Elemental Workshop Quest

By: ShadowIceMan

Start Point: Search the bookcase in a house of Seers' Village
Skills Needed 20 Mining, 20 Smithing and 20 Crafting.
Items Required: Knife, Hammer, Pickaxe, Needle, Thread, Soft Leather and 4 coal.

Start the quest by going to Seers village, and going to a house South East of the bank and South of the house with anvil's. When you find it search the bookcase on the East side of the house and you will find a book. Read the book and then use your knife on it, you will cut it open and get a key. After you get the key, go into the house north of the house you started the quest in and use you Battered key, with the odd looking wall at the north end of the house.

Go down the stairs and search the crates near the ladder untill you find A stone bowl (The bowl isn't always in the same box so you will need to check them all untill you find it). After you get the bowl go into the south room with Fire elementals in, and use it on the Lava trough and then on the Furnace in the same room.

Now into the East room, click on the bellows to fix them, and then pull the lever now onto the next room. Next go into the North room then turn the valves on the East and West side of the room and pull the Lever, when the water wheel starts up you can go onto the next room.

Go back into the East room and pull the lever again, it should blow air into the pipes. Now go into the West room and try to mine a rock, a lvl 35 Earth elemental will attack you, but you should make quick work of this guy. After you kill him take the elemental ore that he drops.

Now your almost done, go back into the South room and use the Elemental ore with the furnace, then use the Elemental metal you get with the Workbench in the middle room.

Congratulations, you're done.

Reward: 5k Xp to Crafting and Smithing and the Elemental Shield.