Another Slice Of H.A.M.

By: Bethyy & Cafebcs

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Start Point: Talk to Ur-Tag in his house in Dorgesh-Kaan
Quest Requirements: Must have completed the Digsite, Giant Dwarf, and Death to the Dorgeshuun quests
Skill Requirements: Level 15 Attack, Level 25 Prayer
Items Required: Light source (lantern, candle, etc.), armour, weapon, food

Head to Lumbridge Cellar and though the hole in the wall. Speak to Kazgar and allow him to lead you though the passages toward Dorgesh-Kaan. When at the city, go to Ur-Tagís house, which is upstairs. He should be speaking to an ambassador.

Ask what the two are speaking about, he will tell you to go to the train tracks (Second floor on the south-west section of the upper city.). Once at the train tracks run down south to a small group of cave goblins (Including our old friend Zanik!)

Speak with Tegdak. He asks you to extract, clean and give the ancient goblin artifacts to him. He will give you a trowel and a specimen brush.

There will be gray piles on the floor, these are artifacts, use your trowel with them and then take them to the sample table which no goblins are at. You will clean the artifact.

Repeat this process until you have an armour shard, shield fragment, helmet fragment, sword fragment, axe head and a mace. Once you have all the pieces stated, speak with Tegdak.

After lots of blabbering of what the pieces are, he will take them all from you. Now you have to go to the goblin scribe with Zanik and show him the mace. You can find him in his house west of Ur-Tagís. He will suggest speaking with the generals in the Goblin Village.

Zanik doesnít want to walk the whole way there; she proposes speaking to Oldak, the scientist downstairs in the far northwest corner.

Oldak will give both you and Zanik an orb to get to the Goblin Village and one to get back to Dorgesh-Kaan. You will break the first orb automatically and arrive in the Goblin Village.

Speak with the generals in their hut. A long cut scene will pursue. Within the cut scene you will find out more about the Dorgesh-Kaan tribe and the Gods that the goblins follow.

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In the middle of Zanikís speech, two H.A.M followers shoot two goblins down from a tower in which they stand. Head around the back of the houses so that you wonít be in their line of fire.

Climb the ladder to the tower and quickly hide behind the stacked up crates, otherwise you will get hurt. Once behind the crates you will see a crossbow and some bronze bolts, run and get them then quickly hide back behind the crates. Equip the weaponry and kill them by shooting and hiding as to not get hurt (Or take food and donít bother hiding.). As soon as you have killed them Sigmund will appear and attack Zanik, followed by abducting her.

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The generals will come out of hiding once Sigmund and Zanik have left and tell you to save her. Two of the strongest goblins will be told to meet you in Lumbridge. Go to Lumbridge Swamp and meet the two warriors at the entrance to the Slayer Cave. Speak to one of them and a plan will be formed. Climb down into the cave (DONíT FORGET YOUR LIGHT SOURCE.). Once down there, head down the ladder to the east.

When you are down there, a guard will see the three of you. He will attack the goblins. Tell the two goblins to wait at the corner part of the tunnel while you hide in that small room until all the guards have been/are being taken care of. When they are all attacking the goblins, head to the ladder at the end of the tunnel and go down it a cut scene will follow.

The cut scene will show Zanik tied to the train track and Sigmund standing close by. Once the cut scene finishes you will battle Sigmund.

Sigmund will try to use prayer, so use the special on the ancient mace, this will drain Sigmundís prayer, from then on you can fight him however you want. When he is close to death he will run away. Untie Zanik from the tracks. The train will go past. Then were will be another cut scene of the opening of the Keldagrim-Dorgesh-Kaan Train Line. You can now ride the train between these two cities.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Rewards: 1 Quest Point, 3000 Mining & Prayer EXP, Ancient Goblin Mace, access to Keldagrim - Dorgesh-Kaan train route, access to buy goblin teleport spheres from Oldak