Spirits of the Elid Quest

By: Twilight Ray, additions by Data/Loggy

Start Point: The Awusah in Nardah, Southwest of Pollnivneach
Requirements: 33 Magic, 37 Ranged, 37 Mining, 37 Thieving, kill three level 75 enemies
Items Required: Needle, 2 Thread, 1 Law rune, 1 Air rune, Pickaxe, a slashing weapon (sword), a ranged weapon(s), a rope, a knife, and a light of some kind (Bullseye, Candle, etc.); Desert Survival Equipment recommended

Note: There is a bank in Nardah.

Take the Magic Carpet from Shantay Pass to Pollnivneach, then from Pollnivneach to Nardah. Head East to the Mayor's house and talk to Awusah the Mayor.

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He tells you that his town seems to have fallen under a curse. Their fountain suddenly dried up. Ask him if he has an idea about how he got the curse, and he will tell you that a priest of Saradomin recently died in their town. Tell him you'll go and look around.

Head to the building North of the center square with the dried up fountain, and search the cupboards until you find some Torn Robes. Use your needle on them to get Robes of elidinis.

Also, cast Telegrab on the Ancestral Key.

Now, go to the Northeast corner of town and talk to Ghaslor the Elder.

He tells you about the River Spirits, who know about everything that happens on the River. He gives you a Ballad. Now, grab your pickaxe, slashy weapon, and ranged weapon and head northeast out of the village, until you reach the river. Follow the river north (on the east side) until you see a waterfall with a tree on top. Use your rope on the Root to swing up into the cave.

Put on your new robes and open the double doors you see when you enter the cave, and try to enter the south doors. A White Golem will attack you. Wield your pickaxe while fighting it to finish it with ease.

Now, go in the door and clear the water channel. Leave, then try and enter the South Eastern door to be attacked by the Grey Golem. Put on your Slash weapon (I used Dragon Scimitar) and kill it. Enter the door and clear the channel by mining the rock.

Finally, attempt to enter the North Eastern door to be attacked by a Black golem. Put on the Pickaxe again but set it to the Crush option to kill it. Enter the door and put on your bow or knives or whatever ranged weapon you brought and shoot the target to set the water flowing.

Now, head to the North door, opposite the one you entered from, and enter. Head along the Eastern side of the lake until you see the River Spirits, Nirrie, Hallak, and Tirrie.

Talk to any of them, and they will all speak with you. They tell you that they have been withholding the water from Nardah, but they were also the ones to kill the Saradomin Priest, because he was preaching of Saradomin, instead of Elidinis. Eventually they will tell you that the Priest convinced the people of Nardah to throw away a statuette of Elidinis, and because they haven't been praying to it, the curse stands. Now, go back to the Mayor's house in Nardah.

He tells you that they threw the statuette in a Crevice West of the city. Grab a pair of his shoes, a knife, and a source of light, and head West out of the city until you see it. Climb down it.

Open the door to the North, and talk to the Genie. He tells you that he'll give you the statuette in exchange for the sole of the mayor of Nardah. Use your knife on the shoes to get the soles, and give them to the Genie.

Now, run back to the Temple where you got the robes and the key, and use the statuette on the plinth.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

Rewards: 8k Prayer exp, 1k Thieving exp, 1k Magic exp, and the ability to pray at the Elidinis Shrine, which gives you 7 hp higher than your usual when you do