Dream Mentor

By: fbff, revised by Makoto

Start Point: Enter a cavern in the dungeon on Lunar Isle, adjacent to the Rune Essence mines
Skill Requirements: 85 Combat
Quest Requirements: Must have completed the Lunar Diplomacy and Eadgar's Ruse quests
Items Required:Pestle and Mortar, 1 Goutweed (can either be grown from a Gout Tuber or stolen from the Troll's Storeroom), 1 Astral Rune, 24-30 foods (every third must be different; an example would be Karambwan, Lobster and Shark), enough food to deal with 4 high-level bosses consecutively

Tip: Change to Lunar Magics, and make sure you have enough runes for NPC Contact. This will come in handy.

Head to the dungeon which is on the northeastern part of Lunar Isle, past a group of Suqah in multi-combat.

Enter this little cave with your food handy.

The following NPC will appear. Have no fear! You need to feed him.

You must feed him so that every third food is different. For example: Karambwan, Shark, Lobster. Then, repeat the order until you receive the message that you do not need to feed him any longer.

He will move, inspect him and as you can see the health bar moved, he needs more food.
To increase his soul you need to have a nice conversation with him. Make sure you that you're actually trying to boost his spirits, instead of curse him. (For example, reassure him that he's going to get out of this okay, or that you're impressed on how he could crawl in such a cave.)

Afterwards, you both will have a long chat about how he managed to get stuck down in a cave. You learn that he's an impressive player with some formidable skills, and that he'd rather not talk about why he's in a cave, hiding from the Suqah. Instead, he'll have you talk to Birds-Eye Jack in the Bank about some of his armor and weaponry.

When you reach the goals go to bank and talk to this Birds-Eye Jack, choose the Cyrisus option.

Withdraw whatever armor and weaponry you think will help him, then contact him every time you have made a selection. He will reject every alternative except the one linked below (don't click it if you don't want a spoiler!).


Head back to him with the belongings, then take his spirits all the way to 100% using reassuring comments.

After he's ready to explore and move around, he tells you that he's absolutely afraid of combat. (You'll question this later, when you can see his combat level.) He then believes that the Oneiromancer can help, and tells you to meet him there.

You will get an ancient vial. Fill it with water, use the Goutweed with it, crush an astral rune and grind it with a pestle and mortar. You now have the potion!

Go to the bank, get your best combat gear and go to the Ceremonial Brazier, which is in the practical center of Lunar Isle. Do not forget the vial. Please note that prayers will NOT work in this realm.
Light the brazier and then use the vial with Cyrisus. You will be teleported to his waking nightmare.

Warning: The first 3 variations can hit in excess of 25. Be advised and bring the highest food and gear you have!

First monster:

A straightforward bout; just make sure you heal after you take major damage. You can avoid/ignore the smaller monsters that it spawns.


Similar to the first monster, except there are no “doubts”. Continue to attack.


Similar to the second. Keep your attacks fierce.

Last one

This one will burrow and reappear at random in this dream. Simply engage it whenever it pops up.

Go back to the Oneiromancer and talk with them.

Quest complete!

Reward: 2 Quest Points, 15k Hitpoints EXP, 10k Magic EXP, 15k Combat Skill EXP lamp, several new Lunar Spells