Ghosts Ahoy Quest

By: Firenimmo

Start Point: Velorina in Port Phasmatys, east of Canifis
Requirements: Must have completed Restless Ghost & Priest in Peril Quests, Level 25 Agility, Level 20 Cooking, must defeat a level 32 Giant Lobster
Items Required: Amulet of Ghostspeak, Buckets, Pot, 9-10 Bones (any type, you can obtain bones near the Port but bringing them is also fine), Gloves or Vambraces, a Bowl of Water, Logs + Tinderbox (if you need them, to cook the Nettle Tea), a Bucket of Milk, a Thread and Needle, Knife, Silk, various Dyes, a Spade, 100-500gp and an Oak Longbow. (You will not need to bring all items at once, because there is a bank in the port. However, you will need to be wearing the Ghostspeak Amulet to make use of it! If you are storing the required items in your bank, you should bank everything except bones, buckets and pots.)

On approaching the town, put on your Ghostspeak Amulet and talk to the guards, they will tell you that 2 Ectotokens are needed as a toll to enter the town. Go round to the north side of the town, to the Temple, and talk to the Disciple there. He will tell you how to earn Ectotokens. Head down the trapdoor in that room to the basement, and use a Bucket or two on the Slime Pool.

Note: While you're here, you should get a bucket of slime which you will not be using until later in the quest. You might want to keep it at the bank within Port Phasmatys.

Next, head back to the ground level and then up the staircase to the upper floor, and use some Bones that you brought with the Bone Grinder, collecting the remains in a pot. Repeat this for however many Ectotokens you wish to receive, each combination of Slime and Bonemeal will get you 5 Ectotokens. Go to the ground floor again and use a Slime bucket on the Ectofuntus to earn Ectotokens, these can be collected from the Ghost Disciples.

Now, enter the town and head towards the north-east. In a house you will see Velorina. Ask to hear the history of the town, and then offer to help her. She asks you to talk to Necrovarus, in the temple.

Necrovarus will not listen to anything you have to say and instead rages at you. Return to Velorina, and she tells you of another way, about a woman who fled a long time ago, who was a friend of hers, and says you can find her in a small wooden shack, built on the "unholy soil of Morytania", with the sea very close, and castles to the west and east. Head to Canifis, and take the northeast road as if you were going to the Fenkenstrain castle, but head West before the bridge, you will see a small shack, the Old crone is there, talk to her and she will tell you that she needs a cup of Nettle Tea to refresh her memories.

Grab a Bowl of water, and head towards Mazchna the Slayer Master on the road north-east out of Canifis, and head slightly East until you see some Nettles. Make sure you're wearing Gloves or Gauntlets, and pick the nettles, then add to the bowl of water. Then cook the nettle-water on a fire or range to make Nettle Tea. Head back to the Old Crone. She says that she only drinks out of her porcelain cup, and gives you it. Use the Nettle Tea on the cup, and then use your Bucket of Milk on the cup, to get Milky Tea. Then give it to her and she will drink, then tell you that there would be a way to enchant your Ghostspeak Amulet so you could command Necovarus to let the ghosts pass on. She says that this would require Necrovarus' robes, and also the Book of Haricanto, but she also needs a book to help her with the translation of the spell, as the Book of Haricanto was written in the eastern lands. She also tells you of the son she lost when he was 12, and asks you to pass on his toy boat if ever you see him, which she gives.

To obtain the Robes

Head back to Port Phasmatys, and talk to Robin in the Inn (just off the main square), he brags about himself and then asks you for clean bed linen. Don't deliver the bed linen. Instead, use your unused bucket of slime you've got at the beginning of the quest with the bed linen (you may have stored it in your bank), then return back to the town. If you did not grab an extra bucket of slime, you will have to leave the town, take the linen to the slime pool and use it on the pool, then return to town.

Talk to Gravingas, the demonstrating ghost in the town square.

He tells you that you need to get the signatures of several inhabitants of Port Phasmatys on the petition. Go round asking each Ghost, some have to be bribed with Ectotokens. (To get signatures, you must be wearing the slime-covered bedsheet.) When you have 10, return to Gravingas, who tells you to show the petition to Necrovarus. Do so, and Necrovarus is incensed, burning the petition, but in his rage he drops a key. Pick it up, and head upstairs. Use it on the door, and go inside the small room. Search the coffin and retrieve Necrovarus' robes from his remains.

To obtain the Book of Translation

Head to the docks in Port Phasmatys, and talk to Ak-Haranu the samurai. He says he has a book of translation, and will give it to you if you persuade Robin the famous bowman to sign an oak longbow for him.

Head back to the inn and talk to Robin. He isn't interested in signing your bow, just gambling at RuneDraw. Play a few games with him, when he has a total 100gp debt to you, you become indignant and threaten him, he then signs your bow. Return to the Samurai, who is pleased with the bow and offers the book of translation happily in return.

To obtain the Book of Haricanto

Head north-west from the temple and head west past the Undead Cow field, until you see a shipwrecked boat. On the lower deck (that is watery) search the chests, one will trigger an attack from a Giant Lobster. Kill it, then search the chest again. You will find a fragment of map. Go upstairs. You will see an Old Man, who is the Old Crone's son. Talk to him, and show him the model ship. He says that his had a different coloured flag, but he does not tell you the colours. Remember the Old Crone saying that he built the model ship in imitation of the ship he wanted to sail on, the ship you are standing on now. Go up the Ship's Ladder to the upper deck.

When the windspeed is low, search the mast to find the flag's colours. This must be done multiple times to find the colours of each separate part of the flag.
Note: These are different for every player
Make the flag by using the Silk on the model boat with the needle, knife and thread in your inventory.
Go to Aggie the witch in Draynor village and get the relevant dyes for the colours you need, then use on the model ship in the appropriate parts of the flag. Then return to the Old Man, and when you give him the ship and tell him of his mother, he gives you the key to the chest. Open the chest near the Captain's corpse and you will get another scrap of map. Stay on that deck, and find the gangplank.

Cross it, and then jump from rock to rock, until you reach a chest, search it for the final map piece. You place the map sections together for a complete map piece. Study the treasure map and you will see a location to start at on DragonTooth Island, and the instructions to the spot where to dig. To get to DragonTooth Island, go into Port Phasmatys and go to the docks, and find the Ghost Captain. He will take you to the island for 25 ectotokens. The exact start point for digging is the face of the Saradomin statue near where you land, with the plaque/white notice on it.

With all three items, return to the Old Crone.

You give her the items and she enchants your Ghostspeak amulet. Now go to Necrovarus and talk to him, and command him to let every ghost depart who wishes to, using your amulet. You now have free passage into Port Phasmatys. Go and talk to Velorina again, who thanks you. Quest Complete!

Reward: 2 Quest Points, 2400 Prayer Experience and the Ectophial, which teleports you back to the temple near Port Phasmatys when emptied, but must be refilled from the Ectofuntus if you wish to re-use it.