Digsite Quest

By: Moe23Sports

Start Point: Speak to the Examiner in the Varrock Digsite, East of Varrock
Items Required: A pair of gloves and boots, pestle and mortar, cup of tea, tinderbox and a empty vial.
Skill Requirements: 25 Thieving, 10 Herblore, and 10 Agility.

Start: Go east of Varrock and walk into the gates to find a building with (if you read the signs it leads you towards the digsite). Talk to the Examiner. Itís one of the many women dressed in purple.

When talking to the examiner sheíll say she needs you to get a letter stamped. Go to the Varrock Museum and use the letter on the curator to get stamped. If you donít have the boots and gloves I suggest getting them now along with the cup of tea.

Go back to the curator and hand her the stamped letter of recommendation.

She will ask you if youíre ready to take the exam. Donít because no matter what you answer itís wrong, I found that out the hard way. Instead, go to the digsite which is north of the building you are in now.

At the digsite there are students. Talk to each one.

The first one, man with the green shirt, lost his rock and need you to find it. Steal from the digsite workmen till you get it. Also get a spicemen brush while youíre stealing.

Things you can steal from him are: Rope, spade, rock sample, gloves and boots. WARNING: BRING FOOD! They dealt a damage of up to 9 on me and if you have low level thieving this could prove to be a problem.

The second student is the female in the pink shirt. She has also conveniently misplaced her rock and needs help finding it. To find hers go to the URN and look for a bush. Search the bush and you should find it. Itís outside of the digsite and towards the east.

Now, for the third student that lost his rock (heís wearing a mango colored shirt) go to the big tent and get a panning tray.

Go to the river just east of the tent and try to pan there, you wont be able to. Instead give the panning guide a cup of tea because he mentions heís thirsty and then youíll be able to pan there. To pan you must use your tray on the panning point, then search your tray.

After you return the rock to the student go back to the examiner and answer her questions with the knowledge you received from the students.

After you finish the exam she hands you a trowel to dig with.

The second exam is simple, just get the answers from each of the students and go back to answer the exam.

For the third exam you must talk to the female student. She will ask you for an opal from the river that youíve panned. After panning it give it to her and she will tell you the answer.
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Go back to the examiner and answer the final exam. After you get your third and final certificate go back and talk to the curator in the museum. You will now be able to dig anywhere.

Go back to the digsite, search the sacks to get a specimen jar and you should already have the brush from pickpocketing the workers before, if you donít, just picketpocket them till you get one.

Go to the level 3 digsite area and dig until you find a talisman (Talisman of Zaros). It may take a while so just keep digging till you get it. Take the talisman back to the archeological expert and you will now have access to the northern wench.

Pickpocket a workmen to get two ropes and go down the northern wench. Beg the workmen till he gives you a key to a chest. Also while youíre down there grab a arcenia root as youíll need it in just a little bit. Then go back to the tent and search the specimen tray until you get a piece of charcoal. Use it on the pestle and mortar and you will receive ground charcoal. Go into the tent and use the key on the chest and you will receive a chemical powder. Go outside of the tent and on the west side of it are 3 barrels. Use your trowel on the one closest to the tent and then after it opens use your vial on it to get an unidentified liquid.

Take the liquid, the root, chemical powder, and ground charcoal to the archeological expert and he will tell you what the liquid and powder really is. Use the powder on the liquid. Show the expert. Then use the charcoal on that and the root last. DO IT IN THAT ORDER!!

Go back into the western wench and use the chemical compound on the bricks that were in your way. Use the tinderbox to ignite it and itíll blow the bricks to nothing shaking your screen violently. There are a few level 25 skeletons down there but just run to the middle and pick up the stone tablet. (Note: There are also 5 silver ore rocks down there so if you want you can pick a few up before you go).

Take this tablet to the Expert and heíll tell you a little interesting story. Then congratulations, youíre done.

Rewards: 2 Quest Points, 2,000 herblore exp, 15,300 mining exp, and 2 gold bars.