Druidic Ritual Quest

By: Silver-FX

Requirements: None
Items Needed: Rat, Bear, Chicken and Cow meat
Start Point: The Druid Stone Circle north of Taverly, talk to Kaqemeex

You tell Kaqemeex you are in search of a quest, and he tells you that the stone circle south of Varrock once belonged to the druids, but many years ago, dark wizards cast a wicked spell upon it so they could use it for their own ends, and that they need a brave adventurer to go on a quest to help purify the circle. You offer your help, and Kaqemeex tells you to go to the village to the south and talk to his fellow Sanfew, who is working on a ritual for the purification of the circle.

Head south-west slightly until you see a road, and follow that road south until you see the Herblore shop with the druid Jatix inside.

Head upstairs in there and you will see Sanfew. Talk to him, and you will tell him that you've been sent him to help with the ritual. He tells you he needs the meat of four different animals, all of which must be dipped into the Cauldron of Thunder. You agree to this.

You now must find four raw meats. These are Rat meat, Bear meat, Chicken meat, and Cow meat (beef).

- Chicken meat can be obtained by killing any Chicken at a chicken coop. There is one south of Falador on the road.

- Bear meat can be obtained by killing a bear, these are located in many places, one being east of Draynor village

- Beef can be obtained by killing a cow, there are cows in pens east of the river near Lumbridge, and slightly north along the road.

- Rat meat can be obtained by killing a giant rat in the dungeon which is accessed by climbing down the manhole on the road in North-east Varrock.

When you have all the meats, return to Taverley and go south, looking for a ladder (marked by an exclamation mark on the map).

When you go down the ladder, head north until you see a prison door guarded by two suits of armour. When you attempt to open the door, the suits of armour come to life. Kill them, then go through the door. Use the meats on the Cauldron of Thunder one by one, and they should become Enchanted.

Exit the dungeon the way you came in, and head north back into Taverley. Again, enter the Herblore shop and talk to Sanfew upstairs. You inform him that you have the ingredients. He then thanks you. Head back to Kaqemeex at the stone circle.

Kaqemeex tells you he heard you have helped Sanfew. He then proceeds to instruct you in the skill of Herblore.

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Congratulations, you have completed the Druidic Ritual Quest!

Reward: 4 Quest Points, Ability to use the Herblore skill and 2 Herblore levels (250 Experience).