Jungle Potion Quest

By: Krazy Koala

Start Point: Speak with Trifitus in the largest hut in Tai Bwo Wannai on Karamaja, south of Brimhaven. Circled in black on the map.
Requirements: Completed Druidic Ritual Quest
Items Needed: None needed, although you must run past/fight Jogres (Level 53) and Tribesmen (Level 32, can poison)

Reference Map:

Speak with Trifitus and accept the quest. He’ll tell you he needs some herbs to make a potion to commune with the gods.

Snake Weed: You’ll find this quite a ways south west of Triftus’ hut. It’s marked in red on the red on the map. You have to search Marshy jungle vine to find it. Once you’ve gotten it, ID it and head back up to Triftus.

Ardigal: This is on a peninsula north east of Trifitus’ hut. Its marked in blue on the map. Search the palm tree for it. Once again, ID it and head back to Trifitus.

Sito Foil: This is directly south from the middle hut in Tai Bwo Wannai. Search the Scorched Earth to get it, and then head back up to Trifitus after IDing it. The spot is marking in white on the map.

Vocenia Moss: This is almost directly south east of Trifitus’ hut. You must search the normal rocks for it. The spot is circled in purple on the map.

Rogue’s Purse: This is the last one you must find, and is slightly more difficult than the others (which isn’t saying much). Be careful, there are Jogres (Level 53) in here. To get it, you have to head north east, near to where the Ardigal was. Then head back west along the north side of the ridge. You’ll come to a spot where you can Search Rocks (marked green on the map). Search them and head down inside.

Head down the south east passage, and on the northern wall there will be a spot where you can Search fungus covered cavern wall. Do it, ID the herb, and head back to Trifitus.

He’ll thank you, and then you’re done. Congratulations.

Reward: 1 Quest Point and approximately 800 Herblore Experience