Holy Grail Quest

By: FireballX301, with help from Seiferoth and Deathbyape

Items Needed: Combat Gear, Excalibur from Merlin's Crystal
Skills Needed: Ability to defeat a lvl 120 Black Knight Titan, Completed Merlin's Crystal
Reward: 11k Prayer exp, 15.3k Defense exp, 2 Quest Points

To begin this quest, speak with King Arthur at Camelot.

He'll tell you to find the Holy Grail, and to speak to Merlin for clues to its whereabouts. Merlin will give you two hints, to research the 'holy island' (Entrana), and to speak to Sir Galahad, a somewhat 'ill' monk near McGrubor's wood.

Stop by Sir Galahad's west of McGrubors. He won't say anything useful at this point, except for the interesting fact that he's been to the 'Grail Kingdom', so let us head to Entrana. Hit the docks at Port Sarim to catch a ship.

Speak to the High Priest at the temple on Entrana, and the Crone in the temple will begin to speak to you. She states that to find the Holy Grail, you must go to where the 'Six Heads' face, and blow the whistle, the whistle residing in the haunted manor in Misthalin and only viewable when one carries something from the 'Realm of the Fisher King'. She also states that the Fisher King 'is in pain'.

Lets get the whistle first. You'll need something from the Fisher King. Since Galahad's already been there, go speak with him and ask for an item. He'll give you a 'Holy Table Napkin'.

Head to Draynor Manor, and go to the third floor. Enter this room and pick up TWO of the Magic Whistles on the table.

Now you'll need to locate two of the Six Heads to triangulate the location of the Grail Kingdom entrance. They look like this.

There are six heads in total. Here are two of the locations, sufficient to triangulate the position.

Seer's Village: Head faces South.

Port Sarim: Head faces West.

North of Ardougne: Head faces Southeast.

Brimhaven: Head faces North.

Necromancer's: Head faces East.

Opening the World Map will show that the Grail Kingdom entrance is located on Brimhaven, on this penninsula.

Break out your combat gear AND Excalibur, and head to that location. Walk under the tower that you'll see, and blow the whistle.

You'll find yourself in a not so good looking place. Note that you can blow your magic whistle at any time to teleport back. Walk up to the bridge and talk to the lvl 120 Black Knight Titan.

Attack him, and when you're about to kill him, equip Excalibur for the final strike.

Note: It is not advised to range the Black Knight Titan.

Walking around this area and speaking to people reveals a land that's basically gone to pot. First, talk to the fisherman about how to get into the castle. Walk up to the castle in the southwest corner of this area and grab the Grail Bell on the ground. Ring it to enter the castle. Head to the second floor and speak with the Fisher King.

He'll ask you to find his son, Percival, at Camelot. Head to Camelot and speak with Arthur. He'll tell you that Percival left to go questing, and gives you a feather to locate him.

You'll find the guy in the Goblin Village, trussed up in a sack. Tell him that his father wishes to speak with him. You'll give him a whistle.

Go back to the Grail Kingdom and everything looks a lot happier, with no Black Knight Titan to block your way. Head to the tower next to the Grail Castle and pick up the Holy Grail.

Head to Camelot. Speak with Arthur to finish the quest.