Fremmennik Trials Quest

By Deathbyape, addition by Rathofdoom

Starting: Talk to Chieftain Brundt in Longhall in Rellekka. (see map below)
Quest Length: Long
Requirements: 40 Woodcutting, 40 Crafting, 25 Fletching, Be able to defeat lvl 69 enemies, Ready to fight without any armor or weapons
Items Needed: 5250gp, a TinderBox, a Hatchet, a Knife, and a Raw Shark

Map of the Fremennik Trials
People of the Fremennik Trials

I would suggest keeping both of these pictures open when you do the quest as you will need to use them quite often.

Manni the Reveller
Once you have talked to Cheiftain Brundt you will have found out that in order to become a part of the Fremennik Clan you will have to get 7 of the 12 council peoples votes. Start off by talking to Manni the Reveller. Ask him if he is part of the council. Then, as him if you can count on his vote. He tells you that he will give you his vote, if you can beat him in a drinking contest. Take a keg and a beer off the table and challenge him. As you probably expected, you’ll lose. You need to find a way to not get drunk. The solution is simple. You will need to speak with the Poison Salesman just east/north-east of the Seers Village bank. After the long boring conversation, buy one of his low alcohol kegs. Then head back up Rellekka, but on the way stop and talk to the Council Workman. Chat with him for a bit, then use the beer you picked up on him. He will give you a strange object, (looks like a firework called a Cherry Bomb).

Go back to Rellekka and walk over to the east side of the bar. You will see a pipe. Use your tinderbox with strange object to light it. Then use the lit strange object in the pipe and run back inside. Grab another beer off the table and use it with the low alcohol keg to switch them. Challenge Manni again, and victory is yours. You have just received your 1st council vote!

Sigli the Huntsman:
Silgi needs you to find the Draugen.

To do so, he will give you a Hunters Talisman. Click locate on the Talisman to find out which direction the Draugen is. Keep following the direction whilst clicking the Talisman until the Draugen appears. Alternatively, you may be able to get it while standing still and just clicking the Talisman, but this will take longer than following the direction whilst clicking the Talisman. When you find it, you will need to fight and kill it. Bring the Talisman back to Sigli to receive your 2nd council vote!

Swensen the Navigator:
Swensen tells you that in order to get his vote, you must pass through his maze. Go down the latter to start the maze. From here simply go in the directions that spell his name: South, West, East, North, South, East, North. Head up the ladder, speak with Swensen, and you’ve got your 3rd vote!

Thorvald the Warrior:
To get Thrvald’s vote you will need to beat his warrior Koschei the Deadless 4 times until one of you “dies” without ANY armor or weapons. When your ready, head down the ladder into a empty room.

Wander around, and soon Koschei the Deadless will appear and attack you. His first form should be easy, but he gets harder every time. By the third battle, you might want to use prayer if you can. When you make it to the fourth battle, its almost pointless to even try and kill him.

You could kill him, but you’ll get Thorvald’s vote even if you don’t. Let him “kill” you on the fourth battle and you will be teleported back upstairs.

After Thorvald is done talking to you, he will give you his vote! That’s 4.

Olaf the Bard:
Olaf wants you to perform on stage, but to do so you will need a magical lyre. You’ll need to get a few things to get one though. First go and speak to Lalli. She won’t say much right now, but as him about the other human. From here, walk north-west to the swaying tree and cut off a branch.
Use your knife with the branch to make a unstrung lyre. Now head back up to the village and speak with Askeladden (aka, other human). He will tell you how stupid Lalli is, and end up giving you a pet rock. Once you have the pet rock, head east to the crops and pick a potato, cabbage, and onion. Then mosey on back to Lalli. Speak with her, then make her some rock soup by using the pet rock, onion, potato, and cabbage in Lalli’s stew. Speak with her again and she will finally give you some golden fleece. Head to Seers' Village and spin it into golden string. Use the golden string on the lyre and you have a strung lyre. Now theres only one more thing to do. Visit the Fossegrimen at the Strange Altar located south-southwest of Relleka.

To make the Fossegrimen appear, use the raw shark with strange altar. She will enchant your lyre. Head back to Olaf, and walk west to enter through the doors guarded by the bouncer. Play your lyre and you will sing some corny song about having a 99 skill or being in the Legends/Heros/Champions guild ect. Once you have done that you will have received your 5th vote!

Peer the Seer:
Peer says he will give you his vote, if you can figure out how to escape his house. To start off he will give you a riddle which you must solve:

In each word before the comma, one letter to the answer of the riddle is reveled.
Answer: Mind = m age, gobl i n, n ight, fiel d s.

