The Eyes Of Glouphrie

by Geo1988

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Start Point: Speak to Brimstail, in the cave southwest of The Grand Tree
Skill Requirements: Level 5 Construction, Level 46 Magic, Level 13 Runecrafting (recommended), Level 45 Woodcutting (recommended)
Items Needed: 1 Maple Log, 1 Oak Log, 1 Mud Rune, Magical Glue (made during quest), Pestle and Mortar, Woodcut Axe, Bucket, Knife, Saw, Hammer
Quest Requiments: Must have completed The Grand Tree Quest

To begin this quest, speak with Brimstail who is in the cave southwest of the Grand Tree, near the walls. The entrance is marked by an exclamation point on the mini-map.

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Ask him about his cute creature Izzie and then he will tell you about his research of Arcane magic. He will then go on to tell you the history about a troubled gnome mage who was one of King Healthorg the Great’s advisorts until his was exiled after the Goblin Wars. The gnome’s name was Glouphrie the Untrusted. He then goes on to tell you about Oaknock the Engineer. He then tells you to investigate the cave just west of him.

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Run just west and search the various objects around the room. When you reach the machine, try to unlock it. After you have attempted to unlock it, run back and talk to Brimstail. He will tell you that the elves built the crystal bowl and Oaknock built the machine. He tells you that that room was Oaknock’s workshop. Then, he asks you to visit Hazelmere to learn more about Oaknock and Glourphire.

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Head to Hazelmere’s house, east of Yanille, through the winding islands. Or, If you have completed Fairytale II – Cure a Queen, enter the code ‘CLS’ for an easier route. Just make sure you do not forget your Dramen or Lunar Staff (if you're using the fairy rings). Speak to Hazelmere and he will speak to you in a different language. He will go on and on about Oaknock and others. He will then get frustrated with you for not understanding him, and give you the power to understand the ancient language he is speaking. He will tell you to clear your mind of all thoughts. He will then tell you the story about the Fourth Age back before humans arrived.

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The story tells of the Gnome and Goblin War. Glouphrie summoned an illusionary army of giant tortoises, scared off the goblins, and won the war. However, things would not be well for long. He tells you about the Spirit Tree, Argento. The spirit tree and Hazelmere were great friends, but one day, someone attacked and killed Argento. Hazelmere noticed that something was wrong with Argento. He felt a dark aura around the tree, but it's apperance seemed fine to everyone else. Oaknock blamed Glouphrie for the problems with the great tree. Oaknock then made an anti-illusion machine with the help of the elves, and summoned the advisors to Argento. Oaknock proved that Glouphrie had been tricking them all with his magick by making Argento seem alive. King Healthrog was furious, and banished Glouphrie from the kingdom. Glouphrie left to a place they called Arposandra, and never returned.

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Hazelmere will give you a violet pentagon, and tells you to go back to tell Brimstail what you have just heard. After you have told him, you will be in alone in the room with Brimstail, and find an unexpected guest in your midst. Brimstail tells you that the anti-illusion machine emits glamour, which is a type of magic. Then, you will find that there is something strange occurring. Someone mysteriously sabotages the anti-illusion machine. Run back into the western room, and search the broken machine. You will need a Maple Log, an Oak Log, and some Magical Glue. Head back to Brimstail and ask him about the Magical Glue. After frustrating him, he will tell you that you need Tree Sap and he will hint at a Mud Rune. (To make Mud Runes, you need to go to the Water Altar with an Earth Talisman, Earth Runes, and some Essence. Use the Earth Talisman on the Water Altar to make the Mud Runes.) Head south of Burthorpe with a Bucket and Knife in your inventory. Use your knife on an Evergreen Tree. Use your Pestle and Mortar on your Mud Rune, and combine the two. Take your two types of logs, the Magic Glue, a Saw and Hammer back into the cave. Repair the machine and run back to Brimstail.

He will tell you he found more of those crystal discs lying around and he will give you 2 Blue Pentagons, and 1 Blue Triangle which will help you solve the second part of the machine Note:The crystal discs you recieve from Brimstail will be different for each person. Using the tables of values below, solve and unlock Oaknock’s machine.

Table of Crystal Disc Values

To complete this process, you have to exchange your crystal discs into others by using the Oaknock's Exchanger, which is right next to the main panel of Oaknock's Machine. You have to use the discs on the coin-like slot and exchange them around. Do this until you have the crystals to produce the resulting number required to unlock the machine. Talk to Brimstail to get a few more tokens if you need them.

Example: If the number on the machine says ‘7’ and there is only one slot, you can use a Violet Circle (Violet=7 Circle=1) 7x1= 7. If the number on the machine says ‘23’ and you have two open slots, you can use a Green Pentagon (Green=4 Pentagon=5) 4x5= 20, and a Red Triangle (Red=1 Triangle=3) 1x3=3. The result is 20+3 = 23.

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As seen above, the Green Square (4x4) fits the single slot on the machine, unlocking the first stage. After you have completed your first stage, you will be confronted with a more complex puzzle to figure out.

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As seen above, the Purple Triangle (7x3) fits the first slot. The Green Pentagon (4x5) and the Red Triangle (1x3) fit the second two slots. The last three slots consist of the Blue Pentagon (5x5), the Blue Triangle (5x3), and the Orange Square (2x4). After you have made the machine operational, you will be shown a short cut scene where Brimstail's cute creature changes into an evil creature.

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Speak to Brimstail and he will tell you that the cute creature had always watched him while he did his magical research. You will then realize that the evil creatures are spying on the Gnome Stronghold. Kill the Evil Creature, then run back to the stronghold and speak to King Narnode Shareen and tell him Glouphrie has sent spies to the Gnome Stronghold.

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He then asks you to dispose of all the Evil Creatures. There are six creatures total.
  • One Evil Creature is in the same room as the King

  • Another Evil Creature is in the same room as Brimstail, if you didn't kill it already

  • One Evil Creature lurks around the entrance to the stronghold

  • One Evil Creature lies north of the swamp, in the tortoise pen

  • Another Evil Creature is at the top of the Grand Tree, near the glider

  • The last Evil Creature prowls around the Spirit Tree south of the Grand Tree

Head back and speak to King Narnode Shareen, and you two will wonder what the spies were for. He then gives you a gift that has been passed down from King to King, a small crystal seed.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

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Rewards: 2 Quest Points, 12,000 Magic XP, 2500 Woodcutting XP, 6000 Runecrafting XP, 250 Construction XP, mysterious Crystal Seed

Small Crystal Seed: Head back into Brimstail’s cave and then west into the other room. Walk over the Crystal Bridge, and choose the Sing-Glass option on the singing bowl. You will then be rewarded with a Crystal Saw. Head back to Hazelmere and discuss the purpose of the Crystal Saw. When you use the Crystal Saw, it temporarily adds three levels to your Construction Level.