Eadgar's Ruse Quest

by FireballX301

Start Point: Speak to Sanfew in Taverly
Items Needed: Pineapple Chunks (Use a knife on a normal pineapple - you can get these from the Gnome Stronghold), Vodka (from the bar in Gnome Stronghold), Logs, 10 Grain, 5 Raw Chickens, Ranarr Weed, Water Vials, Pestle and Mortar
Skills Needed: Level 31 Herblore
Quests Required: Druidic Ritual, rescued Mad Eadgar from the Troll Stronghold (probably during the quest), Completing Troll Stronghold highly recommended

To begin this quest, speak with Sanfew in Taverly, on the second floor of the Druid's Tower.

Sanfew will tell you that he wants an herb called 'goutweed', an herb that only the Trolls have. He directs you to speak with Mad Eadgar, who lives in the vicinity.

Head back through the mountain passes, and use the Secret Door that you should have found out about in Troll Stronghold. Remember that giant hill in the middle of the area? That's where Eadgar's Cave is.

Enter the cave and speak to Eadgar. He'll tell you to speak to one of the Troll Cooks.

Enter the Troll Stronghold and climb down the stairs. Head to the south part of the hold to find the kitchen. Speak with Burntmeat. He'll want you to deliver some tasty human.

Head back to Eadgar's and he'll tell you to go fetch him a Parrot. From here, head to the Ardougne Zoo. Speaking with Parroty Pete will reveal the parrot's favorite snack, pineapple chunks, and that some random person got the parrots drunk on vodka.

If you use the chunks on the parrot hatch now, the parrots will eat and fly away. Use a bottle of vodka on your pineapple chunks, then feed them to the parrots. Repulsive, but it works.

Head back to Eadgar's. Again. He'll tell you he's going to make a dummy of a human, that looks, smells, sounds, and tastes like one. The ingredients are listed, and speaking to him about the parrot will result in him telling you to hide the parrot in the Troll jail. Head there, and hide it under the rack.

Next, head to Sanfew. Pick up any other needed ingredients on the way, such as the chickens or grain. Sanfew will tell you to speak with Tegid, who will give you some of his dirty robes when pressed.

Head back to Eadgar's, and he'll take your ingredients. He'll then tell you to mix a Troll Truth potion, by picking the Troll Thistle around the mountain, then drying and mixing with Ranarr into a potion.

Pick the Thistle (its located randomly near the grassy areas on the mountain - look closely), and dry it on a fire, then use it with the Pestle and Mortar. Mix it with an unfinished Ranarr potion for a Troll Truth potion. You probably had to leave Eadgar's, so head back. Again. Present the potion to Eadgar.

He'll tell you to retrieve the parrot. Do so and return to Eadgar.

He'll give you the Fake Man. Head back to the Cooks at the Troll Kitchen and give it to Burntmeat. Question him about the goutweed, and he'll tell you to search the false bottom of a drawer and get the goutweed from the storage rooms in the back.

Grab the storeroom key by searching the drawers, then go down the stairs into the storeroom. What you're going to have to do is to sneak past the Troll Guards and grab the goutweed. No real way to write a guide for it, so just work your way past them. Memorize the patrol patterns if you have to. Grab the goutweed in the back and you'll be thrown out.

Get back to Sanfew (finally), and complete the quest.

Rewards: 1 Quest Point, 11,000 Herblaw Experience, Use of the Trollheim Teleport, ability to trade Goutweed with Sanfew for other herbs

Goutweed Gathering:
You can steal more goutweed, and trade them for herbs with Sanfew. The herbs you get from Sanfew for bringing him Goutweed are random, but you need to bring him a decent amount to get medium-level and high-level herbs thrown into the mix. The best strategy is to wait until you have over 28 banked and take them all to him together to get the best amount of medium and high level herbs.