tough and able...

When you are in jail, speak to Merlin about his plans and the current situation.

So, as it turns out, when Lord Sinclair originally gave Camelot to the Knights, his kids did not approve. Thus, they teamed up with Morgan La Faye of the Renegade Knights and the Black Knights - both of which do not approve of King Arthur and his lackeys. So, the kids murdered their dad, the Renegade Knights took over Camelot, the Sinclair punks moved in, Morgan stole the Holy Grail and encased King Arthur in Granite, and now he is being kept in the Black Knight's Fortress.

Merlin is a clever chap and he knows what to do. He figures that if he can get out, he can trick the Sinclair children out of Camelot - he's lost his magic, you see. He trusts that you can reach King Arthur, and to free him he knows you'll need the Holy Grail - which is somewhere in Keep La Faye, where they are being kept. But the problem remains that everyone is stuck in the dungeon.

Click the vent in the wall and it will show a cutscene of the knights helping Merlin get the hell out of that place.

Then, use Telegrab on a guard to retrieve a hairclip (if you don't have the runes ask the knight's for help until they have given you an air rune and a law rune) and use it with the metal gate to open the following puzzle.

You will need to get all the tumblers on their correct heights to beat the lock - it's kind of like the board game Mastermind. Keep guessing.

You will then arrive at the upper levels of Keep La Faye, where the Knights of the Round Table mean business. Go a few floors up until you arrive at a table. Search that table. There are 9 boxes on the table. There is a riddle that tells which box contains the grail:

Three empty boxes, three dangerous boxes, two hold rubbish, and one has the grail.

As shown, it is the weird pink box.

When you have the grail, make your way to East Ardougne and pay a visit to Wizard Cromperty as instructed by Merlin. He will give you an animated rock spell and tell you to obtain a Black Full Helm, Platebody, & Legs; as well as a Bronze Medium Helm, Iron Chainbody, and a piece of Granite (this can be mined the desert quarry south of the Bandit camp).

When you have these supplies, go to the Black Knights Fortress, west of Edgeville and north of the Dwarven Mines. Put on the iron chainbody and bronze helmet and enter through the smaller door. Go down to the dungeon and free arthur by clicking "Free Arthur".

When he is all set, talk to him. You will then give your Iron Chainbody & Bronze Medium Helmet disguise to King Arthur. Leave the dungeon and meet King Arthur at Camelot.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Rewards: 1 Quest Point, 5,000 Magic experience, 33,000 Defence experience, 5,000 EXP Lamp (for use in any skill over level 50), & access to the Knight Waves Training Grounds