Devious Minds Quest

by FireballX301

Items Needed: Mithril 2 handed sword (or 3 mithril bars), hammer, bowstring, Large Pouch
Skills Needed: 65 Smithing, 50 Fletching, 50 Runecrafting,
Quests Required: Doric's Quest , Troll Stronghold, Wanted!, and Abyss mini-quest
Reward: 1 Quest Point, 5000 Fletching exp, 5000 Runecrafting exp, 6500 Smithing exp.

Begin this quest by speaking to the monk at the west entrance to the Salve temple east of Varrock.

He asks you to take a mithril 2 handed sword, whet it at Doric's Anvils northwest of Falador, then string it with a bowstring. Do so, you should be able to smith a mithril 2 handed.

Head to Dorics and use your mithril 2 handed sword on his whetstone. String it to make a, uh, bow-sword. Return to the monk at the Salve.

After you give him the weapon he'll give you an orb and tell you to put it into a 'large pouch' from runecrafting, then tell you to use the Abyss to go to the law altar and thus Entrana.

Get to Edgeville, put the orb in your large pouch, and head north to the Zamorak mage. Remember that you CANNOT have any weapons or armor, to play it safe just dont take anything except what you need.

Go through the law portal and exit the altar. Head to the church and place the pouch with the orb on the church altar.

An assassin steals the holy relic, and your large pouch is consumed after the cutscene. You're instructed to return to the monk at the Salve.

Search the Dead Monk and return to Entrana using any method. Speak to the High Priest.

Head to Falador and speak to Tiffy.

Quest Complete. You will still not be able to wield the Bow-sword, however.