Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest

By: Seiferoth

Start Point: Read the signpost in the center of Canifis.
Requirements: Must have completed Restless Ghost and Priest in Peril Quests, Level 25 Thieving and Level 20 Crafting, The ability to defeat a level 51 monster
Items Required: Spade, 5 thread, Needle, 50gp, 3 bronze wires, Amulet of ghostspeak, Silver Bar
How to make Bronze Wire: Smith a Bronze Bar on an Anvil with a hammer. Level 4 Smithing Required.

Head to Canifis and read the sign post in the middle of town.

Follow the road Northeast until you come upon Dr. Fenkenstrain's house. Go inside and speak to him. He'll ask you some questions, the correct answers to them are: Braindead and Grave-digging. He'll then ask you to get enough dead body parts(arms, legs, torso, and head) that he can stitch together and bring back to life.

Head upstairs and search the two bookcases. On the East Side, Choose "Handy Maggot Avoidance Techniques" to obtain the Obsidian Amulet. On the West Side, Choose "The Joys of Gravedigging" for the Marble Amulet. Use them with each other to make a Star Amulet.

Head East of Fenkenstrain's House and use the Star Amulet on the far east memorial, then push it.

Once you're under the memorial, you'll see a human female fused with a wolf, level-51 experiment. Kill it and pick up the Cavern Key.

Head up the NorthWest Path and you'll come upon a door, go through it and the cavern key will unlock it.

Head up the ladder and dig up all 3 graves north of it. You should unearth a torso, legs and arms. Push the memorial, and head back down under it. Go through the door you just came from

Head out the way you came and Head south of Fenkenstrain's House, then southeast from there and dig at a cross marker of Ed Lestwit's Grave(Read graves until you find it - Wearing the Amulet of Ghostspeak will make a ghost aid you by directions) and you'll recieve the head.

Warning: Vampires will attack you, and you cannot obtain the head unless you're not being attacked

Head back to the town and go to 'The Hair Of The Dog Tavern' and buy something to eat from the Roavar. Use the pickled brain with the decapitated head.

Go back to Dr. Fenkenstrain's house, and give him the body parts, needle and 5 thread, he'll sew together the body. Then he will tell you that flesh and bone cannot make life alone, and send you off to repair the conductor.

Head to the room north and speak to the Gardener with the amulet of ghostspeak on, He should give you the shed key and other information you might find helpful later on. Pick up 3 Canes from the Pile of Canes by the Gardener.

Enter the shed. Open and search the cupboard. Obtain the Garden brush and use the 3 canes on the Garden brush, and if you have the 3 bronze wires on you, it should extend the brush with all 3 canes attached to it.

Head up the stairs and use the extended brush on the Western Fireplace by the bookcase to obtain the conductor mould.

Find a furnace, I'd prefer Al Kharid since it's fastest to use the Gnome Glider to get back to the path to Canifis.

Go back to Fenkenstrain's Castle, head upstairs and use the doors to the south and climb up the ladder and repair the conductor.

Head back down stairs and talk to Fenkenstrain, He'll tell you the experiment went all wrong and gives you the tower key to the top of the tower to kill the monster.

Go upstairs and open the gate-like door and head up the ladder. Talk to the monster, and he'll tell you the true story. He'll ask you to stop the evil Fenkenstrain. If you talk to him again, he'll tell you how.

Head back downstairs and talk to Fenkenstrain, then pickpocket him.

Congratulations!! Quest Complete!

Rewards: 2 Quest Points, Ring of Charos, and 1000 Thieving Experience.

Ring of charos: Used to get into the Werewolf Agility Arena (two Areas, one for level 28+ Agility - another for 60+ Agility), which is in the south of the Castle, or in the east of Canifis. If you lose your Ring of charos, you can obtain a new one on the top of the Castle's Tower where Dr. Fenkenstrain is hiding (the doctor and the Lord switched spots). It is also used to persuade various NPCs.