Other possible riddles:
My first is in tar, but not in a swamp.
My second in fire, but not in a camp.
My third is in eagle, but never in air.
My last is in hate, but also in care.
My whole makes more rings the older I get.

Answer: Tree = t ar, fi r e, e agle, hat e

My first is in well, but not at sea.
My second in ‘I’, but not in ‘me’.
My third in flies, but insects not found.
My last is in earth, but not in the ground.
My whole when stolen from you causes you death.

Answer: Life = wel l , I , f lies, e arth

My first is in fish, but not in the sea.
My second in birds, but not in a tree.
My third is in doors, but not in a hall.
My last is everything, but nothing at all.
My whole cannot die as long as it has food.

Answer: Fire = f ish, b i rds, doo r s, e verything

My first is in water, but also in tea.
My second is in fish, but not in the sea.
My third is in mountains, but not underground.
My last is in strike, but not like in pound.

Answer: Time = wa t er, f i sh, m ountains, strik e

My first is in wizard, but not in a mage.
My second in jail, but not in a cage.
My third is in anger, but not in a rage.
My last in a drawing, but not on a page.

Answer: Wind = w ind, ja i l, a n ger, d rawing

If none of those work, try body or mage. There may be others too.

Once you have answered the riddle and got in the house and up the ladder. Search the cupboard and you will find a bucket with a number 5 painted on it.
Study the unicorn head and you will find and take a red disk.
Search the boxes between the unicorn and bull for a magnet.
Study the bulls head and you will find and take a wooden disk.
Search the chest left of the bulls head for a jug with the number 3 on it.
Search the crates in the corner to find a toy ship.
Search the crates on the east side of the room to the right of the chest to find the small pick.
Search the boxes on the east side of the room to the left of the chest to find some blue thread.
Search the bookcase for a red herring.
Cook the herring on the range to get sticky red goop.
Use sticky red goop on wooden disk.
Go down the trap door on the east side of the room and use the two red disks on the mural and you will get a lid to a vase.
Now we need to figure out how to make something not too heavy but not too light to open the chest. To do this, follow these instructions:
Use the bucket on the tap.
Use the Bucket on the jug.
Empty the jug in the drain.
Use bucket on jug to get a empty bucket and a 2/3 full jug.
Use the bucket with the tap.
Use the full bucket on the 2/3 jug to get 4/5 bucket of water!

Now use the 4/5 bucket of water on the scale to open the chest to get a vase.
Use the vase on the tap.
Use the lid on vase.
Use vase on frozen table and the vase will shatter and give you a frozen key.
Use the key on the range to melt the ice.
Use the key on the door downstairs and you’ve got another vote!

Sigmund the Merchant:
Sigmund wants a rare flower that someone in town had picked. However, to get it you will have to do a lot of merchanting.

Speak with the Sailor who has the flower, however he will only give it to you if you get him a romantic balled.
Speak with Olaf the Bard who will give you the romantic ballad for some sturdy boots.
Speak with Yrsa who will give you sturdy boots if you can get her lower taxes.
Speak with Cheftain Brundt who will lower taxes if you can get him Silgi the Huntsman’s secret hunting grounds.
Speak with Silgi the Huntsman who will give you the secret hunting grounds if you get him a new bow string for his bow.
Speak with Skulgrimen(armor shop) who will give you the bow string for a rare fish.
Speak with the fisherman who will give you the rare fish for a map of the best fishing spots.
Speak with Swenson the Navigator who will give you a map of the best fishing spots for a weather forecast.
Speak with Peer the Seer who will give you the weather forecast for a bodyguard.
Speak with Thorvald who will be a bodyguard if you can get him a spot on the champions table.
Speak with Manni the Reveller who can give Throvald a spot at the champions table for the Thora the barkeeps legendary cocktail.
Speak with Thora the barkeep who will give you her legendary cocktail fi you can get Askeladden to never come in the bar again.
Speak with Askeladen who will never come in the bar again if you give him 5000 coins.
Now go back up the list talking to each person in reverse order, give Sigmund the flower, and you’ve got your final vote!

Head over to Cheiftan Brundt to complete the quest!

Rewards: 3 Quest Points. 2812 experience in Attack, Defense, Agility, Fishing, Fletching, Woodcutting. 2813 experience in Strength, Hitpoints, Crafting, Theiving. Access to everything in Rellekka.