Icthlarin's Little Helper Ques

By: Seiferoth

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Start Point: Speak to the Wanderer at her camp south-east of the bridge over the River Elid in the very Southern reaches of the desert.
Requirements: Must have completed Gertrude's Cat Quest
Recommendations: High-level Agility and an aptitude for puzzles
Items Required: Pet Kitten/Cat, Tinderbox, Anti-poison, Willow Logs, 2 buckets, extra waterskin (4), knife; combat equipment & Desert Survival Equipment recommended
Combat: Must be able to defeat a level 91 Possessed Priest

Head to the Wanderer's Camp which can be found south-east of the bridge over River Elid in the very southern reaches of the desert:

Speak to the Wanderer, it will complain about your cat. Ask her of the secret tunnel she mentions and then she'll ask you to get her a full waterskin(4) and a tinderbox. Give her the materials and she'll ask you to look her in the eyes....

You'll wake up in Sophanem, unaware of what happened, you're stuck with a Canopic jar and everyone is accusing you of grave robbing, even a ghost..!

Speak to the Sphinx and she'll talk with your cat and t hen eventually answer your questions, go through all the chat options. The Sphinx will inform you of Devourer and Icthlarin and the balance of the Gods and that to restore your memory you'll that objects and locations can trigger memories, no matter how repressed they are.

With the Sphinx's advice, head over to the door of the temple with a Cat on it. Touch it.
You will be then sent into a weird vision. Head east and dodge the Wall Crushers(will do 8 damage).
Then dodge the traps and once you get into the clearing to the east head north and then west and dodge those Wall Crushers.
Continue through the path and just run when you active the Scarab traps.. and use antipoison if they poison you...

At the end of the path you'll come across a pit, jump it. (You will need a spare 15-20% Energy to jump the pit.)
Head west and you'll come upon a door. Open it and it'll activate a puzzle.

Tiles can either be face up or face down. Clicking one tile will spin it and the 8 tiles surrounding it. Click algorithmically to ensure that all pieces face up.

Once you're out of the dream world, Talk to the Sphinx and ask her for help. She'll offer help, but only if you answer a riddle and wage your cat.

Question: "A husband and wife have six sons, each son has one sister, how many people are in the family?"
Answer: 9 members.

After solving the riddle, you ask her for the help and she'll eventually tell you that you were hypnotised and that someone was using you for their bidding.
At the end of the conversation, She'll send you off to the High Priest with a token to make certain the High Priest will aid.

Head to the Southwest part of the city and you will find the High Priest, Speak to the High Priest.
The High Priest listens to your story and well.. umm.. agrees that you should return the burial jar, and that you will need the help of a cat.

Head back to the Pyramid of the last High Priest and open the door this time instead of touching it.
Go through the same way you did last time and at the pitfall jump, you will return to the dreamlike state you were in before.

Enter the room and grab the jars until a guardian attacks, which one you take is dependent on your character.

Kill Apmeken, Het or whoever the guardian is that attacks you.
After you kill the guardian, take the jar and leave the room and jump across the pit and you'll return to reality...
You'll realize what you've done is wrong and that you want to return the jar. Jump across the pit and head west to the chamber.
Open the door and you'll have to do the same tile puzzle you did earlier. Once you're inside go to the slot where the jar you stole was and drop it. After you've done this, leave the Pyramid. Failing the traps on purpose is the fastest way.

Head back to the High Priest. He'll thank you and inform you that a ceremony must be performed to put the soul of the high priest at rest and asked me to help the Carpenter and the Embalmer.

The Carpenter is on the east side of town and The Embalmer is south of the High Priest. When you speak to the Carpenter he'll say he needs willow logs to complete the holy symbol. When you speak the Embalmer he'll say he needs sap from an evergreen, salts from the salt lake of the north and some linen from the merchant in town.

Willow Logs: Easy enough. Bring along or find a willow tree and cut it.
Sap: Have a Knife and Bucket. Use a Knife on an Evergreen and gather the sap. Some Evergreens can be found by the Monestary.
Linen: Purchase linen from the Linen Worker who is on the east side of Sophanem near the Carpenter.
Salt: Have a Bucket and use it on the water of the lake north of Sophanem and south of the Bridge over the Elid River..
Then head back into Sophanem through the rocks east of the Wanderer's tent and use the Full bucket of salt water on the Centre piece of the suntrap:

Head to the Capenter and give him the Willow Logs.
Head to the Embalmer and give him the Sap, Salt and Linen.
Go back to the Carpenter and he'll give you the symbol and mention that the High Priest might've went inside the Pyramid and started the ceremony already.

Head into the Pyramid by opening the cat door and go through it again and once again at the pitfall you will be taken back into your dream state. Head east and go into the ceremonial room..
Use the unholy symbol of the devourer on one of the Sarcophagus. Leave the room and now you will return to reality.
Jump across the pitfall and head east and enter the ceremonial room. A scene with you, all the priests, and the wanderer will begin. At the end of the scene you will have to click to commence the final battle.

Once you click you will fight a level-91 possessed Priest which is quite easy to defeat. After you defeat the priest, talk to the High Priest, he'll tell you meet him in town for the reward..and the final sequence of your dreams will be shown where Icthlarin releases you from the Devourer's spell. Leave the Pyramid and head back to the High Priest.

Speak to the High Priest and he'll reward you!

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Rewards: 2 Quest Points, Amulet of Catspeak, 4500 Thieving Experience Points, 4000 Agility Experience Points and 4000 Woodcutting Experience Points