Heroes Quest

By: FireballX301, w/ help from Dewey

Items Needed: Pickaxe, Ranging equipment if Phoenix, Full black armor if Blackarm, Harralander, Vial of Water, combat gear, some gp, Anti-dragon breath shield, Fishing Bait.
Skills Needed: Lvl 25 Herblore, 50 Mining, 53 Fishing, 53 Cooking, 55 quest points, Ability to kill a level 111 enemy.
Quest Required: Merlin's Crystal, Shield of Arrav, Lost City, Dragon Slayer Quests

You can start this quest by speaking to Achietties, standing around outside of the Heroes Guild north of Taverly.

She tells you that, since you have all the prerequisite quests and quest points, you can now apply for the Heroes Guild. For entrance, you need an Entrana Firebird Feather, a Master Thieves' armband, and a cooked Lava Eel. You can tackle these in any order, but let's get the armband over with first. Head to Varrock.


Head to your hideout and talk to Straven. He'll tell you that stealing valuable candlesticks from a pirate named Scarface Pete might earn you the armband. He tells you to talk to Alfonse, the waiter in the brimhaven pub, and use the secret word gherkin.

Alfonse will tell you to talk to Charlie the Cook, around the back. The restaurant is a Phoenix Gang front, and there's a secret door out the back that leads to a blocked entrance to Scarface Pete's mansion. Push the wall just to the side of the entrance door. Going across the small garden will lead you to a locked door. This is where you need a Blackarm Gang member.

He'll give you a key, and you can enter a small room. From here, range the guy that comes in until he dies. Your partner will take the key and come back with 2 candlesticks, and should give one to you. Take it to Straven.


Wear a set of black armor and talk to Katrine in your hideout. She'll tell you the password 'four-leaf clover' and send you to brimhaven. When you're there, talk to the guards outside the mansion and enter it. Talk to Grip and get a key.

Give this key to your Phoenix Gang friend. When you're ready, go into the back room and open a cupboard. Let your friend kill Grip, and take his key. Enter the locked room and take 2 candlesticks, and give one to your friend. Take it to Katrine.

After you have the armband, lets do the Firebird feather. Sail to Entrana (remember to take off all weapons and armor), and talk to the High Priest in the nearby church.

He tells you that, to catch the Firebird, you need to steal Gloves of Ice from the Queen of Ice, who is located 'somewhere icy'.

Head to White Wolf mountain with battle gear (I flew using a gnome glider), and bust through a rock obstacle using your pickaxe.

You see 3 ladders. The southernmost one is the only one that leads anywhere. Take the path south until you come to another batch of ladders. Take this ladder up, and from here, take the easternmost ladder. Take this path until you come to another ladder. Take it up and down, and continue on the path. You'll now be in the Ice Queen's chamber.

Attack and kill the Ice Queen, and take her gloves. Head back to Entrana, and cross the bridge near the law talisman altar. The firebird should be nearby. Kill it and take the feather it drops.

After you have the feather, all that's left is the Lava Eel.

Take an unfinished Harralander potion with you on this one. Talk to Gerrant in the Fishing Shop in Port Sarim.

He'll tell you that to fish a Lava Eel, you'd need a fireproof fishing line and a location. He hands you a vial of Blamish Snail Slime. Mix it with your unfinished potion and you'll have a fireproofing potion. Use it on a fishing rod that you should have bought, and you'll have an oily fireproof fishing line. Make sure to buy some normal fishing bait, also.

Now, head to the dungeon south of Taverly. Make sure to take armor and an anti-fire shield. Cut through it to the very end in the black knight's fortress. Kill the jailer here, and talk to the prisoner after taking the jailer's key. You'll now have a Dusty Key. Head north to the Lesser Demon room, open the door, and head past the blue dragons to a patch of lava. Fish here for a few lava eels.

Cook them on a range, and you've got the last part.

Head back to Achietties to finish the quest.

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Reward: 1 Quest Point, a total of 12,232 EXP spread over 12 skills, access to the Heroes Guild